Adjectives for Dollars

Adjectives For Dollars

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dollars, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discover the powerful impact adjectives have when paired with the noun 'dollars.' Whether describing the 'few dollars' saved for a rainy day or the 'several dollars' needed for a memorable experience, the choice of adjective significantly shapes our perception of value and quantity. Discussing 'American dollars' brings a sense of national identity and economy, whereas 'constant dollars' delve into the realm of financial stability and inflation adjustment. Meanwhile, 'current dollars' emphasize the present value, highlighting the immediacy of financial discussions. Each adjective nuances the conversation, opening a door to deeper understanding and precise expression. Dive deeper into how adjectives color our financial discussions and uncover the full list of words that bring 'dollars' to life.
fewI had only a few dollars in my wallet.
severalI spent several dollars on groceries.
americanI spent 100 American dollars on a new pair of shoes.
currentThe gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 2.5% in current dollars in the third quarter of 2022.
moreI want more dollars
federalThe state government is expecting to receive millions in federal dollars to help with the recovery effort.
extraI was thrilled to hear that I would be receiving extra dollars at the end of the month.
canadianI paid for my groceries with Canadian dollars
spanishThe treasure chest was filled with gold coins and Spanish dollars
additionalThe company received additional dollars from their latest venture.
realThe company reported a net income of $10 million in real dollars
totalThe total dollars of the project are 1 million.
millionHe won a million dollars in the lottery.
mexicanI have a few Mexican dollars in my wallet.
oneI found one dollars on the ground.
fewerI had fewer dollars than I thought I would.
australianThe cost of the item was $100 in Australian dollars
actualThe actual dollars spent on the project were much higher than originally anticipated.
thousandI just won a thousand dollars in the lottery!
hardThe company accepted payment in hard dollars
chineseI have exchanged my Chinese dollars for American dollars.
halfI have a few half dollars in my pocket.
hundredHe won a hundred dollars in the lottery.
taxThe citizens paid their taxes by the due date resulting in the government getting their tax dollars
mereThe refurbished TV cost mere dollars
silverMy grandfather gave me a roll of silver dollars for my birthday.
nominalThe company increased its revenue by 5% in nominal dollars
goldI found a bag of gold dollars in the attic.
oddI need thirty-five odd dollars for the down payment.
billionHow many billion dollars of profit did the company make?
scarceScarce dollars were necessary for the poor family's basic needs.
standardThe average cost of a new car in the United States is around 40,000 standard dollars
fiveI only have five dollars in my wallet.
enoughI do not have enough dollars to buy a new car.
preciousThe precious dollars were tucked away in a hidden compartment.
petroSaudi Arabia, an oil-rich nation, relies heavily on petro dollars for its economy.
availableWe have $100 available dollars in our account.
rixThe company has invested 300 rix dollars in the new project.
nearestThe expense was $1,234.56, rounded to the nearest dollars
pretaxWe offer a 401(k) plan that allows you to save for retirement with pretax dollars
adjustedSince the cost of living has increased, the workers' salaries have been adjusted dollars to account for the difference.
cheaperThe cheaper dollars are going to cost you more in the long run.
grossThe company's gross dollars for the year were 100 million.
coolI've got some cool dollars to spend.
lousyI only made lousy dollars at my part-time job this summer.
malaysianI withdrew some Malaysian dollars from the ATM.
excessThe company's excess dollars were used to fund the acquisition.
liveI have 10 live dollars in my pocket.
centShe sold the car for four hundred cent dollars

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