Adjectives for Dispatch

Adjectives For Dispatch

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dispatch, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'dispatch' carries with it a sense of urgency and efficiency, but when paired with different adjectives, its nuances can vary significantly. A 'possible dispatch' speaks to potential action, while a 'first dispatch' highlights precedence and immediacy. An 'official dispatch' conveys formality and authority, contrasting with the personal and direct nature of a 'telegraphic dispatch.' The adjective 'utmost' stresses the importance and seriousness, whereas 'last' dispatch may carry a tone of finality or conclusion. Each combination opens a window to a deeper understanding of context and intention. Explore the full range of adjectives to discover how each one transforms the meaning of 'dispatch' in its unique way.
possiblePlease send me the data at possible dispatch
firstThe first dispatch arrived at the scene within minutes.
officialThe official dispatch from the embassy arrived this morning.
utmostThe team completed the project with utmost dispatch
lastPlease get me the last dispatch report.
telegraphicThe telegraphic dispatch arrived late.
quickThe firefighters extinguished the blaze with quick dispatch
immediateThe order was sent with immediate dispatch
longThe long dispatch took several days to reach its destination.
reasonableShe completed the task with reasonable dispatch meeting the deadline ahead of schedule.
secondWe received a second dispatch from the front lines.
economicThe economic dispatch determines the optimal generation schedule of each generator to minimize the total generation cost while satisfying the system constraints.
greaterShe completed her work with greater dispatch
specialThe special dispatch arrived just in time to save the day.
secretThe secret dispatch contained crucial information about the enemy's plans.
greatestHe returned the book with greatest dispatch
famousThe famous dispatch reached the general's headquarters.
promptThe documents were delivered with prompt dispatch
importantThe general sent an important dispatch to the colonel.
confidentialThe confidential dispatch arrived on the general's desk early that morning.
nextNext dispatch is expected to arrive in ten minutes.
muchThe workers completed the task with much dispatch
urgentThe urgent dispatch arrived just in time for the meeting.
speedyThe package arrived with speedy dispatch
briefWe completed the mission with brief dispatch
convenientI appreciate the convenient dispatch of the delivery.
finalThe officer is preparing the case's final dispatch
circularThe circular dispatch was sent to all the British representatives abroad.
recentThe recent dispatch reported that the enemy had surrendered.
originalThe original dispatch was sent out an hour ago.
interceptedThe intercepted dispatch revealed the enemy's secret plans.
laterWe must request a later dispatch for the delivery to arrive on time.
equalThe police arrived with equal dispatch to both scenes.
rapidThe rapid dispatch of emergency services helped to save lives.
aboveThe police officers received the message above dispatch
extraordinaryThe team completed the project with extraordinary dispatch
diplomaticThe diplomatic dispatch revealed the intricate details of the negotiations.
centralThe call was routed to central dispatch where an operator took down the details.
dynamicDynamic dispatch is a programming technique that allows the resolution of a call at runtime, depending on the actual type of the object.
subsequentThe subsequent dispatch of the troops was delayed by the heavy snowfall.
latestOur latest dispatch revealed a group of hikers who had lost their way in the wilderness.
remarkableThe firefighters arrived with remarkable dispatch
properThe package was delivered with proper dispatch
lengthyThe lengthy dispatch outlined the complex diplomatic negotiations.
happyThe happy dispatch of the mission brought relief to all involved.
dueThe report will be completed with due dispatch
optimalThe optimal dispatch allows for the generation and delivery of electricity as cheaply as possible.
earlierShe left earlier dispatch from the office.
swiftThe firefighters arrived with swift dispatch quickly extinguishing the blaze.
unusualThe team completed the project with unusual dispatch
customaryThe team responded with their customary dispatch
observerThe Observer dispatch reported on the recent local election results.
usualShe handles the work with her usual dispatch
aidedThe system aided dispatch of the fire department to the scene of the accident.
quickerWe finished the project with quicker dispatch
regularDelivery of goods was done with regular dispatch
sufficientThe package was delivered with sufficient dispatch
dailyThe daily dispatch was full of news about the recent storm.
overseasWe are going to send the goods by overseas dispatch
characteristicWith characteristic dispatch the team quickly and accurately completed the task.
incredibleI was amazed by the incredible dispatch with which the team completed the project.
practicableThe plan will be carried out with practicable dispatch
hastyThe reporter sent out the account of the accident with hasty dispatch
laconicThe stoic captain relayed his orders with laconic dispatch
quickestPlease get me those results with the quickest dispatch possible.
celebratedThe diplomat completed his mission with celebrated dispatch
instantThe order was shipped with instant dispatch
admirableThe team completed the project with admirable dispatch

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