Adjectives for Door

Adjectives For Door

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing door, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a door can vividly transform the imagery and emotional impact of a sentence. Whether it's the welcoming embrace of an open door that invites mystery and opportunity, or the solid finality of a closed door, each adjective unravels a new facet of the narrative. The heavy door suggests a tale of fortitude or foreboding, whereas the front door often plays the protagonist in many of life’s significant chapters. The choice of adjective not only paints the door in a different light but also sets the tone for the entire scene. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can bring your doors to life and open new portals of expression in your writing.
frontThe front door was open.
nextMy cat just visited the cat next door
closed"Closed door" means no one is allowed to enter or leave a room.
outerI quickly slammed the outer door shut.
heavyThe heavy door creaked open, revealing a dark and dusty room.
rearHe opened the rear door and stepped out of the car.
woodenThe old wooden door creaked open, revealing a dark and mysterious passageway.
mainI looked through the peephole of the main door
backThe back door was left slightly ajar, allowing a cool breeze to waft through the house.
innerPlease keep the inner door closed when not in use.
outsideI opened the outside door and stepped into the fresh air.
wideThe wide door stood open, inviting her inside.
stableThe stable door was left open, allowing the horses to escape.
revolvingThe revolving door at the hotel lobby spins smoothly, allowing in a steady stream of guests.
veryThere was a very door at the end of the corridor.
bigHe went through the big door
doubleThe guests entered through the double door into the grand foyer.
ovenThe oven door creaked slowly open, releasing a wave of warmth and the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread.
narrowThey slipped through the narrow door and into the dimly lit room.
secretThe old mansion had a secret door leading to a hidden library.
greenI opened the green door and stepped inside.
sideI sneaked out of the building through the side door
massiveThe massive door creaked open, revealing a grand hall.
southThe group of masked men entered the building through the south door
nearestTurn right at the nearest door
hugeThe huge door swung open, revealing a dimly lit hallway.
oppositeThe opposite door opened to reveal a dark hallway.
streetHe closed the street door and went inside.
thickThe thick door creaked open, revealing a dark and dusty room.
unlockedThe unlocked door creaked open, inviting me into the unknown.
archedA tall man entered through the arched door
wrongHe kept knocking on the wrong door hoping that someone would answer.
goldenThe golden door swung open to reveal a room bathed in ethereal light.
brokenThe broken door creaked open, revealing a dark and mysterious room.
hingedThe old house had a heavy wooden hinged door
handHe forgot to lock the hand door
hiddenI found a hidden door in the back of the closet.
stageThe actress was mobbed by fans at the stage door
outI love to spend time out door on sunny days.
paneledHe waited in front of the paneled door until his wife answered.
eastThe east door was open.
farHe walked towards the far door
foldingThe old house has a folding door between the living room and dining room.
glassI tried to open the glass door but it was locked.
carvedA intricately carved door adorned the entrance to the grand manor.
dutchThe quaint dutch door creaked as the postman slipped a letter through the opening.
automaticI walked through the automatic door and into the store.
gratedThe grated door creaked open, revealing a dark and musty interior.
interiorI need to buy a new interior door for my bedroom.
exteriorHe opened the exterior door and stepped outside.
panelledHe knocked on the imposing panelled door
studdedThe studded door creaked ominously as it opened.
theThe door opened with a creak.

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