Adjectives for Divine

Adjectives For Divine

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing divine, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective-laden landscape surrounding the noun 'divine' unveils a fascinating tapestry of nuances, each adjective breathing a unique life into its companion noun. Descriptors like 'learned' and 'eminent' evoke a sense of awe and respect, painting pictures of wisdom and stature. The inclusion of 'father' adds a personal, nurturing touch, illustrating the intimate connection many feel with the divine. 'More' and 'great' amplify the inherent majesty and power, while 'same' suggests an unchanging, eternal aspect. Such adjectives not only color the noun but also shape our perception of divinity, reflecting a range of beliefs, feelings, and attitudes. Dive deeper into the rich tapestry of adjectives associated with 'divine' in the full list below.
learnedThe learned divine was revered for his profound wisdom and erudite sermons.
eminentThe eminent divine imparted words of wisdom and guidance.
fatherFather divine was a controversial African-American religious leader who gained a large following in the early 20th century.
moreThe glorious sunrise was more divine than a heavenly fresco.
greatThe great divine was a powerful being who ruled over the heavens.
sameWe are all born of the same divine light.
veryThe very divine nature of the universe was evident in the serene beauty of the sunset.
goodI am filled with good divine energy.
supremeThe supreme divine wields unparalleled power over all that exists.
rightThe king ruled by right divine believing that his power came directly from God.
youngThe young divine inspired the whole community.
lightShe carried the light divine of hope in her heart.
celestialThe celestial divine bestowed blessings upon the devout.
universalThe universal divine is the ultimate source of all that is.
worthyThe worthy divine answered our prayers with great compassion.
infiniteThe infinite divine is beyond our comprehension.
naturalThe natural divine forces have conspired to bring us together.
celebratedThe Hindu priests celebrated divine events in the temple.
mostThe most divine food I've ever tasted was the tiramisu at the little cafe down the street.
excellentThe excellent divine did not believe in the afterlife.
trueThe temple is a true divine
famousThe famous divine was known for his wise words and kind heart.
eternalThe eternal divine was within her, a radiant glow that illuminated her every step.
transcendentThe transcendent divine power of the universe filled him with awe.
essentialThe essential divine is the source of all being and knowing.
drudgeryDevotion was a drudgery divine but her heart was set on sainthood.
distinguishedThe distinguished divine delivered a powerful sermon that inspired the congregation.
holyThe priest praised the holy divine
graveThe grave divine looked upon the souls before him, his wise eyes seeing their fates
lateThe late divine was a man of great learning and piety.
poorThe poor divine couldn't manage to keep his balance and toppled over.
immanentThe immanent divine is the manifestation of God in the physical world.
invisibleThe invisible divine revealed itself to the humble seeker.
soundThe ethereal melody echoed through the hall, creating a sound divine
lessMy new beliefs make me feel less divine
rationalThe rational divine is a philosophy that emphasizes the use of reason and logic in understanding the nature of God and the universe.
ableI am not able divine the future.
absoluteThe absolute divine grace rested upon the humble servant.
reverendThe reverend divine gave a stirring sermon on the importance of love and compassion.
innerSeeking guidance from within, I tapped into my inner divine
piousThe pious divine devoted himself to a solitary life of prayer and fasting.
multipleThe temple was adorned with multiple divine relics.
gloriousWith the appearance of the glorious divine peace and grace swept across the land.
feminineThe feminine divine is a powerful force that can bring about healing and transformation.
judiciousThe judicious divine wisely considered the complexities of the situation.
visibleThe visible divine was her guiding light.
impersonalWe don't know the personal identity of the impersonal divine
pureThe pure divine light filled the room, casting an ethereal glow upon her serene face.
ultimateThe ultimate divine being was the source of all creation.
formlessThe formless divine essence permeated the cosmos, enveloping all existence in a timeless embrace.
omnipresentThe omnipresent divine manifests in all aspects of existence.
nonThe belief was not non divine at all.
cosmicEmbraced by the cosmic divine she felt an inexplicable sense of belonging.
unfortunateUnfortunate divine intervention presented me with a pickle I found hard to digest.
omnipotentThe omnipotent divine watched over the mortals, its gaze both comforting and terrifying.
attentiveThe attentive divine watched over his creations.
orthodoxThe orthodox divine preached the importance of faith and tradition.
solidThe solid divine would not tear.
sweetThe sweet divine melody filled the air with its enchanting aura.
goodnessOh my goodness divine I am so happy to see you!
humbleThe humble divine spent his days in solitude, seeking enlightenment.
semiThe semi divine being watched over the mortals with a distant, benevolent gaze.
accomplishedThe accomplished divine gave a sermon that inspired the masses.
integralThe visible world is the integral divine made manifest.
dynamicThe dynamic divine miracle that unfolded before my eyes brought solace to my weary heart.
honestThe honest divine spoke the truth without fear or favor.
creativeThe creative divine's work is a testament to the beauty and wonder of the universe.
eloquentHer eloquent divine whispers echo across the ethereal expanse.
unknowableThe unknowable divine whispers secrets to those who listen.
dearOh, dear divine mother of God, please forgive me for my manifold sins.
controversialThe controversial divine was removed from his post after making inflammatory remarks.
graciousThe gracious divine smiled upon us, blessing us with love and protection.
nearerThe view of the majestic Himalayas made us feel nearer divine
incarnateThe incarnate divine descended upon the earth in a blinding flash of light.
selfThe self divine a mystery profound, an enigma that forever astounds.
shrewdThe shrewd divine foresaw the impending crisis.
supramentalThe supramental divine is a higher, illumined, all-powerful force that transcends our material existence.

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