Adjectives for Disk

Adjectives For Disk

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disk, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a disk can significantly impact the perception and understanding of the text. Whether it's a hard disk storing invaluable data, an optic disk critical in medical diagnoses, a magnetic disk spinning at the heart of our computers, a simple circular disk in geometry, or the immense solar disk that powers our planet, each adjective opens a door to a new realm. Similarly, an optical disk brings to mind the early days of digital storage. Delving into the full spectrum of adjectives unveils the rich tapestry of contexts a single noun can inhabit.
hardI need to buy a new hard disk for my computer.
opticThe optic disk also known as the optic nerve head, is the point where the optic nerve exits the back of the eye.
magneticThe data was stored on a magnetic disk
circularThe circular disk was rotating at a high speed.
solar"When the Moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, it is said to be in eclipse, because the solar disk is obscured by the Earth's bulk."
opticalThe optical disk was scratched and could not be read.
singleThe old jukebox played only single disk records.
floppyThe outdated floppy disk was replaced with a more efficient storage device.
flatThe flat disk was spinning out of control.
thinThe thin disk was spinning at a high rate of speed.
herniatedThe herniated disk was causing her immense pain.
localMy computer's local disk is almost full.
rotatingThe rotating disk spun at a constant speed.
compactI listened to my favorite music on a compact disk
intervertebralThe intervertebral disk is a gelatinous cushion between the vertebrae that helps absorb shock and distribute weight.
entireYou can buy the entire disk for only $19.99.
physicalThe physical disk is not responding.
inchHe pulled an inch disk out of his back pocket.
centralThe central disk of the galaxy is very dense.
fixedThe computer's fixed disk stores all of its data.
sunThe sun disk a symbol of the Egyptian god Ra, was often depicted in ancient Egyptian art.
chokedThe doctor noticed that the patient's choked disk was a sign of increased intracranial pressure.
virtualI created a new virtual disk for my virtual machine.
roundThe round disk was spinning quickly.
redThe red disk glows.
thickThe thick disk is a region of the Milky Way galaxy that is thicker than the disk of stars and gas.}
galacticThe galactic disk contains the Milky Way's stars, gas, and dust.
wingedThe winged disk was a symbol of the sun and the pharaoh's power.
blankI need a blank disk for my computer.
removableThe removable disk can be inserted and removed at any time.
solidThe solid disk spun rapidly on the lathe.
dynamicThe dynamic disk can be accessed from multiple servers at the same time.
embryonicThe embryonic disk is a structure that will become the embryo proper.
spinningThe spinning disk wobbled slightly before coming to a stop.
separateI'm using the separate disk for my virtual machine.
brightThe bright disk hung in the sky like a glowing orb.
bootableI need a bootable disk to install the operating system.
revolvingThe revolving disk sped up to its maximum velocity.
flexibleI need to read data from a flexible disk
goldenThe golden disk was found buried in the desert sands.
yellowThe giant yellow disk slowly descended beyond the horizon.
lumbarTom is scheduled to have a lumbar disk replacement next week.
innerThe inner disk shows several spiral arms and bright blue regions in the image.
broadThe broad disk of the sun hung low in the western sky.
sharedThe shared disk is used to store the data.
perforatedThe perforated disk allowed air to circulate throughout the room.
lunarThe lunar disk hung low in the sky, casting an ethereal glow across the landscape.
plasticThe teacher handed out a plastic disk to each student.
oralThe oral disk has a diameter of 20µm and is located on the ventral side of the body.
rigidThe system uses a rigid disk for the temporary storage of data.
formattedThe formatted disk can now be used to store data.
outerThe outer disk is a reservoir for comets and asteroids.
visibleThe red supergiant star Antares has a visible disk
digitalI can't find the digital disk for my computer.
stellarThe stars in this image are a part of the stellar disk of Messier 81.
uniformThe rotating uniform disk was an effective tool.
sidedHe was given a sided disk by the vendor.
cervicalThe cervical disk protrusion is pressing on the nerve root.
shapedThe flat, shaped disk was a perfect fit for the machine.
metallicThe metallic disk gleamed in the sunlight.
paleThe pale disk of a full moon was riding high in the sky.
failedThe failed disk was replaced by a new one.
circumstellarThe circumstellar disk is a disk of gas and dust that surrounds a young star.

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