Adjectives for Dream

Adjectives For Dream

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dream, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the word 'dream' paired with adjectives like 'American,' 'bad,' 'old,' 'day,' 'strange,' and 'impossible,' opens a window into our deepest aspirations, fears, and memories. An 'American dream' evokes a unique narrative of hope and prosperity, while a 'bad dream' plunges us into our night-time anxieties. An 'old dream' may hint at long-held desires or nostalgia, whereas a 'day dream' transports us to a world of wakeful fantasy. 'Strange dreams' invite curiosity about their bizarre narratives, and 'impossible dreams' challenge the limits of what we believe is achievable. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, painting our dreams in shades of emotion, ambition, and mystery. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich our understanding of dreams below.
americanEverybody had to follow the american dream
badI woke up in a cold sweat from the bad dream
oldThe old dream of flying came true when the Wright brothers invented the airplane.
dayI love to day dream about all the things I could achieve.
strangeI had a strange dream last night.
impossibleIt seemed like an impossible dream but she had finally achieved it.
beautifulShe had a beautiful dream last night.
longI had a long dream last night.
vividI had a vivid dream last night that I was flying through the air.
utopianThe utopian dream of a world without poverty and war seemed impossible to achieve.
idleAs I gazed upon the distant horizon, my idle dream took flight, painting ethereal landscapes in my mind's eye.
pleasantI had a pleasant dream last night.
terribleI woke up with a terrible dream that wouldn't leave my mind.
wildI had a wild dream last night where I flew through the clouds.
wonderfulI had a wonderful dream last night.
sweetI wish you a sweet dream
cherishedHer cherished dream was to become a renowned playwright.
distantThe distant dream danced tantalizingly out of reach.
happyI had a happy dream last night.
lifelongHe finally achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.
horribleI woke up in a cold sweat after a horrible dream
evilThe evil dream haunted him for nights.
goldenThe golden dream of wealth and fame lured him to the city.
emptyMy empty dream haunts me still.
manifestI had a manifest dream last night that I was flying.
propheticThe ancient prophecy in his prophetic dream forewarned him of his impending doom.
troubledI had a troubled dream last night and woke up feeling uneasy.
fantasticThe fantastic dream inspired them to create something amazing.
lovelyI had a lovely dream last night.
hideousI had a hideous dream last night and I can't shake the feeling that something terrible is going to happen.
recurrentI've been having a recurrent dream lately.
brightI had a bright dream last night.
lucidI had a lucid dream last night where I could control everything.
foolishHer foolish dream was her only solace.
vagueThe vague dream eventually faded from his consciousness.
dreadfulHe had a dreadful dream last night.
frightfulI woke up in a cold sweat after having a frightful dream
vainHer vain dream of becoming an actress kept her from pursuing more practical goals.
feverishHer feverish dream was filled with strange and haunting visions.
wildestI could never have imagined such a thing, even in my wildest dream
secretMy secret dream is to travel around the world.
fearfulHe woke up screaming in the middle of the night from a fearful dream
remarkableMy recent remarkable dream was filled with vivid details and a profound message.
curiousI had a curious dream last night.
awfulI woke up shaking after an awful dream
delightfulI woke up from the most delightful dream
horridI awoke in a cold sweat, my heart pounding from the horrid dream
ultimateHis ultimate dream was to become a doctor.
nobleWith a noble dream he decided to volunteer his time to help the homeless.
disturbingHe awoke from a disturbing dream his heart racing and his mind in turmoil.
gloriousPursuing the glorious dream of space exploration has always been a human aspiration.
madShe had a mad dream to become a famous actress.
uglyI woke up from an ugly dream and couldn't shake the feeling of unease.
youthfulChloe cherished her youthful dream of becoming an artist.
pleasingHer pleasing dream was interrupted by the sound of her alarm.
weirdI had a weird dream last night where I was flying through the sky on a giant eagle.
splendidI had a splendid dream last night.
deliciousThe delicious dream of a juicy steak haunted me all night.
falseThe false dream made him believe he could fly.
halfThe half dream perplexed me.
frighteningI woke up in a cold sweat from a frightening dream
niceIt was a nice dream but now I'm awake.

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