Adjectives for Donors

Adjectives For Donors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing donors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'donors' can significantly alter the perception and emphasis of the message being conveyed. When describing 'donors', terms like 'other', 'potential', and 'international', shed light on their origins, intentions, or status. For example, 'major donors' highlights their importance in terms of contributions, while 'bilateral' and 'foreign donors' elaborate on their geopolitical affiliations and origins. Each adjective provides a nuanced layer of meaning, enriching the context in which donors are discussed. This careful selection of descriptors underscores the diversity and complexity of donor ecosystems. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover other insightful ways to describe 'donors' and enhance your communication.
otherThank you to all our donors and especially to our other donors
potentialThe organization reached out to potential donors to raise funds for its charitable programs.
internationalInternational donors pledged aid to help the victims of the disaster.
majorMany major donors attended the charity dinner.
bilateralThe World Bank has been working with various bilateral donors to increase access to health care in developing countries.
foreignForeign donors have pledged millions of dollars to support the project.
individualIndividual donors are making up a larger share of funding for political campaigns.
healthyThe researcher's team relied on healthy donors to provide cells for their experiments.
privatePrivate donors provided the majority of the funding for the new hospital wing.
unrelatedThe unrelated donors were happy to help the young boy who needed a kidney transplant.
prospectiveWe are grateful to our prospective donors for their generous support.
related"The Iranian Journal of the Iranian College of Emergency Medicine has been indexed in PubMed and is in the process of obtaining indexing in the Scopus and Web of Science databases with related donors including Elsevier and Springer."
westernWestern donors have provided financial assistance to the project.
variousThe organization received support from various donors
mostMost donors are motivated by a desire to make a difference.
multilateralThe World Bank is one of the largest multilateral donors in the world.
externalExternal donors are critical to the success of many humanitarian organizations.
generousGenerous donors provided financial support to the organization.
wealthyWealthy donors contributed millions of dollars to the charity.
shallowThe shallow donors in silicon are phosphorus and arsenic.
positiveThe generosity of positive donors helped fund the new hospital wing.
bigMany big donors offered to support her campaign.
organOrgan donors are selfless individuals who save lives.
suitableSuitable donors can be difficult to find, but they are essential for the success of any transplant program.
cadavericResearchers utilized cadaveric donors to study the effects of aging on brain tissue.
anonymousAnonymous donors have contributed millions to the research effort.
liveLive donors are individuals who voluntarily donate an organ or tissue to a recipient.
compatibleWe need to find compatible donors for the patient.
largestThe largest donors to the campaign were individuals and corporations.
possibleThe charity has contacted possible donors in the area.
femaleWe are deeply grateful to all of our female donors for their continued support.
multipleMultiple donors are supporting the new research initiative.
maleThe organization is grateful to its many male donors
universalPeople with blood type O- are universal donors
identicalThe identical donors were matched based on their genetic profiles.
seropositiveSeropositive donors are individuals who have tested positive for HIV antibodies in their blood.
voluntaryThe voluntary donors helped the hospital to purchase new medical equipment.
principalThe principal donors to the project were John and Mary Smith.
infectedThe infected donors were not aware that they had a transmittable disease.
negativeThe hospital was running dangerously low on negative donors
deadThe hospital relied heavily on dead donors for organ transplants.
olderOlder donors are more likely to give larger gifts.
officialSome official donors have announced the suspension of their aide.
regularThe charity organization was grateful for the support of its regular donors
randomThe organization relies on random donors to fund its operations.
renalI know I can't, but I have always imagined being one of those renal donors
seronegativeSeronegative donors are often preferred for transfusions in patients with a history of transfusion reactions.
nitricNitric donors can improve blood flow to the heart and other organs.
outsideOutside donors have contributed heavily to the campaign.
neutralNeutral donors are those who do not exhibit any bias towards either candidate.
topThe top donors were recognized for their support.
piousThe church was built by pious donors
ionizedIonized donors are atoms that have lost one or more electrons.
richRich donors often give large sums of money to support causes they believe in.
adultThe adult donors were happy to contribute to the charity.
immuneThe doctors collected blood samples from immune donors
thermalThermal donors are impurities that introduce shallow donor levels in silicon.
deceasedThe organs were donated by deceased donors
organicMany people have generously donated their organs to be used for organic donors
protonProtons are typically released in the form of H+ ions, which are proton donors
timeTime donors are people who volunteer their time to help others.
biggestThe biggest donors would be companies, private individuals, and trade unions.
mismatchedThe hospital had to discard the donated organs due to mismatched donors
availableThe local blood bank is in urgent need of available donors
younger Younger donors are likely to increase their giving over time.
allogeneicA recent study showed that the use of allogeneic donors for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation has increased significantly in the past decade.

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