Adjectives for Dispute

Adjectives For Dispute

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dispute, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a dispute can significantly affect the nuance of your sentence. A much dispute suggests a widely acknowledged disagreement, while an industrial dispute specifies the conflict's sector. A long dispute indicates a disagreement that extends over time, often implying a complex issue without an easy resolution. Conversely, a serious dispute underscores the grave implications for the parties involved. The emotion behind a bitter dispute reflects deep-seated resentment or hostility, whereas a territorial dispute specifically points to conflicts over land or boundaries. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, painting a more vivid and accurate picture. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with dispute below to enhance your descriptions.
muchThere was much dispute over the best course of action.
industrialThe industrial dispute has caused significant disruption to the economy.
longThe long dispute came to an end when both parties finally agreed to compromise.
seriousThe two parties engaged in a serious dispute over the ownership of the land.
bitterThe bitter dispute between the two neighbors has escalated into a full-blown feud.
territorialThe territorial dispute between the two countries has been going on for centuries.
legalThe company is currently involved in a legal dispute with its former partner.
littleThere is little dispute that the new policy is a significant improvement over the old one.
sovietThe Soviet Union was a union of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics that existed from 1922 to 1991 and was dissolved after a lengthy soviet dispute
politicalThe political dispute has been ongoing for months, with no resolution in sight.
considerableThere was considerable dispute over the issue.
particularThe specific engineering problem had been a particular dispute between the scientists.
majorA major dispute erupted between the two sides.
wholeThis seems to cover the whole dispute minus technical specifications.
violentThe violent dispute was soon settled by the arrival of the police.
presentWe are trying to resolve the present dispute
standingThe standing dispute between the two sides has been going on for years and does not seem likely to be resolved soon.
internationalThe international dispute between the two countries has been going on for years.
israeliThe Israeli dispute has been going on for decades.
jurisdictionalThe dispute between the two states escalated into a jurisdictional dispute
internalThe internal dispute within the company led to a decline in productivity.
domesticThe domestic dispute concerned a couple arguing about money.
theologicalThe tenth theological dispute was over the nature of the Holy Spirit.
ongoingThe ongoing dispute between the two companies has yet to be resolved.
religiousThe religious dispute has been a source of conflict for centuries.
furtherThe judge finally put an end to the further dispute
acrimoniousThe acrimonious dispute between the two neighbors escalated into a physical altercation.
famousThe famous dispute about the authorship of Shakespeare's plays has been going on for centuries.
ideologicalThe ideological dispute between the two politicians led to a heated debate.
fierceThe two rivals had a fierce dispute over who would inherit their family's fortune.
currentThe current dispute between the two companies has yet to be resolved.
heatedThe heated dispute between the two factions threatened to derail the peace negotiations.
protractedThe protracted dispute between the two sides has finally been resolved.
venezuelanThe Venezuelan dispute has been going on for many years.
sharpThere was a sharp dispute about the direction of the company.
prolongedThe prolonged dispute between the two companies finally came to an end.
minorThe minor dispute between the neighbors was quickly resolved.
warmThe warm dispute quickly spiraled into a heated argument between the two colleagues.
philosophicalThe philosophical dispute centered on the nature of reality.
factionalThe factional dispute within the party has led to a split that may be irreversible.
angryShe walked out of the office after having an angry dispute with her boss.
mereThe mere dispute caused a lot of confusion.
doctrinalThe doctrinal dispute between the two theologians lasted for years.
unresolvedThey had talked about their property dispute with a neighbor for years, but it remained an unresolved dispute
civilThe civil dispute was settled out of court.
endlessThe endless dispute about the ownership of the land had plagued the family for generations.
runningThe running dispute between the two neighbors over the property line has been going on for years.
longstandingThe two countries have engaged in a longstanding dispute over the border.
scholarlyThe scholarly dispute over the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls is still ongoing.
substantialThere is a substantial dispute among historians about when the first humans arrived in North America.
subsequentOn account of being made redundant, there was a subsequent dispute regarding statutory redundancy pay.
factualThe Supreme Court has ruled that a jury must decide a factual dispute before the case can proceed to trial.
constantThe constant dispute between the two parties prevented any progress from being made.
lengthyThe lengthy dispute reached its boiling point when one party threatened legal action.
japaneseThe Japanese dispute over the Senkaku Islands continues.
genuineThe parties have a genuine dispute over the ownership of the property.
livelyThe lively dispute between the two candidates kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
maritalThe couple was unable to resolve their marital dispute
theoreticalThe theoretical dispute over climate change has been going on for decades.
constitutionalThe constitutional dispute has been resolved.
reasonableThe terms of the contract are subject to reasonable dispute
academicThe academic dispute over the origins of the universe continues to fuel research.
intenseThe intense dispute between the two sides caused a great deal of animosity.

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