Adjectives for Doll

Adjectives For Doll

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing doll, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discover the magical world of nuances when pairing the noun 'doll' with a diverse range of adjectives, each bringing a unique shade of meaning and emotion to your sentence. A 'little doll' evokes a sense of delicate charm, while a 'new doll' suggests the excitement of a fresh addition to a collection. The texture and tradition come alive with a 'wooden doll,' and size comes into play with terms like 'big' or 'large doll,' altering the perception of presence and significance. Moreover, a 'beautiful doll' transcends the ordinary, inviting admiration and appreciation. Each adjective not only describes but also deepens the story of the 'doll,' inviting readers into a world of richer narratives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'doll' and unlock new creative possibilities.
littleThe little doll sat on the shelf, its eyes staring blankly into the distance.
newThe little girl was so excited to get a new doll for her birthday.
woodenThe little girl played with her wooden doll for hours.
beautifulThe beautiful doll sat on the shelf, its delicate features painted with exquisite care.
largeHer bedroom had many large dolls dressed in fancy clothes.
oldShe cherishes the old doll her grandmother gave her.
smallThe small doll had rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes.
brokenThe broken doll lay forgotten in the corner.
porcelainThe delicate porcelain doll was a precious heirloom passed down through generations.
favoriteMy favorite doll is a porcelain one with blue eyes and a pink dress.
mechanicalThe mechanical doll danced gracefully, its movements like that of a clockwork toy.
prettyThe little girl played with her pretty doll all day long.
tinyHer 5-year-old sister giggled as she pushed the tiny doll around the wooden dollhouse.
realThe little girl's favourite real doll was a big cuddly bear.
russianThe intricate design of the Russian doll captured her imagination.
plasticThe little girl carefully brushed the hair of her plastic doll
frenchThe little girl loved her new french doll with the beautiful dress.
japaneseThe japanese doll was carefully crafted with intricate details.
poorThe poor doll had lost one of its eyes.
stuffedThe little stuffed doll was wearing a pink dress and had blonde hair.
hairedI gave my daughter a long-haired doll for her birthday.
lovelyThe little girl loved her lovely doll very much.
selfThe self doll is a doll that looks like the owner.
sizedThe three-year-old was gently rocking her baby-sized doll in her arms.
dutchMy grandmother cherished the old Dutch doll that her mother had given her.
femaleThe elegant mother gave the female doll to the lovely daughter.
sizeI saw a big size doll in the toy store.
inflatableThe inflatable doll was so realistic that it fooled everyone at the party.
brownThe little girl hugged her brown doll tightly.
jointedThe jointed doll was a delight for all children.
niceHere is a nice doll
limpShe dropped onto the couch like a limp doll
mereThe delicate hands of the mere doll danced across the strings of the lute.
liveShe said her dream is to be a live doll
hugeThere's a huge doll sitting in the corner of the room.
celluloidThe old celluloid doll was well-loved and had been passed down through generations.
wonderfulI found a wonderful doll at the antique shop.
favouriteMy favourite doll has beautiful blonde hair.
sweetThe sweet doll was cherished by the little girl.
belovedThe little girl cherished her beloved doll carrying it everywhere she went.
chineseThe little girl cherished her delicate Chinese doll
preciousShe handled her precious doll with the utmost care.
perfectThe perfect doll was the most popular item on her wish list.
pinkHer pink doll was her favorite toy.
facedThe faced doll stared back at me with its empty eyes.
coloredThe child played with her new colored doll
headedThe headed doll was creepy.
indianHer hairstyle was reminiscent of an Indian doll from the 1700s.
uglyThe ugly doll was a misfit, but it was loved by its owner.
fragileHandle the fragile doll with great care.
lifelessThe lifeless doll lay forgotten in the corner of the attic.
prettiestThe prettiest doll in the store was the one with the long, flowing hair.
batteredHe hugged the battered doll close to his face.
dressedThe little girl hugged her new dressed doll tightly.
expensiveThe expensive doll was a treasure to her.
clownThe clown doll sat on the shelf, its painted smile mocking me.
dearOh, dear doll your beauty is unmatched.
antiqueI found an antique doll in the attic.
inflatedThe inflated doll bounced around the room.
blondeThe little girl was playing with her new blonde doll
lookingThe looking doll was staring at me with its piercing blue eyes.
smallerThe smaller doll was given to the youngest child.
animatedThe girl clutched her animated doll tightly as she watched the fireworks.
waxenThe porcelain skin of the waxen doll glinted in the faint moonlight.
headThe head doll has a beautiful dress.
fairyI loved my fairy doll when I was a child.
biggestMy biggest doll has very beautiful curly hair
headlessThe headless doll was found in the woods.
miniatureThe miniature doll was exquisitely crafted, with intricate details that brought it to life.
dirtyThe little girl's dirty doll was missing an eye.
cuteThe cute doll had big blue eyes and a pink dress.

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