Adjectives for Dozen

Adjectives For Dozen

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dozen, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'dozen' comes alive in unique ways when paired with different adjectives, each revealing a nuance about quantity, value, or specificity. A 'half dozen' speaks to a precise, yet minimized amount, ideal for smaller gatherings or needs. 'Several dozens' suggests abundance without being overly specific, perfect for events or sales. A 'few dozens' hints at more than the average, yet still manageable. 'Round dozen' emphasizes completeness and perfect counts, often used in traditional settings. An 'even dozen' assures precision, a nod to meticulous planning or requirements. Lastly, a 'dozen worth' of something underscores value and desirability, making it about more than just numbers. Explore the full array of adjectives to discover the richness they bring to the simple 'dozen.'
halfI'll need a half dozen eggs for my recipe.
severalThe concert was attended by several dozen people.
fewI have a few dozen photographs of the field trip so far.
roundMary baked almost three times a round dozen banana nut muffins.
evenJohn brought an even dozen eggs to the party.
perI bought a per dozen eggs from the store.
dailyEnsure your daily dozen to get optimal nutrition.
mereThe mere dozen of students completed their tests with flying colors.
dirtyThe dirty dozen were a group of twelve soldiers who were sent on a dangerous mission.
bareHe had accomplished the task with only a bare dozen tools.
twoI bought two dozen eggs at the store.
topThe top dozen candidates were invited to the final interview.
scantThe passengers numbered a scant dozen
scarceThe scarce dozen survivors struggled to rebuild their shattered lives.
fiveThe baker baked five dozen delicious muffins.
threeThe baker prepared three dozen cupcakes for the party.
fourThe baker had four dozen croissants in the display case.
sixI need six dozen eggs for the recipe.
drunkThe drunk dozen stumbled through the bar, their laughter echoing through the dim-lit room.
1stThe 1st dozen eggs are in the top shelf.
baseThe old computer system uses base dozen
beggarlyHer seven children made a beggarly dozen at the dinner table.
1-2I need 1-2 dozen eggs for my recipe.
paltryThere were just a paltry dozen of us who opposed the new law.
assortedAfter receiving an assorted dozen donuts, Lucy couldn't help but eat them all.
nineteenI ordered nineteen dozen donuts for the party.
chosenThe chosen dozen were tasked with carrying out the difficult mission.
motleyThe motley dozen gathered in the town square to discuss their plans.
alfI ordered an alf dozen eggs from the market.

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