Adjectives for Dow

Adjectives For Dow

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dow, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'dow' can dramatically change the perception of your sentence. A 'rowdy dow' evokes a lively, possibly chaotic scene, while an 'online dow' immediately shifts the context to the digital sphere. Similarly, a 'win dow' suggests success or victory, bringing a positive tone, whereas a 'late dow' introduces a sense of delay or missed opportunity. The age aspect comes into play with 'old dow,' hinting at tradition or obsolescence. Each adjective molds the meaning of 'dow,' highlighting the importance of precise language to convey the intended message. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'dow' and the unique nuances they bring below.
rowdyThe crowd, a rowdy dow cheered for their team to win.
winThe raindrops gently tapped against the win dow
lateI was late down to the party.
diddleI have no idea what you are diddle dow
eccentricThe eccentric dow shook his head in disapproval.
youngThe young dow was flying through the sky.
cordisThe cordis dow with a knot in the middle made a beautiful knot.
famousThe famous dow is a type of bird that is found in North America.
ramdassinghRamdassingh dow is an Indian politician.
celebratedThe celebrated dow billows in the breeze.
merrellMerrell dow was a pharmaceutical company that was acquired by Dow Chemical in 1989.
crazyThe crazy dow rose high in the sky.
dutchThe old Dutch dow was very peaceful.
sizedThe T-shirt was sized down to fit me perfectly.
adjustedThe adjusted dow is a measure of the Dow Jones Industrial Average that has been adjusted for stock splits and dividends.
openThe open dow was creaking in the wind.
arabThe Arab dow an ancient dhow, is still used for fishing and trading in the Persian Gulf.
dupontDupont dow is a chemical manufacturing company.
cargillCargill dow is a joint venture between Cargill and Dow Chemical Company.
dinkyThe little car was so dinky dow that it could barely fit two people.
unluckyAn unlucky dow gave a down on a down payment.
venerableThe venerable dow had long been the pillar of the community.
kenI'm going to ken dow at the pub.
nonHe was paralyzed and non dow
rolonRolon dow the pate to the other side.
cryThe opposition tried to cry down the new proposal.
featuredThe featured down jacket is perfect for winter.
angularThe angular dow was very strong during the storm.
hasseyThe hassey dow is a type of dance.
otherwyseHe had no otherwyse dow but to restreyne the people from eating.
nthThe nth dow of the hill was steep and treacherous.
dueThe project is due down next Tuesday.
staunchHe was known for his staunch down-to-earth attitude.
proWe need a pro dow for the upcoming tournament.
ovalThe heavy oval dow had a smooth satin finish.
itinerantThe itinerant dow spent his days traveling from town to town.
dailyThe daily dow was extremely low.
finestShe wore a gown of the finest down.
dearDear dow I hope this letter finds you well.
catalyticThe catalytic dow of the economy has been attributed to the increase in consumer spending.
cspThe csp dow is a key metric for measuring the performance of a website.

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