Adjectives for Div

Adjectives For Div

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing div, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives associated with the noun 'div' reveals a world of specificity and timing, often found in contexts that range from legal documents to competitive arenas. The use of ordinal and numerical adjectives, such as '1099', '5th', '4th', '6th', '1st', and '25th', underlines the importance of precision and hierarchy within these spheres. Whether denoting a particular edition, a rank, or a specialized form, each adjective brings a layer of nuance, clarifying the exact nature or position of the 'div' in question. This careful selection of descriptors allows for clear communication and categorization, highlighting the diverse applications of 'div' across varied fields. Dive into the full list of adjectives to discover all the intriguing ways 'div' can be described.
1099I received a 1099 div form in the mail.
5thThe match will be played on the 5th division ground.
4thThe 4th div team played valiantly but lost the championship.
6thThe 6th div was essential to our victory.
25thThe 25th div was called to the scene.
29thThe 29th div was on the front line of battle.
24thI am in the 24th div
9thI am in the 9th div
3rdThe team played in the 3rd div of the league.
10thThe 10th div is part of the entire group.
28thThe 28th div was responsible for defending the eastern flank of the army.
17thThe 17th div was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident.
18thThe 18th div is a fantastic unit
35thRefer to 35th div does not find anything.
contentThe content div is a container for the main content of the page.
20thThe 20th div was the most decorated division in the army
30thPrivate Brown was a part of the 30th div during the battle.
37thThe 37th div garrison was eventually established at Camp Eagle Pass in California.
33rdThe 33rd div was victorious in the battle against the shadow army.
8thThe 8th division is responsible for the security of the city.
16thThe 16th div is a divisional unit in the US Army.
subThe sub div was a great place to live.
45thThe 45th div is now engaged in training.
19thThe soldiers of the 19th div fought valiantly throughout the campaign.
27thThe 27th div was a famous one.
26thThe 26th div has been deployed to the front lines.
12thThe 12th div was the first to advance.
15thI have been in this company for about 9 years with my last 4 years in the 15th div
structuralThe engineering team created a new structural div to support the additional weight of the machinery.
75thA private in the 75th div I was captured at St. Vith during Nazi Germany's last big offensive, the Battle of the Bulge.
90thThe U.S. 90th div the first Army division to enter Czechoslovakia
14thThe 14th div has been working hard all season.
westernI really enjoyed the flavors western div offered.
47thThe 47th div was a distinguished unit.
40thThe 40th div is a division of the US Army Reserve.
atlanticToronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks are all in the Atlantic div
101stThe 101st div had a great run in the championship.
13thThe 13th div was responsible for the attack.
verticalThe vertical div is a division of the page that runs from top to bottom.
34thThe 34th div broke through enemy lines.
56thWe are the 56th div and here to defend our country.
sanskritSanskrit div means heaven.
11thThe 11th div is one of the strongest divisions in the Gotei 13.
lehrThe lehr div is a type of optical element that is used to focus light.
50thThe 50th div renewed its attack early the next morning.
horizontalThe horizontal div spread across the entire page.
21stThe 21st div was an infantry division of the British Army.
volksgrenadierThe 1st Volksgrenadier Division was formed in January 1945.
partThe company moved to a new building in a more central part div the city.
operativeThe operative div was performed by Dr. Smith.
38thThe 38th div helped the 508th achieve a victory.
099I love 099 div
58thI'll be joining the 58th div in September.
southThe south div is where I like to live.
104thThe 104th div brought their tanks in to support the offensive.
88thThe 88th div was a very experienced unit.
54thThe 54th division was stationed at the front lines.
361stThe 361st div is a newly formed unit.
weeklyThe weekly div is held on Fridays.
2ndThe team performed well in the 2nd div
39thThe 39th div was the first to arrive.
51stThe 51st division held its position against the enemy's onslaught.
outerThis is the text inside the outer div
armouredGeneral Patton's armoured div made a breakout from the Normandy beachhead.

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