Adjectives for Drill

Adjectives For Drill

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drill, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a drill can vividly bring out the specific type, use, or context it belongs to. A military drill evokes a sense of discipline and precision, while an electric drill brings to mind the whir of modern machinery at work. The word pneumatic introduces the power of air pressure in action, contrasting with the urgency and life-saving connotations of a fire drill. Mentioning a daily drill hints at routine and regularity, whereas a special drill suggests an occasion out of the ordinary. Each adjective opens a window into the diverse world of drills, their functions, and significances. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'drill' to discover more nuances and applications.
militaryThe soldiers marched in perfect military drill
electricI used an electric drill to make holes in the wall.
pneumaticThe worker used a pneumatic drill to bore through the concrete.
fireThere was a fire drill during math class.
dailyThe daily drill was a great workout.
specialThe crew had to switch to a special drill after the original one broke.
speedThe players practiced with the speed drill before the big game.
physicalThe physical drill was intense, but ultimately rewarding.
dentalThe high-pitched whine of the dental drill sent shivers down my spine.
closeThe team practiced close drill before the game.
rotaryWe used a rotary drill to bore a hole in the concrete.
formalThe recruits began their formal drill training.
oralThe students did oral drills to improve their speaking skills.
regularHe was subjected to regular drill enforced by the prison guards.
mechanicalThe mechanical drill was used to bore holes into the wall.
ordinaryThe ordinary drill was used to make a hole in the wall.
inchI used an inch drill to make a hole in the wood.
constantThe instructor put us through a constant drill to improve our reflexes.
portableThe portable drill was perfect for the job.
thoroughThe military conducted a thorough drill in preparation for the upcoming conflict.
simpleThe coach led the team through a simple drill to improve their coordination.
extraThe students worked on extra drill problems during their study hall.
standardThe standard drill is to practice every day.
minuteThe doctor ordered a minute drill to remove the bone fragments.
intensiveThe cadets completed an intensive drill on combat maneuvers.
excellentThe team's excellent drill proved effective in the game.
preliminaryThe preliminary drill was successful.
usualFollow your usual drill when you've finished.
systematicThe team engaged in systematic drill to improve their performance.
radialThe radial drill is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of drilling operations.
routineThe routine drill helped the soldiers to be prepared for battle.
mereThe mere drill did not reduce his tremors.
handThe contractor used a hand drill to make holes in the wood.
swedishThe carpenter used a swedish drill to bore holes in the wood.
postureThe posture drill helped me to improve my posture and reduce my back pain.
mentalThe team used mental drill exercises to improve their focus and concentration.
repetitiveThe soldiers endured endless hours of repetitive drill
phonicShe had practiced the phonic drill thoroughly.
flatThe flat drill made quick work of the cabinet door.
conventionalThe conventional drill was used to create the hole.
regimentalThe young recruits spent hours practicing regimental drill until they could execute it flawlessly.
poweredI used a powered drill to make holes in the wall.
hollowI need a new hollow drill for my project.
phoneticThe students practiced phonetic drills daily.
raidOur school has a monthly fire raid drill that ensures students can get out of the building quickly.
effectiveThe team's effective drill ensured their victory in the tournament.
chineseThe chinese drill was used to make holes in the wood.
musicalThe students performed a musical drill to prepare for their show.
tubularThe tubular drill was used to bore the hole.
necessaryThe necessary drill helped me improve my skills.
sufficientThe children had sufficient drill in arithmetic.
hardThe hard drill pierced through the wood.
prussianThe prussian drill was a harsh and rigorous training system used by the Prussian military.
compulsoryThe daily compulsory drill helped to hone the soldiers' skills.
rapidThe rapid drill pierced through the rock with ease.
competitiveMy team has been working hard at competitive drill this season.
gymnasticThe gymnastic drill was intense and required a lot of coordination.
pointedThe pointed drill pierced through the rock.
carefulThe careful drill allowed the surgeon to successfully complete the operation.
drivenThe repairman used a driven drill to fix the broken hinge.

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