Adjectives for Dolls

Adjectives For Dolls

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dolls, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe dolls can profoundly impact the imagery and emotions invoked in your readers. Whether it's the nostalgic feel of wooden dolls, the miniature charm of small or little figures, the cultural significance of Russian dolls, or the elegant diversity highlighted by black dolls, every adjective adds a layer of meaning. Descriptions go beyond mere physical attributes, embedding stories and memories into these cherished toys. Embracing the full spectrum of adjectives brings dolls to life in the mind's eye, inviting a deeper connection and understanding. Dive into the rich world of adjectives associated with dolls, and discover how each can paint a vivid picture.
littleShe collected little dolls and displayed them in her room.
woodenThe wooden dolls stood in a row, their painted faces staring blankly ahead.
russianHer collection of Russian dolls delighted all who visited her home.
smallShe has a collection of small dolls from around the world.
correctThe correct dolls are in the box.
blackThe little girl loved playing with her black dolls
whiteThe white dolls were sitting on the shelf.
oldThe old dolls were sitting on the shelf, their faces frozen in time.
anatomicalThe anatomical dolls were used to teach students about the human body.
porcelainThe fragile porcelain dolls sat untouched in their display case.
tinyThe tiny dolls danced gracefully on the palm of her hand.
mechanicalThe mechanical dolls danced gracefully on the stage.
japaneseThe intricate details of the Japanese dolls made them a beautiful sight.
antiqueThe antique dolls were lined up on the shelf, their porcelain faces painted with delicate features.
detailedSasha carefully arranged the detailed dolls in a row.
brokenThe broken dolls lay scattered on the floor.
plasticMy daughter was playing with her plastic dolls
frenchThe exquisite French dolls adorned the shelves of the antique shop.
stuffedI love to collect stuffed dolls
jointedShe collected jointed dolls of all sizes.
mereWe were mere dolls in the game of their power.
dutchThe little girl cherished her collection of Dutch dolls
femaleThe female dolls have beautiful dresses.
miniatureShe had a shelf in her room filled with miniature dolls
sizeThe child picked up a box of size dolls
indianThe children played with their indian dolls
sizedMy daughter has a collection of different sized dolls
handmadeThe handmade dolls were a thoughtful gift.
favoriteHer favorite dolls are Barbie and Skipper.
chineseI have a collection of chinese dolls
lovelyThe little girl played with her lovely dolls all day.
expensiveMy daughter's collection of expensive dolls is worth more than my car.
maleThe male dolls were dressed in superhero costumes.
inflatableThe warehouse was filled with inflatable dolls
celluloidThe little girl loved her celluloid dolls
traditionalThe traditional dolls were made of porcelain and were dressed in elaborate costumes, often depicting scenes from historical events or literary works.
madeMy grandma made dolls for all of her grandchildren.
animatedThe playroom was filled with a variety of animated dolls
smallerThe smaller dolls were placed in a box.
dressedThe little girls dressed dolls in the nursery.
liveThe live dolls danced and sang for the audience.
coloredMy daughter played with the colored dolls all day.
eyedThe old abandoned house was filled with eyed dolls that seemed to watch her every move.
victorianMy grandmother collects Victorian dolls and keeps them in her china cabinet.
facedThe little girl stared at the faced dolls that were piled up on the shelf.
brownThe little girl played with her brown dolls all day.
cornhuskMy grandmother made handmade cornhusk dolls for us when we were children.
costumedI collected many costumed dolls in my childhood.
exquisiteThe exquisite dolls were handmade with intricate details.
hairedThe little girl had a collection of beautiful long-haired dolls.
identicalThe room was filled with rows upon rows of identical dolls staring blankly at the visitors.
cheapThe old lady sold cheap dolls at the flea market.
hugeThe store had a wide variety of huge dolls
inchMy inch dolls danced gracefully on the tiny stage.
headedThe children played with headed dolls and felt happy.
collectibleMy grandmother has an impressive collection of collectible dolls
wonderfulThe children were ecstatic to receive the wonderful dolls as presents.
homemadeHer collection of homemade dolls took up an entire shelf in her room.
lifelikeShe collects expensive, lifelike dolls and dresses them in elaborate costumes.
nestedThe intricate designs of the nested dolls caught her eye.
hopiThe Hopi dolls were made of wood and clay.
centuryIn the dusty attic, the century dolls watched silently as the world passed them by.

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