Adjectives for Dividend

Adjectives For Dividend

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dividend, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of dividends through adjectives reveals much about their frequency, type, and significance. An 'annual' dividend suggests a stable, yearly return, enticing for long-term investors. A 'national' dividend may highlight a broader economic gesture, usually tied to a country's prosperity. The 'first' dividend of a company marks a milestone, reflecting its growth and potential. 'Extra' dividends indicate unexpected profit sharing, boosting investor morale. The 'final' dividend, often announced at the fiscal year-end, signifies the last payout based on the year's earnings. Meanwhile, a 'quarterly' dividend showcases regular, consistent returns, appealing to those seeking steady income. Each adjective unveils a unique aspect of dividends, opening a window to understand investment strategies more deeply. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives to uncover the myriad ways dividends are perceived and utilized.
annualMany stocks pay an annual dividend to their shareholders.
nationalThe government should increase its spending to stimulate the national dividend
firstThe first dividend is paid on the first of the month.
extraThe company declared an extra dividend for its shareholders this year.
finalThe final dividend will be paid on 28th February.
quarterly"The company announced a quarterly dividend of $0.50 per share."
regularInvestors should expect a regular dividend
preferredPreferred dividend refers to the amount of regular dividends paid to shareholders having preferred shares.
averageThe average dividend of the company is 5%.
socialThe concept of social dividend is gaining traction as a way to address wealth inequality.
taxableThe taxable dividend was reinvested in the company.
lastI received my last dividend payment last week.
interimThe company has declared an interim dividend of $0.10 per share.
doubleAdopting a carbon tax could yield a double dividend reducing carbon emissions and raising revenue.
specialThe board of directors decided to grant a special dividend to shareholders.
ordinaryThe company paid out an ordinary dividend of 10 cents per share.
fixedThe company paid the shareholders a fixed dividend
commonThe company's current common dividend is $0.50 per share.
currentThe company's current dividend is $0.50 per share.
totalThe total dividend for the year was $100 million.
yearlyThe company's yearly dividend is expected to grow by 10%.
partialThe partial dividend is the amount of the dividend that is paid out in the current year.
fiscalThe government used the fiscal dividend to fund new programs and reduce the deficit.
cumulativeThe cumulative dividend on the preferred stock has been in arrears for three quarters.
constructiveThe company paid a constructive dividend to its shareholders.
handsomeThe investment has given a handsome dividend
higherThe company announced a higher dividend pleasing its shareholders.
largerThe equation has a larger dividend than divisor.
netHere is your net dividend and I already deducted the taxes and fees.
unexpectedThe unexpected dividend was a pleasant surprise.
additionalThere will be an additional dividend of one dollar per share.
maximumThe maximum dividend that can be paid is 10% of the company's profits.
preferentialThe company declared a preferential dividend to its shareholders.
minimumThe minimum dividend an organization can pay is zero.
nontaxableThe nontaxable dividend was a windfall for the shareholders.
grossThe gross dividend of the company was $10 million.
usualThe usual dividend is 10%.
equalThe shareholders received an equal dividend of $1 per share.
non"Non dividend" refers to shares that do not pay dividends to shareholders.
fairThe company distributed a fair dividend to its shareholders.
initialThe initial dividend of the company was set at 10% of the face value of the share.
demographicIn developing countries, the demographic dividend is a period of rapid economic growth.
limitedInvestors in a limited dividend company are limited to a certain percentage of return on their investment.
substantialThe company paid a substantial dividend to its shareholders.
semiannualThe company has declared a semiannual dividend of $0.50 per share.
richThe company is currently offering a generous rich dividend to its shareholders.
reasonableThe company announced a reasonable dividend to its shareholders.
calledThe amount of money paid to shareholders is called dividend
extraordinaryThe extraordinary dividend will be paid to shareholders on the record date.
highestCompany XYZ declared the highest dividend in its history.
monthlyI receive a monthly dividend from my investment portfolio.
largestThe largest dividend announced for B class shareholders was $12.85 per share in 1991.
addedThe added dividend of the trip was the opportunity to visit the local museum.
bitThe company paid a bit dividend to its shareholders.
patriarchalThe patriarchal dividend is the unearned advantage men receive from living in a patriarchal society.
modestThe company paid a modest dividend to its shareholders.
cumThe stock price will decrease by the amount of the dividend on the cum dividend date.
expectedThe annual increase in the expected dividend is approximately 5.5%.
unpaidThe company has announced that it will be issuing an unpaid dividend to its shareholders.
moderateThe company paid a moderate dividend to its shareholders this quarter.
corporateThe corporate dividend was paid out to the shareholders.
deferredThe deferred dividend will be paid out to policyholders at the end of the policy term.

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