Adjectives for Drainage

Adjectives For Drainage

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drainage, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances when pairing the noun 'drainage' with adjectives such as 'good', 'lymphatic', 'surgical', 'adequate', 'postural', and 'venous' can significantly alter the context and specificity of a sentence. For instance, 'good drainage' implies a system that effectively removes water or fluid, essential in agricultural and construction contexts. 'Lymphatic drainage', on the other hand, refers to a vital bodily function affecting health and wellness, highlighting the importance of context in language usage. 'Surgical drainage' indicates a medical procedure to remove fluid, linking the adjective closely with the noun to convey a clear, specific action. Each adjective, when used with 'drainage', opens a window into a distinct realm of understanding. Explore the full list of adjectives to master the art of precise and meaningful descriptions.
goodThe soil in my garden has good drainage
lymphaticLymphatic drainage helps remove excess fluid and toxins from the body.
surgicalThe surgical drainage was successful in removing the abscess.
adequateThe landscaping design needs to include adequate drainage for the property.
posturalPostural drainage therapy helps clear mucus from the lungs by positioning the patient in different positions to allow gravity to drain the mucus.
venousThe venous drainage of the brain is via the internal jugular vein.
poorThe field's poor drainage made it difficult to grow crops.
percutaneousThey performed percutaneous drainage of the abscess.
freeHealthy, well drained soil with free drainage ensures good air circulation and root development.
naturalThe natural drainage of the area was into the nearby river.
properThe garden flourished with proper drainage
internalThe internal drainage system was not functioning properly.
externalThe external drainage system was inserted to collect the fluid
purulentThe doctor examined the wound and noted the presence of purulent drainage
anomalousThe anomalous drainage pattern of the river is thought to be caused by a combination of factors, including glaciations and tectonic activity.
acidAcid drainage from abandoned mines is a major environmental concern.
openThe open drainage system was installed to prevent flooding in the area.
betterThe soil has better drainage after the new pipes were installed.
continuousThe continuous drainage of the swamp began in 1927.
inadequateThe city experienced flooding due to inadequate drainage
artificialArtificial drainage is a method of removing excess water from an area.
perfectThe field had perfect drainage ensuring that there was no waterlogging even after heavy rainfall.
completeThe surgery had no complications, including complete drainage
subsurfaceThe subsurface drainage system effectively removes excess water from agricultural fields.
undergroundThe underground drainage system was in need of some repairs.
urinaryThe nurse inserted a urinary drainage catheter to collect the patient's urine output.
closedThe surgeon used closed drainage to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the surgical site.
efficientThe efficient drainage system ensured that the excess water was removed quickly.
upperRainfall is directly influenced by the elevation and topography of the upper drainage
effectiveThe city council's installation of a new drainage system was effective drainage for the flooding issue.
deepThe project will involve deep drainage systems to alleviate flooding.
badThe field had bad drainage making it difficult to grow crops.
excessiveThe excessive drainage from the wound was a sign of infection.
excellentThe garden soil has excellent drainage
rapidThe rapid drainage of the reservoir caused a significant drop in the water level.
suprapubicA suprapubic drainage is used to drain urine from the bladder in cases when a person cannot urinate on their own.
interiorThe interior drainage of the basin is poor.
dependentThe dependent drainage system in the area often results in flooding during heavy rains.
permanentThe permanent drainage was completed in the fall of 2019.
agriculturalAgricultural drainage aims to remove excess water from farmland, enhancing crop growth and soil fertility.
postoperativeThe patient will have postoperative drainage for three days.
temporaryThe construction site required temporary drainage to prevent flooding during heavy rainfall.
gastricGastric drainage is the process of emptying the stomach contents into the small intestine.
defectiveThe city's defective drainage system caused severe flooding during the storm.
immediate"Remove it and proceed with immediate drainage" recommended the consultant.
bronchialBronchial drainage is the process of removing mucus and other secretions from the airways.
nasalThe patient presented with nasal drainage and congestion.
endoscopicEndoscopic drainage is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove blockages in the biliary tree or pancreatic duct.
partialThe flooding was caused by the partial drainage of the river.
spontaneousThe spontaneous drainage of fluid from the wound was a relief.
pulmonaryThe patient underwent pulmonary drainage to remove fluid from the lungs.
extensiveThe contractor diverted the extensive drainage throughout the tunnel.
constantThe constant drainage of the swamp made it possible to build on the land.
persistentContinuous fluid leakage from the surgical site is a persistent drainage which needs to be addressed by the surgeon.
spinalThe doctor performed a spinal drainage to relieve pressure on the patient's spine.
prolongedThe prolonged drainage of the abscess resulted in a significant improvement in the patient's symptoms.
guidedThe guided drainage technique was able to successfully decompress the abscess.
sufficientEnsure sufficient drainage to prevent waterlogging.
duodenalDuodenal drainage is the process of removing fluid from the duodenum.
improvedThe improved drainage system has significantly reduced flooding in the area.
imperfectThe reason for the flooding was imperfect drainage
verticalThe vertical drainage system ensures that excess water is efficiently removed from the soil.
sinusThe sinus drainage is causing a lot of pain in my head.
subsequentThe subsequent drainage redirected the water flow.
promptPrompt drainage of the abscess is necessary.
operativeThe operative drainage is adequate as the wound has a minimal amount of serosanguinous drainage.
thoracicThe patient underwent thoracic drainage for the treatment of a pleural effusion.
intercostalThe patient had an intercostal drainage tube inserted to evacuate a pleural effusion.
chronicThe patient's cough was accompanied by chronic drainage
nasogastricThe patient's nasogastric drainage was discontinued after 3 days.
bloodyThe wound had heavy bloody drainage
pleuralThe pleural drainage inserted the chest tube for suctioning and draining pleural fluid.
satisfactoryThe construction site has satisfactory drainage for the upcoming heavy rain.
urbanUrban drainage systems are designed to collect and transport stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces.
slowThe slow drainage in the bathroom sink has been bothering me for weeks.
tidalThe tidal drainage of the wetland is essential for maintaining its ecological balance.
serousThe wound was covered with a serous drainage
preoperativeThe patient's preoperative drainage was minimal.
glacialThe rapid glacial drainage has carved a deep gorge into the mountain.
pancreaticI am sorry, I do not have enough information to generate a sentence with "pancreatic drainage".
cerebrospinalThe cerebrospinal drainage was adequate.
insufficientThe field had insufficient drainage after the heavy rains.
lumbarThe patient underwent lumbar drainage for the treatment of hydrocephalus.
manualThe patient required manual drainage of the abscess.

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