Adjectives for Divorce

Adjectives For Divorce

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing divorce, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating through the impact of adjectives when paired with the noun 'divorce' reveals profound nuances. A 'parental divorce' focuses on the family dynamic, emphasizing the effects on children. An 'absolute divorce' signifies a complete end to the marital relationship, with no legal obligations remaining. A 'fault divorce' introduces the concept of wrongdoing by one party, affecting settlements and custody. 'Post divorce' reflects on the aftermath and ongoing adjustments. 'Legal divorce' underscores the formal, juridical process involved. Lastly, an 'easy divorce' suggests a streamlined, less contentious dissolution. Each adjective shades the experience and implications of divorce differently, highlighting the complexity of this life event. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives and their connotations below.
parentalThe parental divorce had a profound impact on the children's lives.
absoluteThe couple was granted an absolute divorce after two years of separation.
faultThe couple went through a fault divorce due to irreconcilable differences.
postThe couple agreed to share joint custody of their children post divorce
legalThe legal divorce was finalized last week.
easyAn easy divorce is the quickest way to end a marriage.
completeThe complete divorce of their marriage was final.
secondShe filed for her second divorce last year.
civilThe couple went through a civil divorce amicably dividing their assets.
recentThe recent divorce has taken a toll on her emotionally.
impendingSarah informed her lawyer of her impending divorce from John.
limitedThe court granted her a limited divorce allowing her to live apart from her husband but not to remarry.
bitterIn the aftermath of their bitter divorce she found solace in her new life.
messyThe messy divorce had taken a toll on both parties.
emotionalThe emotional divorce had left a profound void in her life.
subsequentHe disappeared after their subsequent divorce leaving no trace.
formalThe couple agreed to proceed with a formal divorce
painfulThe painful divorce left her feeling shattered and lost.
uncontestedThe couple was granted an uncontested divorce meaning they agreed on all terms.
unilateralThe unilateral divorce was granted by the court due to the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.
mexicanThe Mexican divorce known colloquially as a quickie divorce, allows couples to bypass a lengthy and potentially contested process.
judicialThe couple decided on a judicial divorce
amicableSally and John decided to get an amicable divorce after 10 years of marriage.
finalThe final divorce papers were signed last week.
nastyThe couple went through a nasty divorce that left them both bitter.
quick"I need a quick divorce," she said.
difficultThe difficult divorce left her feeling alone and isolated.
freeAfter a brief marriage, the couple decided to get a free divorce
royalThe royal divorce was a public spectacle that captivated the nation.
possibleThe couple considered a possible divorce
thirdHe was going through his third divorce and was feeling very down.
legislativeThe legislative divorce was acrimonious and protracted.
actualThe actual divorce was granted last week.
tripleShe initiated a triple divorce under Muslim Personal Law.
frequentFrequent divorce can lead to decreased financial stability, increased psychological distress, and difficulty forming meaningful relationships.
irrevocableThe court granted them an irrevocable divorce
contestedThe contested divorce proceedings lasted for over a year.
acrimoniousThe acrimonious divorce took its toll on the entire family.
validSarah filed for a valid divorce after 10 years of marriage.
uglyHer ugly divorce proceedings dragged on for an agonizing year.
migratoryMigratory divorce is a legal concept that allows a couple to obtain a divorce in a different state than the one in which they were married.
maritalThe couple decided to end their 10-year marital divorce
parliamentaryThe parliamentary divorce process lasted for over two years.
friendlyThey went through a friendly divorce amicably splitting their assets and remaining close friends.
partialThey decided to end their marriage with a partial divorce allowing them to remain legally married but live separate lives.
quickieI need a quickie divorce
quietIt was a quiet divorce they separated without much fuss.
revocableA revocable divorce also known as a conditional divorce, is a legal separation that can be reversed within a certain period of time.
arbitraryThe arbitrary divorce settlement left her with nothing but shattered dreams.
scandalousThe scandalous divorce rocked the community to its core.
unnaturalThe unnatural divorce left her feeling lost and alone.
conditionalThe couple filed for a conditional divorce after irreconcilable differences.
psychicI had a psychic divorce and now I'm single.
inevitableThe inevitable divorce loomed over their heads like a storm cloud.
customaryAccording to the customary divorce the wife is entitled to receive half of the marital assets.
creativeThe couple opted for a creative divorce amicably dividing their shared life and property without legal battles.
mutualThey opted for a mutual divorce amicably ending their six-year marriage.
basedAnna based divorce by the ground of boredom.
radicalThe couple opted for a radical divorce seeking a clean break from their relationship with no contact or financial ties.

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