Adjectives for Drug

Adjectives For Drug

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drug, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a drug can significantly change the meaning conveyed, highlighting its novelty, efficacy, or specificity. A new drug brings a sense of innovative treatment options, while a particular one suggests a more targeted approach. Emphasizing a drug as active conveys its strength and immediacy, and labeling it as effective reassures of its success rate. Describing a drug as specific narrows its application to certain conditions, and a single drug implies a unique or sole option. Each adjective shades the conversation differently, setting expectations for patients and professionals alike. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'drug' and explore the nuances they add to our understanding.
newThe new drug has been approved by the FDA.
particularThe particular drug is not yet approved by the FDA.
activeThe active drug compound was not identified in the sample.
specificThe specific drug was used to treat the patient's condition.
singleThe doctor prescribed a single drug to treat the patient's condition.
freeThe free drug was given to the patient after the surgery.
onlyThe only drug I'm addicted to is knowledge.
potentThe potent drug caused hallucinations and delusions.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory drug was prescribed to reduce swelling and pain.
powerfulThe powerful drug had a profound effect on his mind and body.
unchangedThe unchanged drug was administered to the patient.
antipsychoticThe antipsychotic drug helped to reduce the patient's symptoms.
illicitIt is illegal to possess an illicit drug without a prescription.
investigationalThe investigational drug was found to be safe and effective.
offendingThe offending drug was found in her possession.
narcoticThe police confiscated a large amount of narcotic drugs during the raid.
oralThe oral drug was taken twice a day by mouth.
nonsteroidalThe nonsteroidal drug is effective in treating pain and inflammation.
anticancerA new anticancer drug has been shown to be effective in reducing the size of tumors in mice.
safeThe doctor prescribed a safe drug for my condition.
antihypertensiveThe antihypertensive drug ramipril improved survival in patients with heart failure
alternativeI am seeking an alternative drug that can treat my condition.
appropriateShe was given the appropriate drug to help cure her infection.
lineThe police have often cracked down on street dealers because of their connection to the line drug
anticholinergicThe anticholinergic drug is used to treat a variety of conditions, including overactive bladder, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and Parkinson's disease.
antiviralThe antiviral drug was effective in treating the flu.
toxicThe toxic drug was found in the suspect's possession.
valuableThe valuable drug was confiscated by the police.
popularThe popular drug helped him cope with his pain.
psychoactiveI am not able to discuss illegal substances like psychoactive drugs.
unboundThe unbound drug is a stranger to the brain.
powderedThe police found the powdered drug in the suspect's car.
preferredThe doctor's preferred drug for the patient's condition is Lisinopril.
antimalarialThe antimalarial drug was effective in treating the patient's malaria infection.
recreationalThe recreational drug caused a spike in emergency room visits.
hallucinogenicThe young man took a hallucinogenic drug and saw vibrant colors and heard strange noises.
sedativeThe doctor prescribed a sedative drug to help the patient relax.
hypnoticThe hypnotic drug caused him to fall into a deep sleep.
antithyroidThe patient was taking an antithyroid drug to treat their hyperthyroidism.
immunosuppressiveThe immunosuppressive drug is used to prevent the body from rejecting the transplanted organ.
standardThe doctor prescribed a standard drug to treat the infection.
availableSome available drug can be alternatives to behavioral therapy.
adrenergicThe adrenergic drug caused a rapid increase in heart rate.
expensiveThe expensive drug was unaffordable for many people.
controlledThe patient was prescribed a controlled drug for pain management.
anestheticThe patient was given an anesthetic drug before the surgery.
poisonousThe poisonous drug was found in the victim's system.
antimicrobialThe patient was prescribed an antimicrobial drug to treat the infection.
wrongShe took the wrong drug and ended up in the hospital.
abusedThe abused drug was found in his system during the autopsy.

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