Adjectives for Doctor

Adjectives For Doctor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing doctor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'doctor' can significantly alter the perception and emotion evoked in a sentence. A 'good doctor' implies proficiency and reliability, whereas a 'young doctor' may suggest freshness and possibly inexperience. 'Medical doctor' specifies the profession, distinguishing it from types of doctors in academia or other fields. An 'old doctor' conveys experience and wisdom but can also imply outdated methods. A 'local doctor' brings a sense of community and accessibility. Finally, calling someone a 'dear doctor' adds a layer of warmth and personal connection. Each adjective paints a different picture, highlighting the importance of careful selection to convey the right message. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the perfect description for 'doctor'.
goodThe good doctor treated the patient with care and compassion.
youngThe young doctor prescribed her the correct medication.
medicalThe medical doctor carefully examined the patient's symptoms.
oldThe old doctor treated the patient with great care.
localThe local doctor saw many patients today.
dearDear doctor I am writing to you today to express my concern about my recent health problems.
learnedThe learned doctor diagnosed the patient with a rare disease.
germanThe German doctor performed a groundbreaking surgery.
americanThe American doctor was very kind and attended to my needs carefully.
englishThe english doctor was very kind and helpful.
famousThe famous doctor gave a speech at the conference.
frenchThe book was recommended by a French doctor
honoraryThe university awarded her an honorary doctorate for her groundbreaking work in medicine.
bestDr. Smith is the best doctor I've ever had.
privateThe president consulted his private doctor about his health issues.
nativeThe native doctor performed a traditional healing ceremony.
poorThe poor doctor had to work long hours.
indianThe Indian doctors were praised for their work.
regularI go to the regular doctor for my annual checkup.
femaleThe female doctor examined the patient with care.
chineseThe chinese doctor prescribed me some herbs to help with my cold.
nearestThe nearest doctor is located just down the street.
primaryI need to see my primary doctor about my health condition.
worthyI would like to express my sincere gratitude to my worthy doctor for his excellent care and compassion.
maleThe male doctor examined the patient thoroughly.
qualifiedI went to see a qualified doctor about my illness.
yourI scheduled an appointment with your doctor
successfulThe successful doctor performed a life-saving surgery.
chiefI am going to see the chief doctor for my checkup next Tuesday.
italianThe italian doctor was very kind to me.
unpublishedThe young unpublished doctor was eager to make a name for himself.
seniorThe senior doctor examined the patient carefully
excellentThe excellent doctor saved the patient's life.
madA mad doctor with an evil grin was looming over the patient.
trainedThe patient was seen by a trained doctor
juniorThe junior doctor was working long hours in the hospital.
wiseThe wise doctor diagnosed the patient's illness with great accuracy.
eminentThe eminent doctor was known for his groundbreaking research and compassionate care.
reverendThe reverend doctor gave a rousing speech to the congregation.
competentThe competent doctor performed the surgery without complications.
russianMy Russian doctor prescribed me antibiotics.
busyThe busy doctor rushed from patient to patient, barely catching a break all day.
prominentThe prominent doctor was widely respected for her expertise in the field of oncology.
celebratedMany people came to the party to celebrate the celebrated doctor
consultRemember to consult doctor frequently especially you have a risk of chronic diseases.
experiencedMy experienced doctor advised me to get plenty of rest.
missionaryThe missionary doctor provided medical care to the underserved populations in remote areas.
knownThe known doctor was able to diagnose the patient quickly.
japaneseThe japanese doctor examined the patient carefully.
wonderfulHe really is a wonderful doctor for he cares for all his patients.
greekThe greek doctor was very skilled.
elderlyAn elderly doctor with a stethoscope around his neck gave the boy a physical.
handsomeThe handsome doctor examined the patient with a gentle, steady hand.
dutchThe dutch doctor was very kind and helpful.
retiredThe retired doctor enjoyed his days playing bridge with his friends.
africanThe African doctor was highly skilled and compassionate.
niceThe nice doctor saw my child yesterday.
cleverThe clever doctor cured the patient with his innovative treatment.
timeMy time doctor helped me optimize my schedule.
distinguishedThe distinguished doctor was renowned for his expertise in cardiology.
barefootThe barefoot doctor treated the villagers with herbal remedies.

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