Adjectives for Drop

Adjectives For Drop

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drop, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'drop' can convey a multitude of nuances, subtly altered by the adjectives that precede it. A 'sharp drop' hints at an immediate and intense decline, while a 'small drop' suggests a minor decrease, perhaps not even noticeable at first glance. 'Sudden' emphasizes the unexpected nature of the drop, catching one off guard. Meanwhile, 'single' and 'last' evoke a sense of finality or uniqueness, a solitary occurrence that stands out. 'Potential drop' forecasts a possible decline, adding an air of anticipation or warning. Each of these adjectives serves to refine and specify, painting a more vivid picture of the drop's impact and nature. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the subtle shades of meaning they bring to the word 'drop'.
lastI squeezed the last drop of juice from the orange.
sharpThe company's stock price took a sharp drop after the release of the quarterly report.
singleA single drop of water can make all the difference.
smallA small drop of rain fell onto the windowpane.
suddenThe sudden drop in temperature caught the hikers by surprise.
potentialThe potential drop across the resistor was measured using a voltmeter.
largeThe large drop of water fell from the roof, splashing on the ground below.
significantThe company's profits saw a significant drop last quarter.
totalThe total drop from the summit to the valley floor took two hours.
footThe patient presented with a foot drop indicating a possible nerve injury.
rapidThe rapid drop in temperature made it difficult to keep up.
slightThe temperature is expected to have a slight drop in the evening.
sheerThe hikers were awestruck by the sheer drop of the canyon wall.
dramaticThe dramatic drop in temperature caused a power outage.
precipitousThe path had a precipitous drop of over 100 feet
steepThe path had many steep drops.
dewThe delicate dew drop sparkled on the petal of the rose.
markedThe continuous heavy rain has caused a marked drop in temperature.
verticalThe climber ascended the steep vertical drop
bigThere was a big drop in the stock price yesterday.
initialThe initial drop in sales was attributed to a lack of advertising.
furtherThe stock market experienced a further drop in prices today.
tinyThe tiny drop of water glistened in the sunlight.
tearThe tear drop slowly rolled down her cheek.
substantialThere has been a substantial drop in the number of new COVID-19 cases.
considerableThere was a considerable drop in sales last quarter.
liquidThe liquid drop condensed on the cold surface.
lowThe low drop of the curtain cast a shadow on the stage.
forwardThe forward drop of the diode is about 0.7 volts.
abruptThe cliff's abrupt drop took my breath away.
correspondingThe policy change led to a corresponding drop in the crime rate.
severeThe company's stock price experienced a severe drop in the wake of the news.
mereNature is a mere drop in the bucket compared to space.
ohmicThe ohmic drop is the voltage drop across a resistor.
drasticThe drastic drop in stock prices left investors in a state of panic.
excessiveThe excessive drop in temperature caused the pipes to freeze.
averageThe average drop in temperature was 10 degrees.
largerThe larger drop of rain fell on my forehead.
maximumThe maximum drop in temperature was a whopping 10 degrees Celsius.
pressureThe high pressure drop across the valve caused a reduction in flow rate.
overallThe overall drop in cases has been attributed to the success of the vaccination campaign.
constantThe constant drop wears away the stone.
immediateThe sudden market downturn resulted in an immediate drop in stock prices.
steadyThe steady drop in temperature made me shiver.
largestThe largest drop in temperature was recorded at the summit of Mount Everest.
gradualThe gradual drop in temperature helped to ease the transition into winter.
temporaryThe temporary drop in temperature caught everyone off guard.
allowableThe allowable drop in the water level is two feet.
subsequentThe subsequent drop in stock prices was unanticipated.
minuteThe pilot announced that our plane would arrive in 20 minutes due to a minute drop in air pressure.
smallerThe smaller drop had a longer echo than the larger one.
appreciableThere was an appreciable drop in sales during the last quarter.
bitterThe doctor gave her some bitter drops to calm her nerves.
noticeableThe traffic experienced a noticeable drop after the road closure.
hugeThe stock market saw a huge drop yesterday.
deadThe spies met at the dead drop exchanging secrets under the cover of darkness.
consequentThe recent rain caused a consequent drop in the number of visitors to the park.
sphericalThe spherical drop of water glistened in the sunlight.
smallestThe smallest drop of water can create the biggest ripple.
leastThe least drop of honey is enough to make a cup of tea taste sweet.
frictionalThe frictional drop caused the car to skid off the road.
minimumThe minimum drop in temperature was recorded last night.

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