Adjectives for Doors

Adjectives For Doors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing doors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe doors can significantly alter the perception and imagery of a sentence. An open door invites thoughts of welcome and opportunity, whereas a closed door suggests exclusion or secrecy. Double doors connote grandeur and openness, suitable for prestigious locations. Meanwhile, out doors lead to exits or transitions, pointing to changes or escapes. French doors evoke elegance and light, often opening to quaint gardens or luxurious balconies. Lastly, front doors represent not just the entry to a space but the face it presents to the world. Each choice unveils a nuanced narrative. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'doors' for enriched descriptive possibilities.
closedThe meeting took place behind closed doors
openHe left the open doors unattended, and the cat ran outside.
doubleThe double doors opened to reveal a grand hall.
frenchThe living room was flooded with sunlight streaming through the open french doors
frontThe real estate agent unlocked the front doors of the model home.
fewThere were few doors in the house.
woodenThe wooden doors creaked as they slowly opened.
heavyThe heavy doors groaned as they were pushed open.
largeThe large doors creaked open, revealing a grand hall.
foldingThe folding doors opened up to reveal a spacious living room.
backThe hackers gained access to the system through back doors
wide"They exited the wide doors and into the bustling marketplace."
bigThe big doors of the castle creaked open.
veryThe very doors were made of oak.
mainThe main doors of the bank were locked, but the side entrance was open.
massiveThe massive doors creaked open, revealing a grand hall beyond.
rearI stepped out of the car and checked the rear doors for any damage.
outerThe outer doors were locked, but we could hear voices inside.
hugeThe huge doors of the cathedral creaked open, inviting us inside.
outsidePlease open the outside doors now.
automaticThe passengers walked through the automatic doors
revolvingThe revolving doors spun smoothly as people entered and exited the office building.
innerWe opened the inner doors and stepped inside.
interiorThe contractor offered to install wooden interior doors
exteriorThe exterior doors must be locked at all times.
tallThe tall doors led to a secret garden.
carvedThe old church had intricately carved doors
solidThe old house had sturdy solid doors that creaked ominously when opened.
watertightThe ship was sinking, and the crew quickly closed the watertight doors
glassWe strolled through the transparent glass doors into the vibrant atrium.
stableThe stable doors creaked open as the farmer entered the barn.
narrowThe narrow doors of the old house creaked open as they entered.
hingedThe old house had heavy wooden hinged doors that creaked loudly when opened.
paneledThe paneled doors of the old house creaked open, revealing a dark and mysterious interior.
secretThe old house was full of secret doors that led to hidden rooms.
archedThe building had grand arched doors
greenThe old house had bright green doors
bronzeThe bronze doors of the ancient temple stood tall as majestic guardians.
shutThe shut doors prevented us from entering the building.
goldenGrandma unlocked the golden doors leading to a hidden room.
falseThe ancient Egyptians believed in the use of false doors for the spirits of the dead to use.
tightThe tight doors made it hard to enter.
hospitableThe innkeeper greeted us with hospitable doors
closingThe sound of closing doors echoed through the empty hallway.
overheadThe large overhead doors of the warehouse opened with a heavy thud.
flushThe hallway was lined with flush doors
bayThe towering bay doors slid open with a deafening roar.
sideThe delivery truck had large side doors
insideThey installed new inside doors last week.
louveredThe kitchen has louvered doors on the cabinets for ventilation.
unlockedThe unlocked doors swung open, inviting him inside.
brokenThe robbers kicked open the broken doors and ransacked the house.
ovenThe heat from the oven doors warmed the kitchen.
sealedThe sealed doors kept the secrets hidden away.

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