Adjectives for Drilling

Adjectives For Drilling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drilling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'drilling' can significantly alter the nuance of the term, providing a deeper insight into the context and nature of the activity. For instance, 'deep drilling' conveys the intensity and depth reached, whereas 'exploratory drilling' emphasizes the purpose of seeking new information or resources. 'Well drilling' involves creating holes for water or oil extraction, showing the intended outcome. Similarly, 'rotary' and 'directional' drilling highlight specific methodologies employed, with 'further drilling' hinting at the continuation of such activities. Each adjective paints a unique aspect of drilling, hinting at its complexities and purposes. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with drilling and the nuances they introduce below.
deepDeep drilling into mountain rock is used to bring aquifer water into chronically dry areas.
exploratoryExploratory drilling is a technique used to search for new oil or gas reserves.
wellThe well drilling process was smooth and efficient.
rotaryThe rotary drilling method was used to extract oil from the ground.
directionalDirectional drilling enables oil and gas companies to reach underground reservoirs that are otherwise inaccessible.
furtherFurther drilling is usually only required if there is significant root resorption and the resulting bone is inadequate for anchorage post placement.
holeWe can complete the task with hole drilling
directDirect drilling is a method of planting crops directly into the ground without prior tillage.
deeperThe deeper drilling plan is likely to see total crude oil production increase.
intangibleThe intangible drilling costs incurred during the drilling of a new oil well are substantial.
horizontalThe oil company has begun horizontal drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
actualThe actual drilling takes several months to complete.
extensiveThe extensive drilling on the construction site caused a lot of noise pollution in the neighborhood.
shoreThey did some shore drilling in order to find oil deposits.
additionalThe team decided to do some additional drilling to see what they could find.
muchThe construction project involved much drilling
constantThe constant drilling made it difficult to concentrate.
subsequentThe subsequent drilling confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons.
coreThe core drilling process involves extracting a cylindrical sample of rock or concrete.
handThe hand drilling process was slow and laborious.
recentThe recent drilling had uncovered a wealth of new artifacts.
conventionalConventional drilling is more expensive than unconventional drilling.
laserLaser drilling is a precise and efficient method for creating small holes in materials.
shallowThe shallow drilling reached a depth of only 10 feet.
oilOil drilling is a controversial practice that can have a significant impact on the environment.
successfulThe successful drilling of the well led to a significant increase in production.
intensiveThe students participated in intensive drilling of verb conjugations.
militaryThe soldiers endured hours of military drilling in the scorching sun.
mechanicalThe mechanical drilling created a deafening noise in the factory.
wetThe contractor used wet drilling to minimize dust during the installation process.
carefulThe careful drilling process took hours to complete.
rockThe rock drilling was slow and tedious work.
verticalThe vertical drilling machine was used to create the hole in the concrete.
hardThe hard drilling noise kept us awake all night.
preThe pre drilling phase is critical to ensure the success of the project.
thoroughThe team's thorough drilling paid off in the end.
structuralThe students practiced English pronunciation through structural drilling
wildcatThe oil and gas industry engages in wildcat drilling to search for new hydrocarbon deposits.
toolThe tool drilling through the metal produced loud, piercing noises.
percussiveThe percussive drilling reverberated through the building, causing the windows to rattle.
initialThe initial drilling was completed without incident.
scientificEnvironmental monitoring at the scientific drilling site has been carried out to observe the potential environmental impact of drilling activities.
testThe company plans to begin test drilling next month.
futureWe are excited about future drilling opportunities in this area.
dryThe dry drilling process helps to prevent the drill bit from overheating.
offshoreOffshore drilling involves extracting oil and gas from beneath the ocean floor.
selfThe self drilling screw makes it easy to attach the bracket to the wall.
geothermalGeothermal drilling taps into the Earth's heat to generate electricity.
preliminaryPreliminary drilling has already been conducted.
competitiveThe competitive drilling propelled her to victory.
accurateThe robot's accurate drilling ensured a precise hole.
multipleMultiple drilling operations were carried out to obtain samples from different depths.
ovarianOvarian drilling is a surgical procedure used to treat infertility.
oceanScientists use ocean drilling to retrieve samples of the sea floor and study its composition.
excessiveThe noise from the excessive drilling made it difficult to concentrate.
systematicThe exploration team began systematic drilling in the area identified by the magnetometer.
augerThe borehole was advanced using auger drilling to collect core samples.
randomThe random drilling reverberated through the walls, causing the occupants to jump in surprise.
experimentalThey used experimental drilling to extract samples from the core.
illegalThe illegal drilling operation was discovered by environmental inspectors.
rapidThe rapid drilling caused the building to shake.
continuousThe worker used a drill to make continuous drilling into the wall.
undergroundThe underground drilling was a complex and dangerous operation.
whileHis pants fell down while drilling a hole in the wall.
laparoscopicThe laparoscopic drilling was successful and the patient is recovering well.
speedThe team conducted speed drilling to prepare for their big project.
controlledControlled drilling enhanced productivity by 20%.
efficientThe efficient drilling method saved time and resources.
fireThe students calmly exited the building during the fire drilling
ultrasonicUltrasonic drilling is a subsurface machining process that is performed using high frequency ultrasonic spindle vibration.
incessantThe incessant drilling echoed through the construction site.
blueThe blue drilling was a success.
onshoreThe negative environmental effects of onshore drilling are being researched.
busyThe construction workers are busy drilling holes for the new foundation.
lineThe team performed line drilling before the game to enhance coordination and execution.
pneumaticThe pneumatic drilling machine quickly excavated the hard rock.

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