Adjectives for Divide

Adjectives For Divide

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing divide, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'divide' can take on vastly different nuances when paired with various adjectives, reflecting the breadth and depth of separations and differences within our world. A 'digital divide' speaks to the gap between those with access to technology and those without, highlighting issues of inequality and access. A 'great divide', often referring to significant separations, whether physical or metaphorical, can denote monumental rifts in societies or natural landscapes. The 'continental divide' specifically refers to the major separation of water flow on continents, illustrating nature's powerful influence on geography. 'Cultural' and 'racial divides' delve into the distinctions and barriers between people's ways of life and racial backgrounds, underscoring the social challenges faced in bridging human differences. The use of 'south' can denote geographic and, by metaphorical extension, political or economic separation. Each adjective colors the noun with a distinct shade of meaning, offering insights into various forms of division that affect our world. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'divide' to delve deeper into its multifaceted representations.
digitalThe digital divide refers to the gap between those who have access to and use digital technologies and those who do not.
greatThe great divide between us is growing wider.
continentalThe Continental divide is a drainage divide in the Americas.
culturalDespite their shared language, the cultural divide between the two countries was evident in their differing customs and beliefs.
southThe south divide is a geographical feature that marks the boundary between two regions.
politicalThe political divide is a major challenge facing our country today.
private"That's my private divide and you just crossed it" she said.
mainThe main divide in the political landscape is the difference between the left and the right.
ideologicalThe increasing ideological divide between the two major political parties is making it difficult to find common ground.
lowThere was a low divide in the hill at the end of the trail.
religiousThe religious divide was a major factor in the conflict.
sharpThe sharp divide between the two groups was evident in their contrasting opinions.
westWe stood at the very west divide of the country and watched the sun go down.
deepThe deep divide between the two political parties has made it difficult to find common ground.
ethnicThe ethnic divide in the city was evident in the segregated neighborhoods.
clearThe clear divide between the affluent and the poor became apparent in the city.
urbanThe urban divide is a growing problem, with the rich and poor living in increasingly separate worlds.
ruralThe rural divide continues to impact access to healthcare and other essential services for millions of Americans.
majorThe political climate in the country was characterized by a major divide
fundamentalA fundamental divide separates those who have access to opportunity from those who do not.
generationalThe generational divide between millennials and baby boomers is often cited as a cause of social and political tension.
sectarianThe sectarian divide between the two communities made it difficult to reach a consensus.
traditionalThe traditional divide between the East and West is no longer so clear-cut.
linguisticThe linguistic divide hindered communication between the two groups.
globalThe global divide in wealth and opportunity is growing wider than ever.
industrialThe industrial divide between developed and developing nations is widening.
historicalThe historical divide between the two groups was evident in their opposing viewpoints on the issue.
longerThe longer divide caused the people to become even more polarized.
partisanThe partisan divide in the US has been growing wider in recent years.
narrowThe narrow divide between success and failure was like a tightrope.
regionalThe regional divide in income levels is a growing concern.
calledAn employee called divide was handled by the manager.
unbridgeableThe unbridgeable divide between the two groups made compromise impossible.
artificialThe artificial divide between different social classes is an obstacle to a more harmonious society.
geographicalThe geographical divide between the two countries has led to a number of historical conflicts.
conceptualThe conceptual divide between the two departments has hindered collaboration and progress.
philosophicalThe philosophical divide between idealism and materialism has shaped human thought for centuries.
ontologicalThe ontological divide between the observer and the observed is a fundamental aspect of quantum mechanics.
colonialThe colonial divide left deep scars that continue to impact the region today.
climaticThe persistent climatic divide between north and south has resulted in contrasting social and economic development patterns.
crucialThe crucial divide in the election was the debate over healthcare.
absoluteThere is an absolute divide between the rich and the poor.
rigidThey bridged the rigid divide between art and commerce.
vocationalThe vocational divide refers to the widening gap between the earnings of workers with higher education and those with only vocational training.
confessionalThe confessional divide in the United States is a significant source of political polarization and social tension.
disciplinarySome interventions may exacerbate the disciplinary divide that exists in many schools.
postmodernThe postmodern divide refers to the shift in cultural and intellectual discourse that occurred in the late 20th century.
strictThe strict divide between work and play was non-existent.

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