Adjectives for Distances

Adjectives For Distances

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing distances, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of language and expression, the adjectives used with the noun 'distances' paint evocative pictures, defining not just space but the qualitative nature of the space between. 'Long' and 'great' distances suggest vast expanses hard to cross, often evoking a sense of challenge or awe. Conversely, 'short' distances bring a sense of closeness and accessibility, making the world feel more interconnected. 'Different' distances remind us of the varied nature of spaces we navigate, while 'equal' distances hint at symmetry and fairness in distribution, and 'large' distances emphasize the scale of separation. Each adjective shapes our understanding of distances, giving depth to the spaces between us. Explore how these nuances unfold with our full list of adjectives related to 'distances' below.
longThe couple traveled long distances to visit each other.
greatThe two cities are separated by great distances
shortThe car travels only short distances
differentThe runner ran on different distances every day.
equalThe two cities are located at equal distances from the coast.
largeThe large distances between stars make space travel difficult.
greaterThe greater distances made it difficult for them to stay in contact.
considerableOur ancestors had to roam over considerable distances for their food.
longerThe new train line will allow us to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.
variousWe visited various distances which were from 30 to 250 kms.
vastThe vast distances of the galaxy made communication difficult.
shorterThe commute to work has become manageable with the shorter distances
relativeThe relative distances between stars were being calculated
interatomicInteratomic distances provide information about the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule or crystal.
horizontalThe horizontal distances between the two points are equal.
largerThe GPS coordinates were correct, but the map display was showing the bus stop at larger distances than it really was.
verticalThe vertical distances between the roof and the ground were measured carefully.
immenseThe immense distances between stars made space travel impossible.
enormousThe enormous distances between stars made space travel impractical.
meanThe mean distances from the Sun for Mercury, Venus and Earth are, respectively, 58.6, 108.2 and 149.6 million kilometers.
regularThe trees were planted at regular distances
properThe distance between the two galaxies remained constant in proper distances
averageThe average distances between each city were provided by the government.
geneticGenetic distances between closely related species of yeast have been determined using isozyme electrophoresis.
respectiveCompared to the distances between the planets, our Earth and the Sun have the shortest and longest respective distances
unequalThe runners ended the race at unequal distances
smallerWe are moving to a smaller house that is only a few minutes away as the smaller distances will reduce our daily commute.
geographicalThe geographical distances between cities can vary greatly.
angularWe use different techniques to measure angular distances between far objects.
minimumThe cable trays must be supported at minimum distances
correspondingThe points on the circumference of the circle have corresponding distances from the center.
measuredThe surveyor measured distances with great care.
focalThe focal distances of the objective lens and the eyepiece lens are 10 cm and 5 cm respectively.
shortestThe shortest distances between two points lie on a straight line.
euclideanThe Euclidean distances between points in the space were calculated.
atomicThe atomic distances can be determined by using X-ray crystallography.
hugeAsteroids can travel huge distances through space.
closeThe two cars were driving at close distances
intermediateThe star is located at intermediate distances from the black hole.
moderateThe runner sprinted moderate distances to conserve energy for the marathon.
magnificentThe magnificent distances of space always filled him with awe.
stellarThe distances between stars, known as stellar distances are measured in light-years.
perpendicularThe perpendicular distances from a point to a pair of intersecting lines are equal.
variableMiles ran in the marathon varied drastically with variable distances between runners.
farThe sound of the bell could be heard for far distances
squaredThe squared distances between the two points on a plane can be calculated using the formula (x1 - x2)^2 + (y1 - y2)^2.
zenithThe observer is 100.5 feet away from the tower at a compass bearing of 243.3 degrees, and the zenith distances are 66.6 and 57.3 degrees, respectively.
spatialThe spatial distances between galaxies are vast.
radialThe radial distances of the stars from the center of the cluster were measured.
lunarUsing lunar distances navigators found their way across oceans and seas.
geographicThe geographic distances between the two cities were significant.
intermolecularThe intermolecular distances in a crystal are determined by the balance of attractive and repulsive forces.
maximumThe maximum distances between two points in the dodecahedron are √(6/5) times its edge length.
infiniteThe stars twinkled in the night sky, their light traveling infinite distances to reach my eyes.
remoteThrough the miracle of modern technology, people were able to communicate with each other over remote distances
mutualThe mutual distances between the stars were measured by their apparent movement.
safeMaintain safe distances when walking around the construction site.
incredibleThe spacecraft traveled incredible distances venturing far beyond the confines of our solar system.
suitableThe tables were arranged at suitable distances from each other.
tremendousRockets can travel tremendous distances into space.
astronomicalThe spacecraft continued its journey across astronomical distances
linearThese linear distances are measured from the edge of the city to the centre of town.
irregularThe runners crossed the finish line at irregular distances
closerThe satellites were placed at closer distances to improve communication.
finiteThe wormhole collapsed at finite distances sending the spaceship hurtling through an unknown void.
planetaryThe distances between the planets are called planetary distances
observedThe observed distances to the galaxies were inconsistent with the distances predicted by the Hubble law.
internuclearNeutron scattering is a very useful tool to determine internuclear distances
dispersalThe dispersal distances of some species can be very large.
nearestThe nearest distances to the Sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.
nearThe car was following the truck at near distances

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