Adjectives for Distribution

Adjectives For Distribution

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing distribution, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'distribution' can significantly impact the nuance of your message. A 'normal distribution' implies a predictable, often bell-shaped statistical pattern, while 'geographical distribution' refers to how something is spread across physical locations. 'Spatial distribution' delves into the arrangement of objects in space, indicating patterns of dispersal or concentration. A 'uniform distribution' suggests an even spread, in stark contrast to 'unequal distribution,' which highlights disparities. A 'wide distribution' points to a broad, expansive spread. The nuances these adjectives bring to the word 'distribution' are pivotal in conveying precise meanings in various contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'distribution' to enhance your messages with exacting detail.
normalI used a normal distribution to model the measurement errors.
geographicalThe geographical distribution of the species is limited to a small area in the rainforest.
spatialThe spatial distribution of the population is uneven
uniformThe sampling distribution of the sample mean will be approximately normally distributed because the population has a uniform distribution
wideThe research report has a wide distribution among the readers.
unequalThe unequal distribution of wealth has contributed to the widening gap between rich and poor.
equitableIn the event of a divorce, the equitable distribution of assets ensures a fair division of property.
equalThe company's profits were divided among the shareholders with equal distribution
geographicThe geographic distribution of the species is limited to a small area in South America.
generalThe species has a general distribution throughout the country.
binomialThe binomial distribution is a discrete probability distribution of the number of successes in a sequence of independent experiments, each of which has a constant probability of success.
regionalThe regional distribution of the species is limited to the eastern United States.
verticalThe vertical distribution is characterized by the abundance of species at different depths.
unevenThe uneven distribution of wealth is a major problem in our society.
currentThe current distribution in the circuit is not uniform.
angularThe angular distribution of the scattered photons was measured using a collimator.
exponentialThe exponential distribution is a continuous probability distribution that describes the time between events in a Poisson process.
actualThe actual distribution of the data points is approximately normal.
initialThe initial distribution of the vaccine will be limited to healthcare workers and first responders.
evenThe even distribution of the paint resulted in a uniform finish.
cumulativeThe cumulative distribution function provides the probability that a random variable will take on a value less than or equal to a given value.
jointThe joint distribution captures the relationship between the two variables.
relativeThe relative distribution of the species was consistent with the results of the previous study.
continuousThe continuous distribution encompasses a range of similar data points.
widerThe new product has a wider distribution than its predecessor.
widespreadThe widespread distribution of the disease made it difficult to contain.
properThe proper distribution of resources is essential for equity and fairness.
occupationalThe occupational distribution of a population is the percentage of people in each occupation.
standardThe standard distribution is a normal distribution with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.
betterA better distribution of resources would lead to greater equity and social justice.
fairThe fair distribution of resources is crucial for maintaining equity and justice in society.
priorThe prior distribution is a probability distribution that represents our beliefs about the unknown parameter before observing any data.
potentialThe potential distribution across the cell membrane is critical for many cellular processes.
posteriorThe posterior distribution represents the probability distribution of the unknown parameters after taking into account observed data.
statisticalThe statistical distribution of the data was normal.
molecularThe molecular distribution of the gas is non-uniform.
limitedThe document had a limited distribution within the company.
bimodalThe bimodal distribution of the data suggests that there are two distinct groups within the population.
observedThe observed distribution of the data points is bimodal.
sizeThe size distribution of the particles was measured using a laser diffraction particle size analyzer.
overallDue to its overall distribution the process demonstrates enhanced precision and efficiency.
globalThe company's products have a global distribution reaching customers worldwide.
theoreticalUsing this theoretical distribution we can calculate the probability of a given outcome.
seasonalThe seasonal distribution of rainfall in the region is influenced by the monsoon winds.
broadThe results show a broad distribution across the population.
fatThe fat distribution in his body was uneven.
lognormalThe rainfall data are said to follow a lognormal distribution
conditionalThe conditional distribution of a random variable X given another random variable Y is the probability distribution of X for a given value of Y.
stressStress distribution patterns in the brain predict cognitive decline in older adults.
typicalThe law of large numbers states that for any random variable with a typical distribution the sample mean will converge to the population mean.
worldwideThe company has a worldwide distribution network.
squareThe square distribution is a continuous probability distribution.
differentialDifferential distribution of the two drug treatment groups was confirmed by a likelihood ratio test (LR test; chi2 = 2.55; p = 0.11)
irregularThe irregular distribution of resources in the region has led to economic disparities.
homogeneousThe homogeneous distribution of the stars in the sky is a beautiful sight.
symmetricalThe symmetrical distribution of the leaves created a balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
complementary"The two allophones of /t/ have complementary distribution."
narrowThe company expected a narrow distribution of demand for its new product.
exactThe sampling distribution approximates the exact distribution of the population.
inequitableThe inequitable distribution of resources has led to widespread poverty and social unrest.
maxwellianThe particles in a gas follow a Maxwellian distribution
asymptoticIn some scenarios, it is expected to have a normal asymptotic distribution
discreteThe discrete distribution is a probability distribution that assumes that a random variable can only take on a finite number of distinct values.
radialThe radial distribution function provides information about the average arrangement of atoms or molecules in a given material.
subcellularThe subcellular distribution of the protein was determined by fractionation and immunofluorescence microscopy.
dimensionalThe dimensional distribution of the data shows a clear pattern.
bivariateThe bivariate distribution is a joint probability distribution of two random variables.
retailThe company's retail distribution network spans across the country.
wiseThe wise distribution of resources ensured that everyone had what they needed.
multivariateThe multivariate distribution is a generalization of the univariate distribution to multiple random variables.
marginalThe probability assigned to each outcome of the random variable is called the marginal distribution
stationaryThe stationary distribution is the long-run proportion of time that a Markov chain spends in each state.
temporalThe temporal distribution of the data was analyzed to determine the trends over time.
horizontalThe horizontal distribution of income in the country is very unequal.

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