Adjectives for Disposition

Adjectives For Disposition

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disposition, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the different adjectives used with 'disposition' reveals a fascinating range of nuances, highlighting an individual's inherent qualities or the outcome of certain situations. Descriptors like 'natural' emphasize the innate aspects, whereas 'final' might refer to the conclusive nature of circumstances or character. 'Good,' 'amiable,' and 'cheerful' shine a light on positive traits, presenting a person in a favorable light. Meanwhile, 'general' allows for a broader, more inclusive understanding. These variations showcase the complexity and depth of character analysis, underpinning the significance of carefully chosen adjectives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'disposition' as we delve deeper below.
naturalHer natural disposition was one of kindness and compassion.
finalThe final disposition of the case was determined by the judge.
goodHe maintained a good disposition throughout the challenging project.
generalHer general disposition was one of kindness and generosity.
amiableHis amiable disposition made him well-liked by all who knew him.
cheerfulHer cheerful disposition brightened up the room.
friendlyThe dog greeted me with a friendly disposition
gentleHer gentle disposition made her a popular choice for babysitting.
strongHer strong disposition was evident in her unwavering determination.
happyHe has a happy disposition and is always cheerful.
mildHe had a mild disposition and was always calm and collected.
properThe hotel requires all guests to exhibit proper disposition towards staff.
generousHe is generally popular because of his generous disposition
moralThe moral disposition of the child was greatly influenced by his parents.
ultimateThe judge presiding over the trial determined the ultimate disposition of the lawsuit.
kindlyHer kindly disposition always made people feel welcomed and at ease.
affectionateThe dog's affectionate disposition made it a popular choice for families with children.
quietThe librarian possessed a quiet disposition that made him a favorite with the patrons.
benevolentThe benevolent disposition of the king made all his subjects love and respect him.
innateHer innate disposition to lead made her the perfect choice for president.
genialThe headmaster had a genial disposition that put the new teachers at ease.
favourableI tried to engage him in conversation, but he seemed to have an unfavourable disposition.
favorableThe judge had a favorable disposition towards the defendant.
restlessHer restless disposition made it difficult for her to sit still for long periods of time.
nervousHer nervous disposition made her jump at the slightest noise.
excellentThe student's excellent disposition earned him a lot of favor with his teachers.
peculiarHer peculiar disposition made it hard to predict her next move.
pleasantThe morning barista greeted every customer with a pleasant disposition
pacificDespite his pacific disposition the general was forced to lead his troops into battle.
hereditaryDespite her hereditary disposition she persevered through countless obstacles.
livelyJohn's lively disposition made him a joy to be around.
retiringShe has a retiring disposition preferring to stay home rather than socialize.
innerHer inner disposition was calm and tranquil.
peacefulHer peaceful disposition made her well-liked by everyone who knew her.
nobleShe exuded a noble disposition that commanded respect.
emotionalThe counselor carefully evaluated her emotional disposition
charitableThe director is known for her charitable disposition
peaceableHer kind and gentle nature revealed her peaceable disposition
psychologicalThe psychological disposition of the patient was determined to be optimistic.
rovingThe traveling salesman had a roving disposition never staying in one place for long.
virtuousHer virtuous disposition made her an ideal candidate for the position.
geneticHer genetic disposition made her more susceptible to the disease.
leastHis least disposition was to arouse pity.
cruelThe cruel disposition of the tyrant made him a feared ruler.
melancholyMary's melancholy disposition made it difficult for her to find joy in life.
humaneThe humane disposition of animals is a moral imperative for any society.
inwardThe inward disposition of the character was one of kindness and compassion.
warlikeThe warlike disposition of the barbarians posed a constant threat to the Roman Empire.
easyHer easy disposition made her a welcome addition to the group.
liberalDespite his liberal disposition he voted for the conservative candidate.
timidThe kitten's timid disposition made it shy around strangers.
quarrelsomeTheir quarrelsome disposition made it difficult to have a peaceful conversation.
likeHe had a like disposition towards his neighbour.
physiologicalThe physiological disposition of the drug was not affected by the change in dosage.
sanguineDespite the challenges, she maintained a sanguine disposition throughout the ordeal.
obligingHer obliging disposition made her a popular companion among her friends.
lovingThe therapy dog had a loving disposition and a friendly wagging tail.
piousHer pious disposition was evident in her humble and prayerful manner.
savageThe savage disposition of the grizzly bear made hiking in the wilderness a perilous endeavor.

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