Adjectives for Drinking

Adjectives For Drinking

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drinking, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe drinking habits can paint a vivid picture, subtly hinting at the nuances between different levels and contexts of consumption. A heavy drinker may evoke concerns of health, while excessive drinking highlights the extreme. On the other hand, hard drinking brings to mind a more intense, perhaps rugged image. Moderate drinking suggests a controlled and balanced approach, whereas social drinking focuses on the communal aspect. Each adjective unveils a layer of meaning, from the casual much drinking to the focused intensity of a hard drinker. Dive deeper into how these adjectives shape our understanding of drinking behaviors by exploring the full list below.
excessiveThe excessive drinking may lead to more serious health issues.
hardThe hard drinking man was stumbling home from the bar.
socialSocial drinking is the moderate consumption of alcohol in a social setting.
muchI can't believe I drank so much drinking last night.
beerOn Friday night, my friends and I indulged in some beer drinking at our local pub.
controlledControlled drinking involves consuming alcohol within safe limits to reduce its negative consequences.
moreDaniel enjoyed more drinking with his friends than studying.
seriousThe college students engaged in serious drinking over the weekend.
compulsiveHe was struggling with compulsive drinking
normalI drink water as part of my normal drinking routine.
nonThe non drinking companion was not invited to the party.
adolescentAdolescent drinking is a significant public health issue as it can lead to a variety of health and social problems.
continuedDespite warnings, she continued drinking heavily.
frequentHer frequent drinking led to health issues.
immoderateHis immoderate drinking led to health problems.
regularRegular drinking of coffee and tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease.
copiousThe copious drinking of alcohol had taken its toll on his health.
chronicExcessive and habitual alcohol consumption, known as chronic drinking can have detrimental effects on one's health and well-being.
deepThe deep drinking of the spirits led to a series of unfortunate events.
solitaryHe had a problem with solitary drinking
habitualHe was already suffering from the effects of his habitual drinking
constantThe constant drinking of alcohol caused him to develop liver problems.
lessLess drinking is healthier for your body.
inducedInduced drinking was observed because of the presence of the aversive stimuli.
dailyI try to stay healthy by limiting my daily drinking
waterThe hikers took a break from their climb to enjoy some water drinking
bingeThe students engaged in binge drinking over the weekend.
intemperateIntemperate drinking can be a result of psychological problems.
worthThis fine wine is worth drinking
responsibleResponsible drinking can help you make better decisions and avoid risky behaviors.
maternalMaternal drinking during pregnancy is associated with adverse outcomes in children.
heavierAfter the breakup, he started heavier drinking despite the negative consequences.
secretStudents were caught secret drinking on campus.
steadyThe steady drinking had taken its toll on his health.
occasionalThe occasional drinking of alcohol can have some health benefits.
ceremonialThe ceremonial drinking of water is an ancient tradition.
uncontrolledThe uncontrolled drinking led to liver damage.
parentalParental drinking can have a negative impact on children.
ageUnderage drinking is a major problem in this country.
continuousContinuous drinking can lead to a variety of health problems.
excessHer excess drinking had caused health issues.
liquorThe liquor drinking was getting out of hand
lightAs long as you stay within the range of light drinking you'll be fine.
deviantThe study explored the relationship between deviant drinking and various forms of psychopathology.
convivialGood friends and great food are the perfect ingredients for a night of convivial drinking
problemThe patient was struggling with problem drinking
busyI'm busy drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.
constructiveI am sorry, I do not have any sentences with "constructive drinking".
safeMake sure the water is safe drinking before you consume it.
hazardousThe World Health Organization defines hazardous drinking as the pattern of alcohol consumption that increases the risk of developing harm to health.
problematicThe student's problematic drinking led to their suspension from school.
continualThe continual drinking of alcoholic beverages led to liver damage.
youthfulYouthful drinking can be a problem that can lead to negative consequences later in life.
coffeeThe coffee drinking of the young girl was a nuisance to her parents.
addictiveThe doctor recommended that the patient seek treatment for his addictive drinking
illegalTeenagers were caught for illegal drinking
antiHe was anti drinking and never touched alcohol.
sensibleModerate alcohol consumption is referred to as sensible drinking
harmfulHarmful drinking is a serious problem that can lead to many health issues.
dramWe gathered around the campfire, dram drinking and telling tall tales.
alcoholHe admitted to alcohol drinking despite his health conditions.

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