Adjectives for Drives

Adjectives For Drives

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drives, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances behind the use of adjectives with the noun 'drives' can significantly enrich the meaning of a sentence. For instance, 'hard drives' highlights perseverance or effort, whereas 'instinctual drives' points to innate impulses guiding behaviors. 'Sexual drives' refers to natural desires related to sexuality, and 'basic drives' are fundamental motivations or needs. The mention of 'long drives' often conjures images of extended journeys, possibly suggesting endurance or the pleasure of travel. Meanwhile, 'biological drives' emphasize the physiological motivations behind our actions. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, painting a more vivid picture of human motivations and actions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'drives' below to enhance your verbal palette.
instinctualThe dog's instinctual drives led it to chase the ball.
longThe long drives were a great way to see the country.
biologicalOur biological drives are what motivate us to eat, sleep, and procreate.
primaryThe primary drives of human behavior are the need for survival, reproduction, and social interaction.
aggressiveThe runner displayed aggressive drives toward the finish line.
unconsciousThe unconscious drives within us can be a powerful force in our lives.
floppyThe old computer had several floppy drives
internalThe researcher inferred that the animals' internal drives and motivations led to the observed behaviors.
logicalThe hard drive was partitioned into two logical drives
strongMalcom's strong drives led him towards a life of physical fitness.
innerHis inner drives motivated, pushed, and guided him to pursue his dreams.
speedThe speed drives of the rotating equipment are vibration inducing.
multipleThe computer's multiple drives made it easy to store all his files.
opticalI can't play that movie because my computer doesn't have any optical drives
externalMake backups to both internal and external drives regularly.
emotionalHis decisions were motivated by emotional drives rather than logic.
innateHer innate drives often led her into trouble.
scenicThe road wound through a valley, offering scenic drives with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
libidinalHis libidinal drives were overpowering him.
magneticThe magnetic drives in the computer failed.
variableVariable drives are becoming increasingly popular in automotive applications.
powerfulThe powerful drives of the car propelled it forward with great speed.
electricThe electric drives of the vehicle are powered by a battery.
secondaryThe RAID array consisted of primary and secondary drives
physiologicalWe need to understand the physiological drives of our customers.
primitiveTheir primitive drives moved them to acquire more and more.
fundamentalThe fundamental drives of humanity include the desire for survival, belonging, and self-actualization.
inchThe inch drives on Mario Kart 8 are too short.
psychologicalThe study of psychological drives has been a central focus of psychology for decades.
raisingRaising drives helped the team succeed.
removableThe removable drives were safely ejected from the computer.
beautifulHighway 1 along the California coastline has some of the most beautiful drives
separateWe have separate drives for SSD and HDD.
whistThe elderly women met for their weekly whist drives
hydraulicHydraulic drives are used in various industrial applications requiring high force and torque transmission.
destructiveThe child's destructive drives were evident in his behavior.
mechanicalThe mechanical drives in this old computer are making a lot of noise.
pleasantThe pleasant drives through the countryside were a highlight of our vacation.
electricalElectric motors are widely used in industrial applications as electrical drives
learnedEven learned drives assist in a small way to maintain the temperature.
dailyHe checked his daily drives
availableThere are three available drives on this computer.
organicTo appeal to health-conscious consumers, the company focuses on organic drives
competitiveShe has done enough work to fuel her competitive drives
irrationalHer irrational drives are what gets her into trouble.
fundraisingWe are participating in several fundraising drives for our local schools.
subconscious"Subconscious drives are often the cause of our actions, even when we are not aware of them."
delightfulThe winding roads provided many delightful drives through the majestic mountains.

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