Adjectives for Divisions

Adjectives For Divisions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing divisions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe divisions can subtly shift the nuance of a discussion, painting a more vivid and accurate picture of the topic at hand. Whether discussing the main divisions that structure an organization, the sub divisions that detail its complex inner workings, or the political divisions shaping society, each adjective adds a layer of depth. Words like major and several quantify these splits, while internal divisions hint at more personal, concealed conflicts. Such distinctions are not just academic—they influence how we perceive and engage with the world around us. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with divisions below to see how nuanced descriptions can become.
mainThe main divisions of earth's crust are continental and oceanic
subThe company is divided into various sub divisions according to their respective functions.
politicalPolitical divisions have intensified in recent years.
majorThe reinforced concrete structure was constructed in two major divisions the superstructure and the infrastructure.
severalThe company is structured into several divisions
internalThe project was delayed due to internal divisions within the team.
socialSocial divisions can lead to conflict and misunderstanding.
variousThe company decided to restructure and move forward with their various divisions
germanThe German divisions advanced steadily across the plain.
administrativeThe Chinese administrative divisions are generally divided into provincial, prefecture-level, and county-level levels.
ethnicEthnic divisions like those found in Nepal, can be a source of conflict.
deepThe deep divisions within the party made it impossible to reach a consensus.
naturalThe natural divisions of the continent are the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Coast.
territorialThe new law has created several new territorial divisions in the country.
grandGeologists use grand divisions of rock composition to categorize rock types.
principalThe main principal divisions are: manning, gunnery, navigation, engineering, and supply.
separateThe company has separate divisions for each of its products.
geographicalThe geographical divisions of the country are based on natural features such as rivers, mountains, and forests.
britishBritish divisions had to be constantly reinforced with fresh drafts from the United Kingdom.
racialThe country is still struggling with deep racial divisions
armoredThe armored divisions broke through the enemy lines.
religiousThe country is experiencing religious divisions after the recent election.
primaryThe primary divisions of the UK are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
regionalThe country's regional divisions are based on cultural, linguistic, and geographic factors.
armouredThe armoured divisions were advancing at a rapid pace.
equalThe inheritance was split into equal divisions between the three siblings.
broadThe company's products fall into two broad divisions hardware and software.
frenchThere were numerous French divisions in the region.
sharpThe sharp divisions within the company are hindering its ability to effectively complete projects.
traditionalThe school's traditional divisions include the senior, middle, and junior grades.
smallerThe company was split into smaller divisions to improve efficiency.
successiveThe game continued for several hours with successive divisions of the prize money.
mitoticMitosis results in two identical cells after mitotic divisions
minorThe school had many minor divisions such as clubs and sports teams
civilThe United States is divided into 50 civil divisions which are known as states.
functionalThe brain has four functional divisions
tribalThe tribal divisions in the region have made it difficult to establish a stable government.
distinctThe cells contained within this entity were of two distinct divisions
ideologicalIdeological divisions have been exacerbated by the rise of social media.
nuclearMeiosis is a type of cell division that involves two nuclear divisions to produce four haploid cells.
sovietThousands of Soviet divisions advanced through Poland.
geographicThe world is made up of many geographic divisions such as continents and countries.
chiefThe chief divisions of the company are development, marketing, and sales.
numerousThe document contains numerous divisions and subdivisions, each of which is devoted to a specific topic.
respectiveEach participant team will play two matches in their respective divisions each day.
meioticThe process of meiosis involves two meiotic divisions
posteriorThe posterior divisions project to the motor cortex.
arbitraryThe arbitrary divisions between countries are often a source of conflict.
electoralElectoral divisions are the areas into which a country or region is divided for the purpose of electing representatives.
airborneParatroopers from the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions conducted a joint training exercise last week.
italianThe Italian divisions advanced slowly through the rugged terrain.
verticalThe vertical divisions of the cell were clearly visible under the microscope.
freshThe political discourse has exposed fresh divisions in the national psyche.
horizontalThe bookshelf had three horizontal divisions for different types of books.
sectarianResolving sectarian divisions in the community will require cooperative efforts.
panzerThe panzer divisions were instrumental in the German victories during the blitzkrieg.
5thThe 5th divisions completed the maneuvers.
anteriorThe anterior divisions of the optic tract contain mostly decussating fibers.
spatialThe team determined there were sufficient spatial divisions to warrant separate counts.
russianThey repelled the enemy and drove the Russian divisions right back to their trenches.
structuralThe company is divided into three structural divisions

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