Adjectives for Division

Adjectives For Division

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing division, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives used with the noun 'division' can significantly impact the meaning conveyed in a sentence. Whether discussing 'first division' in a competition, the 'second division' in an organization, a 'sub division' within a larger entity, the 'third division' for classifying levels, or referring to an 'international division' highlighting geographical or global distinctions, each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning. These descriptors not only categorize and prioritize but also highlight specific characteristics and relationships within the context of division. The right adjective can transform a generic noun into a precise and insightful piece of information. Discover the full list of adjectives commonly used with 'division' to fine-tune your understanding and expression.
firstThe team won the first division championship.
secondThe second division football match was intense.
subThe sub division of the company was successful.
thirdThe team was relegated to the third division after a poor season.
1stThe team played in the 1st division for many years.
internationalThe international division is responsible for managing the company's operations in overseas markets.
sexualThe sexual division in the workplace is evident in the gender pay gap.
4thThe 4th division marched into the town.
3rdThe team played in the 3rd division
5thThe 5th division fought valiantly against overwhelming odds.
6thThe 6th division commander ordered his troops to advance.
sharpThe issue led to a sharp division among the participants.
nuclearMitosis is a type of nuclear division that results in two daughter cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell.
furtherFurther division of the cells resulted in a reduction in cell size.
clearThe new plan established a clear division between the two departments.
upperI took upper division courses in both English and Spanish.
fourthHe served in the fourth division
entireThe entire division was mobilized for the upcoming operation.
threefoldThe ancient Greeks conceived of a threefold division of the soul
simpleThe simple division of 5 by 2 is 2.
territorialThe territorial division of France has been influenced by many factors throughout history.
internalThe internal division within the company hindered its progress.
tripartiteThe tripartite division of state power into executive, legislative, and judicial branches is a fundamental principle of modern constitutional democracies.
9thThe 9th division fought valiantly during the battle.
westernThe western division had the second highest sales for the quarter.
administrativeThe autonomous region is the highest level of administrative division in Spain.
cellMitosis and meiosis are the two main types of cell division
northernThe northern division includes the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab.
anteriorThe anterior division of the hippocampus has a critical role in episodic memory.
southernThe southern division of the company is responsible for sales in the southeastern United States.
easternThe Eastern division of the NBA is home to some of the league's most iconic teams.
ophthalmicThe doctor examined his patient's eyes with an ophthalmic division device.
10thThe 10th division was the first to arrive at the battleground.
fifthThe fifth division of the army was sent to the front lines.
strictThe strict division of the kingdom into two halves led to centuries of warfare.
8thThe 8th division was stationed in Germany.
geographicalThe geographical division of the world into continents is based on cultural and political factors rather than physical ones.
unequalThe unequal division of resources led to widespread poverty.
posteriorThe posterior division of the spinal cord is narrower and projects outward to form the dorsal horns.
sympatheticThe sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system prepares the body for physical activity.
29thThe 29th division was assigned to defend the city.
24thThe 24th division was preparing to engage the enemy.
25thThe 25th division was responsible for defending the eastern flank.
fundamentalThis change in strategy is a fundamental division from the original plans.
arbitraryThe arbitrary division of the world into haves and have-nots is a major source of conflict.
timeThe project used time division multiplexing to send data from the sensors.
grandThe Rocky Mountains are part of the grand division of North America known as the Western Cordillera.
fairThe fair division of resources is a complex and challenging problem.
armoredThe armored division was ordered to advance.
equitableThe court ruled that the equitable division of the marital assets would be 50/50.
2ndThe team was relegated to the 2nd division after a poor season.
functionalThe functional division of the company ensures that each department specializes in a specific set of tasks.
armouredThe German armoured division obediently carried out the Fuhrer's orders.
fourfoldThe fourfold division of the world was a medieval concept based on the existence of four major powers.

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