Adjectives for Doctors

Adjectives For Doctors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing doctors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe doctors can significantly alter the perception of their expertise, experience, and approachability. For instance, a 'young' doctor may be seen as more relatable and possibly more in tune with the latest medical practices, while a 'medical' doctor emphasizes the scientific aspect of their profession. Using adjectives like 'many' or 'few' highlights the availability or scarcity, affecting how we perceive healthcare accessibility. Meanwhile, the term 'most doctors' suggests a majority consensus or a high level of agreement within the medical community. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, painting a more nuanced picture of the healthcare professionals who play a significant role in our lives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly used with 'doctors' below.
manyMany doctors need to work overtime to treat the patients.
otherOther doctors recommended doing some more tests.
medicalExperienced medical doctors are available 24/7 to assist you with any medical needs.
mostMost doctors recommend a healthy diet.
youngThe young doctors worked tirelessly to save the patient's life.
fewFew doctors are as dedicated as Dr. Smith.
severalSeveral doctors attended the conference.
moreThere are more doctors in the city than in the country.
americanAmerican doctors are known for their expertise and experience.
localThe local doctors are highly skilled and experienced.
bestThe best doctors work at this hospital.
learnedThe learned doctors offered their advice on the matter.
maleMale doctors have been the primary providers of healthcare for centuries.
privateThe only private doctors in the area were booked for months.
nativeThe group of tourists visited the native doctors for a traditional healing ceremony.
britishBritish doctors are highly respected for their expertise and dedication.
juniorJunior doctors provide essential care to patients in hospitals.
germanGerman doctors are renowned for their expertise in various medical fields.
chineseThe Chinese doctors are highly skilled in acupuncture.
trainedThe patients were treated by trained doctors
femaleThe female doctors were celebrated for their groundbreaking work in the medical field.
individualIndividual doctors may have different opinions on the best course of treatment.
frenchThe french doctors are some of the best in the world.
indianThe team of Indian doctors treated over 100 patients in the last week.
foreignThe foreign doctors were highly skilled and experienced.
barefootThe barefoot doctors provided basic healthcare services to rural communities.
traditionalTraditional doctors are often sought out for their knowledge of herbal remedies.
europeanThe European doctors are highly skilled and experienced.
westernI went to see the western doctors in the clinic.
ancientAncient doctors often prescribed bloodletting as a cure-all.
famousThe renowned hospital boasted a team of famous doctors who attracted patients from far and wide.
enoughThere are enough doctors in the hospital to treat all the patients.
seniorI have talked to the senior doctors
japaneseJapanese doctors are known for their expertise and dedication.
regularRegular doctors were unable to give a proper prognosis.
youngerThe younger doctors were eager to learn new techniques.
christianChristian doctors are committed to providing excellent medical care to all patients.
holyThe holy doctors performed a miracle and saved my life.
russianRussian doctors are doing their best to help people.
olderThe older doctors are more experienced.
africanAfrican doctors are providing medical care to people in need.
sovietSoviet doctors had access to excellent training and resources.
witchThe witch doctors performed a healing ritual.
greekThe Greek doctors were renowned for their medical knowledge and skill.
timeThe time doctors always show up when you don't have time for them.
competentWe are fortunate to have a team of competent doctors at our clinic.
scholasticThe university employed many scholastic doctors to teach the students.
prominentThe mayor conversed with prominent doctors to discuss the hospital's need.
conventionalConventional doctors often rely on medications and surgeries to treat illnesses.
civilianThe military worked with civilian doctors to provide medical care to the wounded.
speakingThe speaking doctors at the expo gave us an overview of the latest advancements in medical technology.
cubanCuban doctors are renowned for providing affordable medical care to those in need.
allopathicI prefer seeing allopathic doctors to other types of healers.
qualifiedThe hospital has a team of qualified doctors to ensure the best possible care for patients.
italianThe Italian doctors held a conference to discuss the latest medical breakthroughs.
experiencedThe experienced doctors provided excellent care to their patients.
familyFamily doctors often provide medical services to families.
egyptianEgyptian doctors have made significant advancements in the field of medicine
distinguishedThe conference was attended by distinguished doctors from all over the world.
calledThey called doctors when his condition worsened.
celebratedThe celebrated doctors performed the complex surgery with great success.
medievalMedieval doctors treated diseases by bloodletting
missionaryThe missionary doctors volunteered their time to help those in need.
skilledSkilled doctors at the hospital provided excellent medical care.

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