Adjectives for Drain

Adjectives For Drain

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drain, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives for the noun 'drain' can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, painting vivid pictures of scenarios from the physical to the metaphorical. A 'heavy drain' may evoke feelings of burden and exhaustion, while a 'main drain' speaks to centrality and importance in a system. The term 'constant drain' might illustrate an ongoing, perhaps relentless situation, whereas a 'current drain' can denote something affecting the now, urgent and immediate. On the other hand, 'financial drain' shifts the discussion towards economic impacts, personal or wider scale. Finally, an 'open drain' could highlight problems or transparency within a system. Each adjective shades 'drain' with unique tones and implications, hinting at a rich tapestry of meaning just waiting to be explored. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'drain' below.
heavyThe increased demand on the system is causing a heavy drain on its resources.
mainThe main drain is located in the basement.
constantThe constant drain on their finances was starting to take its toll.
currentThe current drain of the device is too high.
financialThe lavish spending was a significant financial drain on the family.
openThe open drain is allowing water to leak out.
seriousThe serious drain on my finances is becoming a real problem.
smallThe small drain on the street collects rainwater.
largeThe large drain on the side of the road was very noticeable.
economicThe factory's closure was a major economic drain on the town.
severeThe severe drain on the economy has caused businesses to close and unemployment to rise.
steadyThe steady drain of his bank account left him feeling worried.
majorThe pollution from the factory is a major drain on the environment.
enormousThe project was proving to be an enormous drain on resources.
externalThe external drain is connected to the sump pump.
continualThe continual drain of the battery forced me to purchase a new one.
commonThe common drain configuration is often used in power amplifiers where a high output current is desired.
emotionalThe constant arguments with my partner have become an emotional drain
considerableMaintaining the property has been a considerable drain on his finances.
continuousThe continuous drain on the battery was puzzling.
furtherThe project has been put on hold due to further drain on our resources.
internalThe constant surveillance created an internal drain on his resources.
significantI'm so tired today, I think I need to take a major nap before work. It's been such a significant drain on me.
tremendousThe drought was a tremendous drain on the water resources of the region.
annualThe annual drain on the economy was estimated to be $20 billion.
netThe deal will end up being a net drain on the state.
hugeThe huge drain of water created a massive puddle on the ground.
additionalThe additional drain on the national budget is a cause for concern.
excessiveThe excessive drain on her resources left her feeling exhausted.
bigThe old washing machine was a big drain on the household's energy resources.
lumbarThe lumbar drain was performed under local anesthesia.
frenchWe installed a french drain to redirect the water away from the house.
inchThe inch drain failed to work effectively.
centralThe central drain was clogged and caused a small flood in the basement.
softThe gentle patter of the soft drain was a soothing sound against the quiet night.
closedThe patient has a closed drain in place.
continuedThe continued drain on resources proved to be too much for the company to handle.
terribleThe terrible drain caused the water to flood the basement.
substantialThe substantial drain on the company's resources made it difficult to operate effectively.
verticalThe project used vertical drains to stabilize the ground and improve bearing capacity.
horizontalThe horizontal drain was installed to collect and remove excess water from the soil.
massiveThe company's rapid expansion has been a massive drain on its resources.
cloggedThe bathroom sink has a clogged drain
unnecessaryThis unnecessary drain on resources is also a waste of money.
undergroundThe underground drain was clogged with leaves and debris.
permanentThe permanent drain on the country's resources is a major concern.
intercostalThe intercostal drain is a small tube that is inserted into the chest to remove fluid or air.
potentialThe potential drain of the battery is significant.
corrugatedThe corrugated drain helps divert water away from the house.
calledThe sink is called drain
perpetualThe company's profits were affected by the perpetual drain on its resources.
consequentThe consequent drain of the land caused the river to overflow
surgicalThe doctor inserted a surgical drain into the wound to remove excess fluid.
bottomThe bottom drain in the pool ensures that all water is drawn from the lowest point.
fiscalThe massive fiscal drain put an immense strain on the country's already depleted resources.
extraThe extra drain on my energy levels made me exhausted.
immenseThe immense drain on her time made it difficult to pursue her own interests.
underwaterA diver was sucked into the underwater drain
doubleThe double drain in the sink was clogged and caused the water to overflow onto the floor.
biggestThe biggest drain on natural resources comes from industrialized nations.
shallowThe shallow drain quickly filled with water.
excessTo prevent excess drain on the circuit, a resistor can be used.
slowThe kitchen sink has a slow drain
suddenThe sudden drain of the battery left me stranded on the side of the road.
nearestThe water is flowing down towards the nearest drain
temporaryThe temporary drain helped alleviate the flooding in the basement.

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