Adjectives for Domain

Adjectives For Domain

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing domain, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a domain can subtly alter its meaning, highlighting different aspects, intentions, or characteristics. A public domain suggests accessibility and communal ownership, while a private domain denotes exclusivity and personal control. An eminent domain brings to mind the power of government requisition, contrasting with the unilateral focus suggested by a single domain. The term binding domain implies a definitive connection or obligation, whereas a terminal domain might refer to an end point or limit. Each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding, enhancing the depth of discussion about domains. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover more nuances and enrich your vocabulary.
publicThe work was released into the public domain after the copyright expired.
eminentThe government used eminent domain to seize the land for the new highway.
bindingThe binding domain is found in the C-terminal region of the protein.
terminalThe terminal domain is a region of the protein molecule that is exposed to the solvent.
privateThe private domain is a part of the domain that is not accessible to the public.
singleThe DNA used to transform bacteria or yeast exists as a single domain
particularThe technique is suitable for a particular domain
wholeI think that the whole domain of education is predicated on the idea of the person as a perfect circle.
exclusiveThe exclusive domain of the local politicians made it difficult for outsiders to influence policy.
timeThe response of the system in the time domain is crucial for understanding its behavior.
vastThe king ruled over a vast domain that stretched far and wide.
cognitiveThe cognitive domain refers to the mental processes and abilities involved in learning and knowledge acquisition.
extracellularInhibitors of HER-2 function through the extracellular domain are currently in clinical use.
royalThe royal domain encompassed the entire country.
specificThe approach was able to attain average values of 91.47% for the specific domain 87.94% for the general domain, and 86.07% for the unseen domain.
entireThe company acquired the entire domain and all of its assets.
cytoplasmicThe cytoplasmic domain of the protein interacts with other proteins in the cell.
spatialThe spatial domain of the image was modified using a Gaussian filter.
affectiveThe affective domain encompasses emotional experiences, attitudes, and values.
nationalThe national domain of France is .fr.
computationalWe used a 3-D Cartesian coordinate system to define the computational domain
catalyticThe catalytic domain of the enzyme is responsible for its activity.
properThe website is not accessible because it is not within the proper domain
maleMechanical engineering is his male domain and he loves it.
wideThe wide domain of the castle stretched for miles in every direction.
likeHer hair looked like domain blue.
richThe company has a rich domain in developing software for the healthcare industry.
intracellularThe protein's intracellular domain is essential for its function.
limitedThe function has a limited domain because the denominator cannot be equal to zero.
semanticThe semantic domain of computer science is the study of the meaning of computer programs.
culturalThe concept of cultural domains has been widely used in anthropology to explain the organization of social and cultural life.
digitalThe company is a leader in the digital domain providing innovative solutions for businesses.
complexThe complex domain of the function is the set of all complex numbers except for the isolated points where the function is not analytic.
spiritualThe spiritual domain is a realm of consciousness that transcends the physical world.
domesticWashington D.C. is within the domestic domain of the United States.
functionalThe functional domain of this protein has been identified.
contentIn instructional design, a content domain is a knowledge domain from which instructional content is derived.
broadThe student's broad domain of knowledge impressed the professor.
temporalThe temporal domain of the signal is divided into epochs.
imperialThe imperial domain of the Han Dynasty extended to what today is the Gobi Desert.
regulatoryThe regulatory domain of the protein is responsible for its interaction with other molecules.
levelThe top-level domain for Italy is .it.
finiteThe definition of this particular concept introduces a finite domain of values that can be accepted within a given problem.
conservedIn order to characterize the structure of each enzyme, we aligned its sequence with the conserved domain across all members of the protein family.
interInter domain routing is used to connect networks that are not directly connected.
conceptualThe conceptual domain of the study is the analysis of the relationship between consumer perception and brand loyalty.
infiniteThe function has an infinite domain meaning it can take any input value.
hydrophobicThe hydrophobic domain of the protein is responsible for its interaction with the lipid membrane.
multiOur multi domain platform will allow you to manage all your sites from one place.
narrowThe system specializes in a narrow domain of image recognition.
fourierThe coefficients of the Fourier domain are complex numbers.
variableThe variable domain of the function is the set of all possible values of the independent variable.
subThe email address you provided is a sub domain of
dimensionalThe dimensional domain of any creature in the multiverse is the plane from which it originates.
abstractThe abstract domain of the program is represented by a set of abstract values.
frequencyThe signal's spectral components are best analyzed in the frequency domain
globularThe protein consists of a globular domain and a transmembrane domain.
relevantThe analysis showed that the function was not continuous on the relevant domain

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