Adjectives for Doom

Adjectives For Doom

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing doom, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'doom' often carries a heavy connotation, signifying an unfortunate or disastrous fate. However, the adjectives paired with it, such as impending, own, inevitable, final, certain, and awful, can deeply influence the sense of urgency, ownership, inevitability, conclusiveness, certainty, or the profound negativity of the situation described. These modifiers not only refine the context but can also change the narrative tone, from a warning of avoidable danger to a resigned acknowledgment of an unchangeable future. Discover how each adjective unfolds new layers of meaning with our full list below.
impendingThe impending doom hung heavy in the air, suffocating all hope.
ownHe dug his own doom by telling his boss he was slacking off.
inevitableThe relentless march of time brought with it an inevitable doom
finalThe final doom is upon us.
certainThe impending danger cast a shadow of certain doom over the town.
awfulThe awful doom awaits those who dare to challenge the mighty dragon.
dreadfulThe dreadful doom awaits those who dare to defy the gods.
commonUnited against the common doom they fought as one.
eternalThe shadow of the dragon's wings cast an eternal doom upon the land.
terribleWe must flee from this terrible doom
imminentThe ominous storm clouds signaled imminent doom
fearfulThe fearful doom cast a long shadow over the once-vibrant city.
generalThe general doom hung over the town like a dark cloud.
ultimateThe ultimate doom of the city is inevitable.
futureThe impending future doom loomed large, casting a long shadow over all.
irrevocableThe irrevocable doom hung over the city like a suffocating shroud.
darkThe dark doom hung over the once-vibrant city like a heavy shroud.
inexorableThe towering inferno crept ever closer, its inexorable doom casting an ominous shadow upon the helpless city.
fatalThe fatal doom descended upon us, leaving no chance for escape.
eventualThe path of destruction was set in motion, leading to the eventual doom of the once-great civilization.
horribleThe horrible doom befell the town as a result of the evil curse.
sureThe impending war spells sure doom for the entire nation.
righteousThe invaders were met with righteous doom
andTheir deafening trumpets echo through the desolate wasteland, heralding both triumph and doom
evilThe evil doom descended upon the land, casting an ominous shadow over all who dwelt within.
painfulThe knight faced his painful doom bravely, knowing he had fought until the end.
universalThe prophecy foretold universal doom leaving no survivors in its wake.
cruelHis cruel doom was sealed the moment he stepped out of line.
tragicThe tragic doom of the Titanic left a lasting impact on the world.
justJust doom was written on his face.
heavyThe heavy doom of the storm clouds cast a pall over the city.
sadThe sad doom was inevitable.
inescapableI stared at the insurmountable walls, trapped in a labyrinth of inescapable doom
slowThe slow doom crept over the town, casting an ominous shadow.
miserableTheir love was cursed with a miserable doom
utterThe news of the impending storm filled the air with utter doom
swiftHe suffered swift doom
likeThe sky darkened like doom casting an ominous glow over the land.
strangeHis strange doom haunted the desolate halls.
hardOur valiant band fought with steadfast hearts against the hard doom that awaited us.
hopelessHopeless doom cast an eerie shadow over the desolate landscape.
bitterThe bitter doom of war hung over the land.
everlastingThe curse of everlasting doom hung over the land, leaving a desolate void in its wake.
fieryThe fiery doom consumed the entire forest, leaving only a barren wasteland in its wake.
suddenA sudden doom fell upon the unsuspecting village.
mortalHe has sealed his mortal doom by his own hand.
apocalypticFear gripped the survivors as apocalyptic doom descended upon them.
mysteriousThe mysterious doom hung over the town like a dark cloud.
earthlyThe impending earthly doom hung heavily upon their minds.
tremendousThe threat of global warming hung over the planet like a tremendous doom
remorselessThe remorseless doom befell the town, leaving no survivors.
doubtfulThe doubtful doom hung over them like a storm cloud, threatening to break at any moment.
irreversibleThe irreversible doom of the cursed soul lingered in the air.
wretchedThe wretched doom befell upon the land, leaving behind nothing but desolation.
unavoidableThe impending storm loomed overhead, casting an eerie glow over the town, its approach an unavoidable doom
heavierThe heavier doom cast a long shadow over the land, shrouding it in despair and uncertainty.
relentlessThe relentless doom crept closer, enveloping everything in its path.
endlessThe approaching storm brought forth an endless doom consuming all in its path.
speedyThe villain escaped with inhuman speed, leaving victims in his speedy doom
melancholyThe melancholy doom that hung heavy in the air seemed to suffocate all hope.
propheticTheir words carried the ominous undercurrent of prophetic doom
inexplicableI felt an inexplicable doom as I walked through the dark alley.
worseThe invasion brought about even worse doom than anticipated.
instantHer appearance on the scene meant instant doom for my plans.
sovereignThe sovereign doom hung over the kingdom like a dark cloud.
disastrousThe disastrous doom that befell the city was a tragedy beyond compare.
deadlyThe deadly doom hung over the city like a thick fog.
frightfulThe ominous prophecy foretold a frightful doom for the entire realm.
untimelyThe untimely doom of the valiant knight cast a shadow of despair upon the realm.
unalterableThe characters walked towards their unalterable doom

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