Adjectives for Distributors

Adjectives For Distributors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing distributors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe distributors can significantly change the perception of their role and importance. Describing distributors as independent highlights their autonomy and unique value, while local underscores their community integration and accessibility. Wholesale distributors are pivotal for bulk transactions, emphasizing scale and efficiency. Meanwhile, major distributors are seen as influential market players with significant impact. Using various adjectives provides nuanced insights into the vast network and roles of distributors in the marketplace. For more insights on how different adjectives uncover unique aspects of distributors, explore the full list below.
otherWe are looking for other distributors to help us sell our products.
independentIndependent distributors sold the company's products in various regions.
localMany of our local distributors have placed large orders for our new product.
wholesaleThe wholesale distributors offered a wide range of products at competitive prices.
majorMajor distributors will need to be courted with care.
manyMany distributors provide various products.
foreignThe company works with foreign distributors to export its products to other countries.
largeThe company has partnered with large distributors to expand its reach.
americanAmerican distributors are responsible for distributing goods and services to consumers in the United States.
retailRetail distributors play a crucial role in connecting manufacturers with consumers.
industrialIndustrial distributors are businesses that sell a variety of products and services to manufacturing and other industrial companies.
mostMost distributors use advanced technologies.
nationalInternational and national distributors are our target audience.
internationalThe company has a network of international distributors to reach customers worldwide.
severalWe work with several distributors to ensure that our products are available to customers nationwide.
largestThe largest distributors for the company are located in the Midwest.
commercialCommercial distributors play a crucial role in the supply chain, connecting manufacturers with retailers and end-users.
exclusiveOur exclusive distributors ensure that our products reach every corner of the country.
regionalThe company has a network of regional distributors to ensure timely delivery of products.
private"We need to focus on the needs of private distributors," said the CEO.
smallerSmaller distributors offer lower prices but have limited inventory.
producerWholesale producer distributors generally work in less competitive environments than retailers.
potentialWe are looking for potential distributors in the region.
bigThe big distributors are increasing their prices.
overseasWe are looking for overseas distributors for our new product line.
largerOur larger distributors are increasing their orders by 20% next week.
primaryThe primary distributors of the product are located in the Midwest.
basedWe work with only the most reliable and based distributors
subWe depend on our sub distributors to reach our customers in remote areas.
europeanEuropean distributors are responsible for the distribution of products and services in Europe.
canadianThe Canadian distributors will be responsible for distributing the product throughout the country.
electricalThey could lower distribution costs with third party references from electrical distributors
electronicElectronic distributors are businesses that sell electronic components to manufacturers and other businesses.
domesticThe domestic distributors sold more than 2 million copies of the book.
rotaryThe rotary distributors are used to distribute the air evenly throughout the ductwork.
japaneseMany japanese distributors went bankrupt in the nineties.
topThese were the top distributors of the company.
principalThe principal distributors of the product are located in the United States.
traditionalTraditional distributors have long been the gatekeepers of new products to the market.
successfulWe rely on a network of successful distributors to reach our customers.
scaleThe manufacturer is looking for new scale distributors
keyThe key distributors for this project are located in three different countries.
wholesalerThe company expanded by acquiring several wholesaler distributors
prospectiveNegotiations are ongoing with prospective distributors in the region.
municipalMunicipal distributors are responsible for distributing electricity to homes and businesses within a specific area.
multipleABC Corp sells products through multiple distributors in the United States.
liquidThe liquid distributors are responsible for dispensing the correct amount of liquid into each container.
specializedSpecialized distributors can help businesses reach niche markets and expand their customer base.
efficientThe efficient distributors ensured that all orders were delivered on time.
chineseThe company has signed agreements with Chinese distributors to sell its products in China.
biggestThe biggest distributors of the product are located in the United States.
theatricalTheatrical distributors handle the distribution of films to cinemas.
automaticThe automatic distributors were out of order.
partyThe party distributors ensured that all the guests had a memorable evening.
franchisedFranchised distributors are independent businesses authorized to distribute a supplier's products or services.
ownedThe company holds partnership with locally owned distributors
lineThe line distributors were responsible for ensuring that the electricity was evenly distributed throughout the city.
levelThe company used level distributors to ensure fair pricing across all regions.
mechanicalThe mechanical distributors ensure the smooth operation of the assembly line.
contentContent distributors will be responsible for delivering the content to the end users.
typeThe type distributors would not work in this case.
cooperativeThe cooperative distributors provided excellent customer service.

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