Adjectives for Dress

Adjectives For Dress

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dress, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to describe a dress can illuminate not just the color or condition, but the entire mood or occasion it's suited for. A white dress might evoke purity and simplicity, perfect for weddings or summer festivities, while a black dress suggests sophistication and timeless elegance, ideal for evening events. Opting for a new dress can add an aura of freshness and trendiness to your wardrobe, whereas a blue dress might bring about a sense of calm and reliability. The word full evokes images of volume and festivity, perfect for making a statement. Lastly, a red dress is bold and passionate, turning heads and marking memorable moments. Discover the full spectrum of expressions and occasions by exploring more adjectives below.
whiteShe looked radiant in her flowing white dress
blackShe looked stunning in her new black dress
newShe showed up at the party in a new dress
blueThe beautiful lady in a blue dress was dancing with him.
fullThe ambassador attended the banquet in full dress
redShe looked stunning in her red dress
longShe wore a long dress to the party.
greenShe wore a green dress to the prom.
pinkThe girl wore a pretty pink dress to the party.
simpleShe wore a simple dress to the party.
traditionalShe wore a traditional dress to the wedding.
fancyHe wore a fancy dress to the party.
yellowShe looked stunning in her bright yellow dress
beautifulShe wore a beautiful dress to the party.
darkShe wore a dark dress to the party.
modernThe actress wore a modern dress to the awards ceremony.
plainShe wore a plain dress to the party.
bestShe looked stunning in her elegant best dress
formalSarah wore a formal dress to the wedding.
prettyShe looked stunning in her pretty dress
europeanShe wore a beautiful european dress at the party.
ordinaryI went to the store in my ordinary dress
shortThe girl was wearing a short dress
brownShe wore a brown dress to the party.
nativeThe woman was wearing her native dress for the festival.
westernHe wore a western dress with cowboy boots and a Stetson hat.
lightShe danced in a long, light dress
grayShe looked stunning in her elegant gray dress
femaleThe box contained a beautiful knit female dress
militaryThe soldier was wearing his military dress
distinctiveThe dancers were easily recognizable because of their distinctive dress
englishThe young lady was wearing a beautiful english dress
ceremonialThe royal wedding was a grand affair, with the guests attending in their finest ceremonial dress
civilianThe suspect was seen leaving the building in civilian dress
usualI put on my usual dress and went to the party.
indianThe woman wore a beautiful Indian dress
coloredShe wore a beautiful colored dress to the wedding.
tightShe wore a tight dress to the party.
brightShe wore a bright dress to the party.
fittingShe looked stunning in her new fitting dress
richThe young lady looked stunning in her rich dress
thinShe wore a thin dress because it was a hot day.
properYou should wear proper dress when you go to church.
fashionableShe wore a fashionable dress to the party.
paleShe twirled around in her pale dress its soft fabric flowing like water.
greyThe elegant woman wore a grey dress to the party.
niceThat's a nice dress you're wearing.
purpleThe girl in the purple dress was very beautiful.
floweredThe woman walked down the street in a beautiful flowered dress
lovelyThe young woman was wearing a lovely dress
elegantShe looked stunning in her elegant dress
appropriateAppropriate dress is required for all attendees.
nightShe put on her night dress and went to bed.
casualEmployees are expected to dress in casual dress on Fridays.
looseShe wore a loose dress with a floral print.
sleevelessShe looked stunning in her new sleeveless dress
maleThe male dress included a linen skirt and a sleeveless tunic
chineseThe young woman looks stunning in her red chinese dress
cleanShe put on a clean dress to go to the party.
peculiarShe wore an ensemble that was distinctly different from the others in its peculiar dress
colouredShe wore a beautiful, coloured dress to the party.
clericalThe priest wore his clerical dress for the service.
elaborateShe was wearing an elaborate dress that shimmered in the light.
galaShe wore a beautiful gala dress to the formal event.
stripedThe little girl was wearing a cute striped dress
neatHe went to a job interview in a neat dress
greekThe woman was wearing a beautiful white greek dress
everydayShe wore an everyday dress during the walk.
splendidShe looked magnificent in her splendid dress
headThe dancer wore a feathered head dress
strangeShe went to the party in a strange dress
softShe wore a soft dress to the party.
expensiveThe expensive dress was the perfect fit for the special occasion.
modestShe wore a modest dress to the party.
neckedShe wore a low-necked dress to the party.
romanThe Roman dress was simple and elegant.
contemporaryShe looked elegant in her contemporary dress
uniformStudents must wear their school's uniform dress on all school days.
arabHe was wearing an elaborate arab dress
gorgeousShe was wearing a gorgeous dress that made her stand out from the crowd.

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