Adjectives for Disputes

Adjectives For Disputes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disputes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives preceding the noun 'disputes' can significantly alter the context and perceived seriousness of the conflicts described. For example, 'industrial disputes' evoke thoughts of labor and management clashes, while 'international disputes' can range from diplomatic squabbles to threats of war. Words like 'such' and 'many' might introduce examples or imply the frequency and variety of conflicts, respectively. 'Territorial disputes' carry an air of historical and possibly violent contention over land, whereas 'legal disputes' bring to mind courtroom battles over rights and responsibilities. Each adjective shades the meaning of 'disputes' differently, offering a nuanced insight into the nature of conflict. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the layers of meaning each brings to 'disputes'.
industrialIndustrial disputes have been on the rise in recent years.
internationalInternational disputes can be resolved through diplomacy and negotiation.
suchSuch disputes were often resolved with battles, wealth, trade, or diplomacy.
manyThere were many disputes about the best way to proceed.
territorialAlthough the territorial disputes between the two countries have been ongoing for decades, there is little hope of a peaceful resolution.
legalThe company has been involved in several legal disputes over the last few years.
politicalThe political disputes between the two parties were heated.
internalThe organization was weakened by internal disputes
jurisdictionalThe company has been involved in several jurisdictional disputes with other companies.
religiousReligious disputes have plagued humanity for centuries.
localThe local disputes were resolved through mediation.
seriousThe two sides were unable to resolve their serious disputes
civilCivil disputes can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.
bitterThe bitter disputes over the division of the land among the heirs dragged on for decades.
theologicalTheological disputes have been a part of religious history for centuries.
domesticThe police were called to the scene of domestic disputes on several occasions.
factionalThe party is riven by factional disputes
mostMost disputes can be resolved amicably if both parties are willing to communicate openly and honestly.
commercialThe parties involved in commercial disputes often seek alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.
futureThe agreement includes a provision for resolving future disputes
majorThe two sides have been in major disputes over the issue for years.
minorWe managed to resolve the minor disputes among the team members.
frequentFrequent disputes have been a constant issue within the company.
endlessEndless disputes plague this troubled land.
privateHe resolves private disputes informally.
violentThe violent disputes caused widespread damage and disruption.
pettyThey engaged in petty disputes over trivial matters.
doctrinalThey showed little interest in doctrinal disputes concerning the nature of Christ.
environmentalThe environmental disputes are often long and complex.
ideologicalThe ideological disputes within the organization prevented them from moving forward.
managementManagement disputes arose between the two executives.
maritalThe couple sought counseling for their ongoing marital disputes
outstandingOutstanding disputes require prompt resolution.
regionalRegional disputes can lead to political instability and violence.
constantShe left her job due to constant disputes with her co-workers.
interstateInterstate disputes over water rights have been common in the western United States.
philosophicalThe philosophical disputes between Plato and Aristotle have shaped Western thought for centuries.
unresolvedThe unresolved disputes between the two countries have been simmering for decades.
relatedThe related disputes are ongoing.
acrimoniousThe acrimonious disputes between the two parties made it impossible to reach a compromise.
bilateralThe two countries have several bilateral disputes
fierceThe meeting was marked by fierce disputes among the participants.
verbalThe verbal disputes between the two factions grew increasingly heated.
collectiveThe strike represents just one of the many collective disputes that have arisen as a result.
potentialInvestment disputes have the potential disputes arising out of such investments.
contractualThe company has been involved in several contractual disputes in recent years.
ecclesiasticalEcclesiastical disputes flared up when the king attempted to reform religious practices.
interpersonalInterpersonal disputes can often be resolved through open and honest communication.
constitutionalConstitutional disputes arose when certain provisions of the new healthcare law were challenged as being unconstitutional.
subsequentThere were subsequent disputes about the terms of the contract.
boundaryBoundary disputes continued to escalate in the region.
standingThe two sides have been unable to resolve their standing disputes
theoreticalThe team of researchers has been engaged in multiple theoretical disputes over the years.
continualThe continual disputes between neighbors have become unbearable.
stateMany state disputes involve boundary issues.
ongoingThe ongoing disputes between the two companies have finally been resolved.
tribalThe tribal disputes had been going on for years, and there seemed to be no end in sight.
interminableThe interminable disputes between the two sides dragged on for years.
maritime"China has a growing number of maritime disputes with its neighbors in the South China Sea, East China Sea, and Yellow Sea."
ethnicThe country is facing a number of ethnic disputes including the conflict between the majority Han Chinese and the minority Uighur population in Xinjiang.
justiciableThe Court has jurisdiction over all justiciable disputes between states.
matrimonialThe couple went to court to resolve their matrimonial disputes
factualThe dispute progressed to the Supreme Court, where it was dismissed because of standing and factual disputes
colonialThe colonial disputes of the 17th and 18th centuries had a profound impact on global history.
occasionalThe two of them have occasional disputes but they usually reconcile quickly.
angryAngry disputes had led to much bloodshed and division

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