Adjectives for Donations

Adjectives For Donations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing donations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the word 'donations' can significantly alter the context and evoke varying emotions. A 'private' donation hints at anonymity and discretion, whereas a 'charitable' donation underlines the altruism behind the act. Describing donations as 'large' or 'generous' emphasizes the magnitude and the selflessness of the giver, whereas 'voluntary' brings out the spontaneity and goodwill without any external pressure. Each adjective paints a unique picture of the act of giving, revealing the diverse motivations and effects of donations on both givers and receivers. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with donations to explore the rich narratives each word weaves.
privateThe organization relies on private donations to continue its work in the community.
charitableCharitable donations can make a significant difference in the lives of others.
largeThe wealthy couple received large donations from their friends and family.
generousThis organization has received generous donations for their relief program.
voluntaryThe organization relies on voluntary donations to fund its programs.
suchIt is very important to help this charity and make such donations
smallWe are grateful for all small donations no matter how small.
individualIndividual donations were down this year due to the economic recession.
liberalThe politician received numerous liberal donations ahead of the campaign.
publicThe company has requested public donations in order to continue operating.
corporateThe company's CEO encouraged corporate donations to the local food bank.
politicalPolitical donations are an important part of the electoral process.
substantialThe organization expressed its gratitude for the substantial donations it had received.
financialWe rely heavily on financial donations to provide support to those in need.
annualThe organization received millions of dollars in annual donations
monetaryWe ask for monetary donations to support the charity.
furtherWe will gladly accept further donations to help with the cause.
piousThe museum was built with pious donations from wealthy patrons.
foreignThe foreign donations were investigated by the authorities.
personalThe organization depends on personal donations to continue its work.
kindThe family was grateful for the kind donations from their neighbors.
munificentThe organization has consistently relied on the munificent donations of its supporters.
regularThe local homeless shelter depends on regular donations to keep the lights on.
numerousI am encouraging numerous donations to all those in need.
valuableThe charity gratefully accepted the valuable donations from the generous donors.
deductibleLola made deductible donations to the museum and local charities.
additionalWe will use the additional donations to help other people.
handsomeThe organization received several handsome donations
directYou can make direct donations to the organization to support their mission.
largerWe hope to receive larger donations from our patrons this year.
anonymousThe anonymous donations helped the organization reach its fundraising goal.
followingWe are grateful for the following donations to our organization.
occasionalThe charity supports itself through occasional donations
philanthropicThe organization relies on philanthropic donations to fund its charitable activities.
richThe university received rich donations from alumni.
smallerHe chipped in among other smaller donations
hugePeople made huge donations to the disaster relief fund.
lavishThe museum's lavish donations have helped to expand its collection.
frequentThe charity relies on frequent donations to continue its work.
subsequentThe subsequent donations were used to fund the construction of a new hospital.
royalThe royal donations were used to support various charitable causes.
organOrgan donations can save lives and improve the quality of life for those in need.
largestThe largest donations come from wealthy individuals.
illegalHe was accused of accepting illegal donations
officialWe are grateful for your official donations
sizableThe organization received sizable donations from various philanthropists.
outrightDonations to this charity are outright donations
princelyThe museum's new wing was made possible by princely donations
monthlyTo avoid delays in services, we would appreciate if you could make monthly donations
directedWe directed donations to various charities throughout the year.
magnificentThe museum received magnificent donations from patrons all over the world.
patrioticThe company made patriotic donations to support the war effort.
outsideThe campaign relies heavily on outside donations
enoughThe charity received enough donations to build a new hospital.
onlineWith the help of online donations the charity was able to raise a significant amount of money.
ampleThe charity was able to provide aid to those in need thanks to ample donations
splendidThe organization's splendid donations provided much-needed support to the underprivileged.
pecuniaryThe organization relies heavily on pecuniary donations to fund its charitable activities.
secretThe company's political campaign received several secret donations
massiveThe charity received massive donations for hurricane relief.
modestMany people made modest donations to help support the organization's charitable work.
gratuitousThe organization relied heavily on gratuitous donations from the community.
yearlyThe company pledged to increase their yearly donations by 10%.

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