Adjectives for Districts

Adjectives For Districts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing districts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'districts' conveys an image of diverse geographical or administrative areas, each with its unique characteristics. When paired with adjectives, the nuances in meaning can significantly vary, painting a vivid image of the nature or jurisdiction of these regions. 'Rural districts' evoke a sense of tranquility and nature, while 'other districts' hint at a broader, undefined assortment. The mention of 'many districts' suggests vastness and variety, contrasting with 'local districts', which narrows the focus to a more intimate, community-based area. 'Certain districts' implies specificity and exclusivity, and 'different districts' celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of each area. Exploring the full range of adjectives associated with 'districts' reveals the complexity and richness of how we perceive and categorize spaces.
ruralThe rural districts are often overlooked when it comes to funding and resources.
otherThe school buses in other districts are more frequently inspected.
manyThere are many districts in London.
localThe local districts are responsible for providing education to the children in their area.
certainParts of certain districts of the city have been declared out of bounds.
differentOfficials from different districts attended the conference.
severalThe city council approved a measure to increase funding for several districts
variousThe city council voted on a bill to improve various districts
urbanThe urban districts were full of life and activity.
specialThe state's independent special districts provide services such as water, fire protection, and schools.
congressionalThe city was divided into five congressional districts
electoralVoters in some electoral districts can choose between several candidates from different parties.
industrialIndustrial districts were identified as the most suitable areas for development.
outlyingThe outlying districts were sparsely populated and had limited access to essential services.
northernThe Magistrates' Court should be operating in all its Northern districts
agriculturalThe county board may also establish agricultural districts to preserve farm land
mostMost districts have a population of over 100,000 people.
residentialThere are several residential districts in our city.
southernThe southern districts of the city are known for their beautiful architecture.
centralThe central districts of the city were the most heavily damaged by the earthquake.
easternThe company has offices in the eastern districts of the country.
westernI've lived in the western districts my whole life.
remoteThere are still some remote districts that lack basic infrastructure.
administrativeThe county is divided into five administrative districts
respectiveThe city council members were elected from their respective districts
mountainousThe hikers were captivated by the mountainous districts dotted with dense forests and sparkling streams.
militaryThe troops were divided into five military districts
coastalThe coastal districts were hit hard by the hurricane.
neighbouringThe neighbouring districts are home to a diverse population.
judicialThe state has 64 judicial districts
memberThe county has five member districts in the House of Representatives.
suburbanThe company's online presence has benefited suburban districts
metropolitanThe proposal would create two new metropolitan districts to address the growing population in the area.
legislativeThe state is divided into legislative districts
separateWe visited several separate districts during our trip.
largerWe have larger districts in Louisiana and Mississippi.
adjacentThe two adjacent districts share a boundary.
classThe school board voted to redraw the class districts
populatedThe densely populated districts were bustling with activity.
subThe city council will divide the town into five sub districts
populousThe city's populous districts are home to a diverse blend of cultures.
commercialCommercial districts are typically located near transportation hubs to facilitate the flow of goods and people.
congestedIt is difficult to get around congested districts during rush hour.
hillyThe hilly districts of the region are known for their stunning views.
historicMy favorite part about Charleston is the historic districts that are a major tourist attraction.
growingThe growing districts are experiencing a surge in population.
independentThe board of education operates multiple independent districts
backwardThe backward districts are in need of development and infrastructure.
irrigationFor the last fifty years irrigation districts have raised prices while delivering less water to farm owners.
fertileThe fertile districts surrounding the river were known for their abundant crops.
richThe rich districts of the city were home to some of the wealthiest people in the country.
municipalThe water shortage led to the imposition of usage restrictions in several municipal districts
senatorialThe redistricting commission proposed new senatorial districts for the state.
multimemberThe general assembly created multimember districts for congressional elections.
extensiveThe firm expanded into extensive districts serving multiple provinces.
lightThe city's downtown area is home to numerous light districts
sanitaryThe project area has multiple existing sanitary districts
neighboringThe neighboring districts had similar economic profiles.
largestThe largest districts were Dhaka with 56 constituencies and Chittagong with 34 constituencies.
autonomousThe autonomous districts have substantial governing powers.
volcanicVolcanic districts often have many fast-flowing streams which cut across the lava beds.
wealthyThe wealthy districts of the city were home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world.
producingThe industrial zones were the producing districts of the city.
elementaryThe elementary districts are responsible for educating students in grades K-5.
magisterial"We have a total of five magisterial districts"
woodedThe hikers admired the wildlife in the wooded districts
disturbedThere were many disturbed districts in the town.
maritimeThe city's maritime districts were once bustling hubs of commerce.

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