Adjectives for Dose

Adjectives For Dose

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dose, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'dose' can significantly alter the conveyed message. A 'high dose' suggests an amount at the upper limits, potentially implying risks or strong effects, whereas a 'low dose' suggests moderation, safety, or minimal impact. A 'single dose' highlights a one-time administration, pivotal in contexts like vaccinations or treatments. The term 'daily dose' emphasizes routine and regularity, crucial in long-term therapies. Meanwhile, 'total dose' offers a cumulative perspective, important in treatment overviews. 'Initial dose' sets the stage for a treatment journey, indicating the starting point. Each adjective paints a distinct picture of quantity, frequency, and implication. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'dose' to grasp the nuances each combination can bring.
highThe patient is taking a high dose of medication.
singleA single dose is all that is required for this treatment.
lowThe patient was prescribed a low dose of aspirin to prevent blood clots.
dailyDon't forget to take your daily dose of vitamin C.
totalThe total dose of radiation he received was 400 rads.
initialThe initial dose of the medication should be taken with food.
usualThe usual dose is one to two tablets three times a day.
oralThe patient was given an oral dose of 100 mg of the medication.
largeThe patient was given a large dose of the medication.
smallShe took small dose to overcome her pain.
effectiveThe effective dose of the medication was 100mg daily.
maximumThe maximum dose of the medication is twice daily.
secondI received my second dose of the vaccine yesterday.
higherThe doctor prescribed a higher dose of medication to treat the infection.
fullThe doctor prescribed a full dose of antibiotics to the patient for the infection.
lowerI am currently on a lower dose of prednisone.
nextRemember to take your next dose at 7:00 PM.
absorbedThe absorbed dose in air was 10 mGy.
therapeuticThe therapeutic dose of the medication is 10mg twice a day.
fatalThe fatal dose of the poison was enough to kill a horse.
doubleThe doctor prescribed a double dose of the medication.
lowestThe doctor prescribed the lowest dose of the medication.
largerThe doctor advised a larger dose of the medication.
intravenousThe patient received an intravenous dose of 1 gram of antibiotics.
standardThe standard dose is 10 mg twice a day.
cumulativeThe cumulative dose of radiation exposure was measured in millisieverts (mSv).
minimalThe minimal dose of radiation was used to treat the patient.
heavyThe news was delivered with a heavy dose of cynicism.
smallerThe doctor prescribed a smaller dose of medication.
healthyA healthy dose of skepticism is always advisable.
appropriateThe appropriate dose of the medication was prescribed by the doctor.
recommendedThe recommended dose is 60 mL (2 fl oz) every six months.
meanThe mean dose administered to each patient can vary greatly depending on many factors.
equivalentThe equivalent dose of radiation exposure was 20 millisieverts.
smallestThe smallest dose of the medicine is recommended for children.
moderateThe patient was given a moderate dose of the medication.
meteredThe inhaler delivers a metered dose of medication to the lungs.
safePlease take a safe dose of the medicine.
multipleThe patient should take the multiple dose of medication twice a day.
maximalThe maximal dose for this medication is 10mg per day.
adequateAn adequate dose of the medication was administered to the patient.
injectedThe injected dose of the vaccine was well-tolerated by the patients.
correctAlways take the correct dose of medication as prescribed by your doctor.
massiveThe patient received a massive dose of radiation.
extraThe patient needs an extra dose of medicine.
sufficientThe doctor prescribed a sufficient dose of the medication to alleviate the patient's pain.
fixedThe fixed dose of medication was determined by the doctor.
weeklyI get my weekly dose of inspiration from listening to podcasts.
medianThe median dose is the dose at which 50% of the population experiences the desired effect.
infectiveThe infective dose of the virus is very low.
excessiveThe excessive dose of the medication made him sleepy and disoriented.
pediatricThe pediatric dose of the vaccine is 0.5 mL.
rayThe ray dose is too high for the patient.
prophylacticThe doctor administered a prophylactic dose of antibiotics to prevent infection.
patientCheck the patient dose
infectiousThe infectious dose of the virus is unknown.
subcutaneousThe subcutaneous dose of insulin was administered in the morning.
occasionalThe occasional dose of criticism can be helpful for growth.
calculatedThe medication was given in a calculated dose

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