Adjectives for Documents

Adjectives For Documents

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing documents, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe documents can significantly impact the perception of their significance and authority. From official reports that carry weight in decision-making, to legal texts essential for judicial processes, and historical records that offer insights into the past, each adjective unfolds a unique narrative. Original documents hold the authenticity often sought by researchers, while important documents are pivotal in various contexts, impacting outcomes and understanding. The nuances these adjectives convey can enhance the descriptive quality of your writing, offering clarity and precision about the nature of the documents discussed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany the noun 'documents' and uncover the depth they add to your discourse.
otherI need to gather the other documents in order to complete this application.
officialI need to submit my official documents to the university.
legalPlease sign all legal documents before the meeting.
originalResearchers must request access to view the original documents
historicalThe historical documents provide valuable insights into the past.
importantI have some important documents to deliver to the office today.
publicThe public documents were released yesterday.
relevantPlease provide me with all relevant documents
variousThe company has issued various documents to prepare employees for new policies and procedures.
xmlXML documents are now widely accepted by many different applications.
contemporaryThe contemporary documents reveal the true nature of the事件.
secretThe secret documents were hidden in a safe deposit box.
necessaryPlease bring the necessary documents to your appointment.
followingWhen you apply for a passport you need the following documents passport application, original birth certificate, and two color photos.
ancientThe ancient documents revealed a wealth of information about the lost civilization.
relatedYou can find related documents for court cases on the official website.
britishThe British documents were classified as top secret.
primaryHistorians rely on primary documents to understand the past.
authenticThe bank requires authentic documents for the loan application.
valuableShe hid the valuable documents under her mattress.
numerousThe investigation uncovered numerous documents that implicated the suspect.
unpublishedShe had access to unpublished documents that other reporters didn't.
presidentialI am reading the presidential documents in the library.
keyThe key documents were kept in a locked safe.
internalI've reviewed the internal documents and found no evidence of wrongdoing.
formalThe lawyer carefully reviewed the formal documents
electronicThese electronic documents were digitally signed with a certificate.
germanHe submitted the German documents to the authorities.
availablePlease submit the available documents to the admissions office.
htmlThese HTML documents are very interesting to read.
diplomaticThe diplomatic documents were carefully reviewed by the foreign ministry.
archivalThe archival documents provide valuable insights into the history of the organization.
falseThe police discovered false documents in the suspect's possession.
printedSeveral printed documents were scattered upon her desk.
technicalThe technical documents were heavily redacted, making it difficult to understand the full scope of the project.
interestingI found some interesting documents in the attic.
confidentialPlease keep these confidential documents secure.
earliestThe earliest documents from the church show signs of controversy.
constitutionalThe framers of the United States Constitution were influenced by a wide range of constitutional documents
separateThese separate documents can be used to support different aspects of the same project.
pertinentPlease get me the pertinent documents for the meeting.
historicWe examined many historic documents in the library.
earlierThe earlier documents show a different side to the story.
classifiedThe classified documents were discovered in the basement of the old house.
writtenThe lawyer reviewed the written documents carefully.
multipleI need to organize these multiple documents into a single folder.
selectThe lawyer requested to select documents related to the case.
preciousThe historian handled the precious documents with the utmost care.
literaryThe literary documents were carefully examined by the scholars.
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous documents were arranged in alphabetical order.
spanishI need to translate these spanish documents
administrativeShe submitted all the necessary administrative documents to the office.
papalThe papal documents contain the teachings of the Catholic Church.
extantExtant documents provide valuable insights into the historical context.
requiredPlease ensure you have the required documents
colonialResearchers examined the colonial documents for information about how the area was originally settled.

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