Adjectives for Document

Adjectives For Document

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing document, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a document can significantly impact the perception and understanding of its contents. A new document suggests recent creation or updates, conveying freshness or current relevance. An original document indicates it is the first of its kind, emphasizing its unique nature. Describing a document as important highlights its significance and the imperative to pay attention to its contents. A legal document denotes its binding nature and its role within the judicial system, whereas an official document positions it as formally recognized or authorized by an authority. A single document points to its exclusivity or the sole focus on a particular matter. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, shaping how the document is perceived and valued. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring life to documents below.
newI'm starting a new document
originalPlease send me the original document
legalI need to review the legal document before I sign it.
officialI need an official document to prove my identity.
singleThe single document was not found in the database.
historicalThe historical document was crucial to our understanding of the past.
entireI have read the entire document carefully and understand its contents.
finalThe final document should be submitted by Friday.
currentPlease print the current document
remarkableThe Declaration of Independence was a remarkable document that declared the thirteen American colonies' independence from Great Britain.
formalThe formal document was meticulously drafted and carefully reviewed by the legal team to ensure its accuracy and compliance with all relevant regulations.
interestingThe interesting document contained important information.
pageHe opened the page document that he found in the file cabinet.
unpublishedThe unpublished document contained sensitive information that could be harmful if released.
separatePlease provide the separate document
basicSign your name at the bottom of the basic document
valuableThe valuable document was securely locked away in the safe.
curiousThe curious document was found in the attic of an old house.
internalThe team presented their proposal in an internal document
mainPlease attach any relevant documents to the main document
electronicThe electronic document was shared with the stakeholders.
preciousThe precious document was carefully stored in a fireproof safe.
secretThe secret document contained highly confidential information.
lengthyThe lengthy document contained all the necessary information.
historicI can't believe I'm holding this historic document in my hands.
constitutionalThe U.S. Constitution is the country's foundational constitutional document establishing the framework for its government and protecting individual rights.
activeI am working on the active document
keyA key document of the mission specification is the Interface Control Document, which provides a comprehensive overview of the integration of all elements.
ancientThe ancient document was found in a remote cave.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive document provides a detailed overview of the project.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary document contained crucial evidence that exonerated the suspect.
famousThe famous document was signed by the founding fathers.
blankPlease add a blank document to the folder.
earliestThe earliest document in human history is the Sumerian King List.
latterThe latter document cites a source that is not reliable.
contemporaryThis contemporary document provides an insightful look into the events of the time.
confidentialJohn made sure that the confidential document was delivered to the right person.
uniqueThe unique document was carefully preserved by the archivist.
foundingThe U.S. Declaration of Independence has been a founding document of American and Western liberal thought since it was first drafted in 1776.
relevantPlease attach the relevant document to your application.
writtenThe written document was signed and notarized.
printedI left the printed document on the desk.
oldestThe oldest document is a cuneiform tablet from Mesopotamia.
detailedPlease forward the detailed document to the finance team for review.
validPlease send a valid document for verification.
consultativeThe consultative document was a comprehensive analysis of the current situation.
technicalThe technical document was clearly written and easy to understand.
briefThe brief document contains necessary information.
abovePlease read the above document carefully before signing it.
negotiableHe presented a negotiable document to the bank that had already been paid.
wordThis word document is great.
genuineThe genuine document was signed by the notary public.
bindingThe binding document was signed by both parties.
undatedThe undated document was found in the attic.

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