Adjectives for Driver

Adjectives For Driver

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing driver, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a driver can significantly alter the perception of their skill, condition, or age. A good driver suggests competence and reliability on the road, while a drunk driver raises alarms about safety and legality. Age-related adjectives like old and young might bring to mind questions of experience versus agility. Meanwhile, terms like screw driver and key driver shift the conversation from people to tools or influential factors. Each adjective paints a unique picture, highlighting the nuances that these descriptors can bring to our understanding of drivers. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with driver below for more insights.
goodShe is a good driver
drunkThe drunk driver caused a serious accident.
oldThe old driver drove carefully down the winding road.
youngThe young driver cautiously navigated the busy intersection.
screwI need a screw driver to fix this chair.
keyThe key driver of the company's success was its focus on customer service.
engineThe experienced engine driver skillfully navigated the train through the winding tracks.
drunkenThe drunken driver was arrested for crashing into a parked car.
muleThe mule driver guided the animals through the treacherous mountain pass.
mainThe main driver of the economy is consumer spending.
stageThe fearless stage driver steered the swaying wagon through the treacherous mountain pass
truckThe truck driver hauled a load of produce across the country.
majorThe major driver of the economy is consumer spending.
primaryThe growth rate of data is the primary driver of the technology industry.
blackThe black driver was very friendly.
carefulThe careful driver avoided the accident.
experiencedThe experienced driver handled the difficult road conditions with ease.
averageThe average driver is not very skilled at parallel parking.
bestHe is the best driver in the city.
formerThe former driver of the car was found safe and sound.
runThe run driver was cautiously circling the oval with his car.
recklessThe reckless driver sped through the intersection, narrowly missing other cars.
appropriateThe appropriate driver was hired for the job.
poorThe poor driver caused a five car pileup on the freeway.
hackThe tourist was robbed by the hack driver
badThe bad driver caused a five-car pileup on the freeway.
professionalThe professional driver navigated the busy streets with ease.
excellentHe is an excellent driver
lorryThe lorry driver was tired after his long journey.
regularThe regular driver was unable to make it to work today.
expertThe expert driver navigated the treacherous mountain pass with ease.
safeThe safe driver has been on the road for over 20 years.
nativeThe native driver provides a way to connect to a database directly.
betterHe may not be the best driver, but he's a better driver than most.
carelessThe careless driver caused a massive pileup on the highway.
maleThe male driver was speeding down the highway.
olderThe older driver was cautious on the road.
correctThe correct driver for your printer can be found on the manufacturer's website.
femaleThe female driver skillfully navigated the winding road.
uniformedThe uniformed driver pulled up to the curb.
skilledThe skilled driver navigated the winding roads with ease.
competentThe competent driver safely navigated the winding road.
locomotiveThe locomotive driver skillfully navigated the train along the tracks.
omnibusThe omnibus driver patiently waited for the late passengers to board.
timeThe time driver was determined to reach the end, even if it meant breaking all the rules.
licensedThe licensed driver drove the car carefully.
typicalThe typical driver is late to work.
terminalThe kernel talks to the hardware via a device driver, and the device driver interacts with the application through a terminal driver
elderlyThe elderly driver was having trouble staying in her lane.
fastThe fast driver sped down the road.
arabThe Arab driver navigated the busy streets with ease.
intoxicatedThe intoxicated driver was arrested for driving under the influence.
inexperiencedThe inexperienced driver caused the accident.
powerfulThe powerful driver of the train safely brought the passengers to their destination.
levelThe level driver carefully guided the car around the winding road.
suitableThe software ensures that a suitable driver is selected for each device.
famousThe famous driver won the race in record time.
distanceThe distance driver was perfect for the long, open fairway.
assistantThe assistant driver helped me to park the car.

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