Adjectives for Donor

Adjectives For Donor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing donor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a donor can significantly alter the perception of their contribution. A potential donor implies promise and future possibilities, while an anonymous donor highlights altruism and mystery. The same donor suggests consistency and loyalty, whereas a single donor may convey a sense of solitude or exclusivity. The largest and major donors stand out for their significant impact, pointing to a hierarchy and scale of contribution. Each adjective opens a unique narrative, inviting a deeper exploration into what motivates individuals to give. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with donors and the nuanced stories they tell below.
potentialThe potential donor agreed to give the charity $100.
anonymousAn anonymous donor has pledged a considerable sum for the restoration of the historic landmark.
sameThe new material is derived from the same donor's tissue.
singleThe single donor contributed half of the funds raised for the project.
largestThe largest donor to the charity was an anonymous individual.
majorThe major donor was recognized for their generous contribution.
suitableThe suitable donor was finally found after a long search.
prospectiveThe prospective donor was very interested in learning more about our organization.
generousThe generous donor provided ample funds for the new library.
unrelatedThe unrelated donor wishes to stay anonymous.
originalThe original donor was the author.
primaryThe patient's primary donor was a close relative.
universalA universal donor can donate blood to anyone, regardless of their blood type.
compatibleThe compatible donor was found for the patient.
healthyThe healthy donor provided bone marrow for the patient.
individualShe received thousands of dollars in campaign donations from individual donors
normalThe normal donor gave blood regularly for many years.
liveThe patient received a kidney from a live donor
shallowThe shallow donor states are easily ionized by thermal energy.
privateThe private donor generously contributed to the local community center.
relatedThe related donor has a genetic link to the recipient.
principalThe principal donor to the museum was an anonymous philanthropist.
bilateralThe top bilateral donor is the United States, responsible for about 40% of all aid flows.
cadavericThe study's results may inform the criteria used for selecting cadaveric donors.
deepThe deep donor of the organization has contributed generously to its success.
femaleThe female donor asked to remain anonymous.
foreignThe foreign donor provided funding for the project.
liberalThe liberal donor gave generously to the political campaign.
maleMr. Smith was a male donor for the blood drive.
positiveThe positive donor made a generous contribution to the charity.
neutralThe neutral donor does not have an opinion on the matter.
appropriateThe appropriate donor was identified and contacted by the researcher.
deadThe organs of the dead donor saved the lives of three people.
possibleThe possible donor has a different blood type.
biggestThe late industrialist was the biggest donor to the museum.
electronThe reaction required an electron donor to complete.
deceasedThe organs from the deceased donor saved the lives of three people.
wealthyThe wealthy donor has given millions to the university over the years.
seropositiveThe seropositive donor was excluded from the study due to the risk of HIV transmission.
infectedThe infected donor was the only possible source of the infection.
externalThe external donor provided financial support to the organization.
allogeneicThe allogeneic donor's lymphocytes were used to treat the patient's leukemia.
idealThe foundation is searching for ideal donors to contribute to a scholarship program for students in financial need.
negativeThe company's negative donor canceled the subscription.
munificentThe munificent donor's generous contribution helped fund the new community center.
histocompatibleWe found a histocompatible donor for the patient.
royalShe was a royal donor to charity.
chiefThe chief donor to the charity was a successful businessman.
immediateThe immediate donor was not identified.
corporateThe generous corporate donor contributed a large sum of money to the charity.
artificialThe artificial donor provided the financial means for the couple to have a child.
doubleThe double donor successfully helped the family regain their financial stability.
topHe is our organization's top donor
availableThe available donor has been contacted.
soleThere is only one sole donor of this grant, and they are very generous.
excitedThe excited donor was especially happy to support the project.
randomThe hospital was grateful for the random donor's generous contribution.
organicThe patient is in need of an organic donor
willingThe willing donor gave generously to the charity.
immuneThe immune donor had a rare blood type that was a perfect match for the recipient.
renalThe renal donor and the recipient were both healthy and had no complications.
physiologicalThe physiological donor is the person who provides the genetic material for the embryo.

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