Adjectives for Dresses

Adjectives For Dresses

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dresses, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe dresses can transform your sentence, offering a glimpse into the style, occasion, or emotion you're portraying. A white dress might convey purity for a bridal look, while a new dress suggests freshness and excitement for upcoming events. Opting for a long dress can add a touch of elegance or formality, contrasting with the timeless appeal of a black dress suitable for virtually any occasion. Describing a dress as pretty evokes a sense of delicate beauty, whereas an old dress might carry historical significance or nostalgic value. Each adjective unlocks a different shade of meaning, enriching your descriptions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with dresses below.
whiteThe guests were all wearing white dresses
newThe girls twirled in their new dresses
longShe wore a series of long dresses to the event.
blackThe actresses wore beautiful black dresses to the red carpet event.
prettyThe girls were all wearing pretty dresses
oldHer closet was full of old dresses that she never wore anymore.
beautifulShe admired the beautiful dresses of the other guests at the party.
fineShe wore one of her fine dresses to the party.
bestThe models showed off their best dresses on the runway.
brightThe girls looked radiant in their bright dresses
richThe young actresses wore rich dresses at the red carpet party.
fancyThe girls twirled around in their fancy dresses
blueI saw three beautiful women in blue dresses at the mall yesterday.
gayShe attended the prom wearing gaudy and gay dresses
simpleShe wore a variety of simple dresses to the event.
redAll the women wore elegant floor-length red dresses
lightThe girls wore light dresses to the summer party.
darkThe models wore dark dresses on the runway.
expensiveShe always wears expensive dresses
pinkThe girls wore pretty pink dresses to the party.
colouredWomen were admiring the coloured dresses
tightThe club was filled with women in tight dresses
lengthThe women wore elegant long length dresses to the prom.
plainThe girls wore plain dresses for the school dance.
elegantThe ladies were adorned in elegant dresses that shimmered under the lights.
splendidThe models gracefully showcased their splendid dresses on the runway.
lovelyShe wore one of her lovely dresses to the party.
cutThe designer showcased a collection of stunning cut dresses
niceThe store had many nice dresses
costlyThe queen bought a few costly dresses that she wore to the ball.
traditionalThe traditional dresses of Japan are called kimonos.
neckedMary's new necked dresses are beautiful.
fashionableShe has many fashionable dresses in her wardrobe.
greenThe girls wore green dresses to the party.
elaborateThe show featured models in elaborate dresses and the latest fashions.
madeShe made dresses for the local theater group.
frillyShe wore one of her favorite frilly dresses to the party.
thinShe always wears thin dresses in hot summer days.
colorfulThe girls wore colorful dresses to the party.
headThe dancers performed in elaborate head dresses
embroideredShe wore one of her favorite embroidered dresses to the party.
sleevelessThe women wore sleeveless dresses in the summer heat.
wearWomen love to wear dresses
looseShe wore several loose dresses to stay cool in the summer.
cleanThe children love to run through the sprinklers in their clean dresses
formalFormal dresses usually require a higher degree of formality, with a more conservative style and a longer length.
styleShe was wearing one of her lovely style dresses
handsomeEmily wore one of her handsome dresses to the party.
gaudyThe bridesmaids wore gaudy dresses that were covered in sequins and rhinestones.
magnificentThe women wore magnificent dresses to the ball.
yellowThe girls look beautiful in their yellow dresses
identicalThe twins arrived at the party wearing identical dresses
cheapShe bought three cheap dresses from the new store.
starchedShe wore one of her most beautiful starched dresses to the party.
fantasticThe princess wore fantastic dresses at the ball.
sleevedThe store had many different styles of sleeved dresses
floweredThe girls wore their best flowered dresses to the party.
prettiestShe tried on all the prettiest dresses in the store.
colourfulGirls looked fabulous in their colourful dresses
smartThe smart dresses can adjust their size and shape to fit the wearer perfectly.
ballShe wore one of her many ball dresses to the dance.
strangeThe guests arrived at the party wearing strange dresses
neatI put on a couple of my neat dresses but didn't like how they looked.
nightThe girls took their night dresses to the cleaner.
waistedThe women wore long-waisted dresses that accentuated their figures.
femaleThe female dresses were on sale at the department store.
brilliantThe models showcased their brilliant dresses on the runway.
shapelessShe was wearing one of her shapeless dresses again.
brownThe little girls were wearing their brown dresses
finestShe wore her finest dresses to the ball.
fashionedShe wore one of the beautifully fashioned dresses her grandmother had made for her.
courtShe wears one of her court dresses with its low neckline.
pieceShe tried on several piece dresses before finding one that she liked.
softShe loves to wear soft dresses

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