Adjectives for Docs

Adjectives For Docs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing docs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'docs' can profoundly change the context and perception of the sentence. For instance, 'post' docs may refer to documentation created after a specific event, highlighting its timely nature. 'Other' suggests an alternative or complementary set of documents, inviting curiosity about its contents. 'Latter' can hint at a preference or conclusion derived from a comparison, whereas 'Google' docs emphasizes a particular platform's features and collaboration tools. Describing docs as 'good' or 'online' speaks to their quality and accessibility, respectively. Each adjective unlocks a new dimension, tailoring the conversation to specific nuances. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'docs' for richer, more accurate descriptions.
postThe post docs are working on a new project.
otherIt is a feature, not a bug; it is consistent with other docs
latterThe latter docs may not be as reliable as the earlier ones.
googleYou can easily collaborate with others using Google docs
goodThe project has good docs
onlineI'm looking at the online docs for this software.
currentI am currently reading the current docs
youngThe young docs were eager to learn.
publicThe public docs are a great resource for learning about the platform.
selectSelect docs containing the word "important".
formerThe former docs were very helpful.
mostI had to go through most docs to find what I needed.
officialI need to check the official docs to know for sure.
localI'll let the local docs know that you're coming.
britishThe British docs are coming to town.
hotI am watching a hot docs program on TV.
rightYou can find the right docs here.
individualThe UX team will reach out to individual docs next week.
israeliIsraeli docs are among the most highly skilled in the world.
navalThe recent naval docs reveal the increasing tension between the two rival countries.
olderWe apologize for any references to last years documents, please refer to our older docs
vainThe vain docs were obsessed with their appearances.
topThe top docs are in town for the conference.
tomcatI found the answer in tomcat docs
relevantPlease make sure to review the relevant docs for this task.
variableThe variable docs are a great way to learn more about the variables in a program.
1965-1970These are the 1965-1970 docs.
legalI have a lot of legal docs to review before I can sign the contract.
nativeI'm not sure what you mean by 'native docs'.
aboveWe will update the above docs if there are any changes in formatting.
jointThe joint docs contain all the signatures of the parties involved.
fatHe lost a lot of weight when the fat docs finally removed the spare tire from his body.
lessWe'll have less docs if the application is cloud based.
commercialWe reviewed the commercial docs and found no problems.
coldThe retrieval of cold docs from the DB proves to be less efficient.
secPlease review the sec docs before signing.
femaleMany female docs are highly regarded by their patients.
presidentialThe presidential docs were released to the public yesterday.
relatedThe related docs can be found here.
likelyThe likely docs for this procedure are the approval letters and the licenses.
belgianThe Belgian docs are very good.
seeYou can see docs for the function by running `help()`.
looseI need to file these loose docs before I lose them.
netPlease send me all the net docs on this project.
selfThe self docs were very helpful.
alternativeThe band played alternative docs with a punk rock twist.
appendedHe asked that the appended docs be added to the file.
pythonI found the answer I needed in the Python docs
gamePlease forward the latest game docs to me.
precipitateThe precipitate docs will help you understand the chemistry behind the experiment.
foregoingI have reviewed the foregoing docs and I agree to the terms and conditions.
histThese hist docs are very important.
sundryThe medic reviewed the patient's sundry docs

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