Adjectives for Distance

Adjectives For Distance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing distance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe distance can significantly alter the perception of physical space in your writing. Whether it's a short walk to the park, a great expanse between stars, a long journey home, a considerable length from one city to another, or merely a little gap that feels like the same old distance every day, each term paints a unique picture. The adjectives we pair with 'distance' offer a nuanced view of space, time, and emotion, transforming mere measurements into experiences. Explore the full range of adjectives to precisely convey the distances in your narratives below.
shortThe hikers completed the short distance to the campsite by nightfall.
greatThe two cities are separated by a great distance
longThat long distance relationship was successful to resist the test of time.
considerableThe two cities were separated by a considerable distance
littleThe road stretched ahead for a little distance
sameThe two points are located at the same distance from the origin.
greaterThe greater distance made it difficult to see any details.
safePlease keep a safe distance from the edge of the cliff.
certainHer house is at a certain distance from the road.
averageThe average distance between Earth and the sun is 93 million miles.
verticalThe plane maintained a constant vertical distance from the ground.
horizontalThe horizontal distance between the two points is 10 meters.
totalThe vehicle covered a total distance of 200 miles during its journey.
farThe towering mountain peaks were visible in the far distance
shortestWalking is the shortest distance between two points, but sometimes it is the longest way around.
meanThe mean distance between Earth and Mars is 225 million kilometers.
minimumThe minimum distance between the two cars is ten feet.
respectfulHe kept a respectful distance from the old woman.
middleThe runners took their positions at the start line of the middle distance race.
maximumI ran the maximum distance in the race.
strikingThe team was within striking distance of winning the championship.
easyThe house was within easy distance of the beach.
equalThe two towns are located at an equal distance from the highway.
physicalLet's try to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet.
properThe proper distance between two objects is the distance between them measured at a fixed time in their history.
greatestThe greatest distance between two points is not a physical distance, but an emotional distance.
infiniteThe stars shone at an infinite distance
focalThe focal distance of the lens was 100mm.
reasonableThe two cities are located a reasonable distance from each other.
perpendicularThe perpendicular distance between the two lines is 5 cm.
angularThe angular distance between the two stars is about 1 degree.
criticalthe critical distance is the distance from the center of a black hole where the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.
actualThe actual distance to the nearest star is about 4.2 light-years.
sufficientThe bird was at a sufficient distance away from the cat.
shorterThe shorter distance makes the trip more enjoyable.
euclideanThe Euclidean distance between the two points is 5.
emotionalThe emotional distance between them made it difficult to communicate.
relativeThe relative distance between the two stars is about 10 light-years.
convenientThe park was a convenient distance to the house, so we decided to go for a walk.
immenseThe star was an immense distance away.
longerHe could hit the golf ball a noticeably longer distance than his opponent.
geographicalThe geographical distance between the two cities made it difficult for them to visit each other.
vastAcross vast distance we are bound by an invisible, yet powerful connection.
psychologicalIt's hard to come to terms with my own mortality when I feel a psychological distance from death.
radialThe radial distance to the object was measured in centimeters.
discreetShe kept a discreet distance observing their interactions from afar.
nearWe stood at a near distance from the stage, close enough to see the actors' expressions but far enough away to avoid being jostled by the crowd.
exactThe exact distance between the two cities is 100 miles.
geneticScientists can use genetic distance to determine how closely related different populations are.
variableThe variable distance between the two points was measured using a laser rangefinder.
correctThe correct distance between the two points is ten kilometers.
spatialThe spatial distance between the two towns is approximately 100 kilometers.
comfortableThe two of them sat a comfortable distance apart on the park bench.
apparentThe apparent distance to the horizon was shortened.
zenithThe zenith distance of the star is 45 degrees.
measurableThe measurable distance between the two points was 20 meters.
interatomicThe interatomic distance between two atoms is the distance between their nuclei.
geographicThe geographic distance between the two cities is 100 miles.
immeasurableThe void stretched out before them, an immeasurable distance that swallowed any hope of escape.
aestheticThe play maintained an aesthetic distance that preserved the audience's sense of detachment.
temporalThe temporal distance between the two events is approximately one hundred years.
fairThe shop is located a fair distance away from the center of town.
respectableThe two ships maintained a respectable distance from each other.
polarMeasuring the polar distance of celestial objects from Earth's North Pole aids in celestial navigation.
dimThe star shimmered in the dim distance
linearThe car traveled a linear distance of 100 kilometers.
suitableThe two chairs were placed at a suitable distance from each other.
enormousThe enormous distance between the stars made it impossible for humans to travel to them.
slightThe two buildings were separated by a slight distance
moderateThe car was parked at a moderate distance from the store.
remoteThe remote distance made it difficult to communicate effectively.
smallestThe smallest distance between the two points is 5 units.
longestThe longest distance is not the one that separates, but the one that unites despite the distance.

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