Adjectives for Drag

Adjectives For Drag

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drag, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe drag can significantly alter the perception of your sentence, bringing nuances that enrich your message and engage your readers. Whether it's the main drag exerted by a moving vehicle, the long drag of a seemingly endless task, the viscous drag experienced in fluid dynamics, the deep drag of a heavy smoker, or the total and frictional drag factors in engineering and physics, each adjective unlocks a distinct dimension. Dive deeper into the intricate world of adjectives accompanying 'drag' and discover the perfect word to breathe life into your sentences.
mainWe drove down the main drag to get to the mall.
longThe long drag of his voice sent shivers down my spine.
viscousThe viscous drag on the sphere was calculated using the Stokes equation.
deepThe deep drag smoked his lungs.
totalThat project turned out to be a total drag
frictionalThe frictional drag of the air slowed down the car.
aerodynamicThe aerodynamic drag of the aircraft was reduced by streamlining its design.
lowThe car has low drag making it more efficient at high speeds.
atmosphericThe spacecraft pierced the planet's atmosphere, experiencing intense atmospheric drag
lastHe finished his cigarette with a final last drag
minimumThe streamlined design of the racecar reduced minimum drag
heavyThe heavy drag of the anchor was slowing the ship down.
fiscalThe proposed tax cuts would reduce fiscal drag and stimulate economic growth.
inducedInduced drag is a type of drag that is caused by the deflection of air around a wing.
lessThe car's sleek design creates less drag making it more fuel-efficient.
realIt was a real drag having to wake up early for work.
solventThe solvent drag coefficient is a measure of the frictional force between a solute and a solvent.
slowThe slow drag of her feet across the floor made it clear that she was exhausted.
slightThe tires squealed ever so slightly as the car rounded the corner, indicating a slight drag
additionalThe additional drag slowed the car down.
profileThe wing's profile drag is the resistance to its motion caused by its shape.
hydrodynamicThe hydrodynamic drag of the submarine was reduced by the streamlined design.
lowerThe sleek design of the car resulted in lower drag improving its fuel efficiency.
bigThat diva wore a big drag for the show.
frictionThe plane was brought to a stop by friction drag
extraThe paratrooper's extra drag slowed his descent.
seriousThe serious drag of the heavy load slowed the team down.
finalThe final drag of the cigarette brought a sense of relief.
downwardThe anchor's downward drag kept the boat in place.
liftThe lift drag was too great for the plane to take off.
excessiveThe excessive drag on the parachute made the landing seem like a slow-motion descent.
constantThe constant drag of gravity kept pulling her down.
parasiticThe parasitic drag is the extra drag created by external parts, like antennas.
overallThe overall drag on the aircraft was reduced by 10%.
magneticThe magnetic drag of the motor was too high.
hydraulicThe hydraulic drag of the object must be taken into account when determining its velocity.
maleThe male drag show was a huge success.
steadyThe plane accelerated quickly, but soon reached a steady drag
phononThe phonon drag process is relevant for very narrow semiconducting channels
quickThe mechanic gave the engine a quick drag to start it.
parasiteParasite drag is the resistance encountered by a body as it moves through a fluid due to the presence of a parasite attached to its surface.
turbulentThe turbulent drag of the aircraft made it difficult to control.
netThe net drag force exerted by the dam will be reduced by implementing the tidal turbine.
leastThe car's sleek design ensures the least drag maximizing its speed and efficiency.
terribleThe car came to a stop with a terrible drag
lightThe car slowed down due to the light drag of the parachute.
stabHe received a stab drag from a soldier's bayonet.
maximumThe plane approached the landing strip with maximum drag
dynamicThe wind force acting opposite to the direction of motion is called dynamic drag
backwardThe backward drag of the parachute caused the plane to land safely.
measuredThe measured drag on the aircraft was 500 pounds.
waveWave drag is a type of drag force that arises due to the formation of waves in a fluid.
tangentialThe tangential drag is a drag force that is applied in the direction of the tangent line to a surface.
pressureThe pressure drag on the airfoil was reduced by 10%.
tremendousThe car's tremendous drag slowed it down significantly.
downThe fishing line sagged due to the down drag of the current.

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