Adjectives for Drum

Adjectives For Drum

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drum, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a drum can significantly impact the perception of its size, function, and sound quality. Descriptors such as big and large evoke images of a drum with deep, resonant sounds, ideal for bass lines in music. On the other hand, a small drum might suggest a higher pitch and more personal play experience. Additionally, adjectives like revolving and rotating hint at a drum's mechanical features, possibly used in specific industrial contexts, while magnetic could refer to an innovative design using magnetism for novel sound effects. Discover the vivid nuances each adjective brings to the noun 'drum' and expand your descriptive vocabulary below.
bigThe big drum echoed through the stadium.
largeThe drummer played a thunderous beat on the large drum
smallI heard the small drum in the distance.
revolvingThe revolving drum of the cement mixer turned slowly.
magneticThe magnetic drum store provides random access to large items of data.
cylindricalThe cylindrical drum produced a thunderous sound that shook the entire building.
kettleThe thunderous sound of the kettle drums filled the concert hall.
gallonI bought a gallon drum of water.
woodenI tapped my fingers on the wooden drum rhythmically.
muffledThe muffled drum echoed through the empty hall.
redThe red drum is a popular game fish found in the Gulf of Mexico.
singleThe drummer played a single drum
headedThe birthday boy was overjoyed to receive the wooden-headed drum he had asked for.
doubleAfter the double drum solo, the crowd went wild.
hugeThe huge drum filled the entire room with its thunderous sound.
rotaryThe rotary drum is used to mix and heat the materials.
distantThe faint thud of a distant drum echoed across the valley.
indianI could hear the steady beat of an indian drum in the distance.
emptyThe empty drum echoed hollowly in the vast warehouse.
snareThe drummer's snare drum reverberated through the concert hall.
shapedThe shaped drum echoed through the valley.
circularThe circular drum echoed throughout the room.
horizontalThe horizontal drum rotates slowly, producing a gentle rhythm.
octagonalThe octagonal drum of the dome is supported by eight piers.
hollowThe hollow drum reverberated through the dimly lit room.
upperThe drummer struck the upper drum with great force.
africanThe rhythmic beat of the African drum echoed through the village.
andThe band played a lively song with guitar, and drum
handThe steady beat of the hand drum filled the room with rhythm.
sacredThe shaman began his ritual by beating on the sacred drum
magicThe magic drum played a haunting melody.
perforatedHe pulled a perforated drum out of his toolbox.
roundHe tapped a rhythm on the round drum
conicalThe conical drum was beaten rhythmically.
smallerThe drummer played a smaller drum this time.
photosensitiveThe photosensitive drum is an electronic device that converts an optical image into a corresponding electrical signal.
freshwaterAnglers consider freshwater drum strong fighters and a favorite target fish.
royal"Royal Drum" boomed through the crowded square.
sideThe drummer played a thunderous rhythm on the side drum
fifeThe fife drum echoed through the town square.
largerThe drummer has a larger drum than his bandmate.
winchThe winch drum is typically made of steel or cast iron.
rearThe rear drum brake is an older design and is less effective than the front disc brake.
twoThe band used two drum kits in their performance.
verticalThe vertical drum produces a unique sound that is often used in electronic music.
nativeThe thunderous beat of the native drum echoed through the forest.
mixingThe drummer accidentally knocked over the mixing drum
tallThe tall drum set is in the corner of the garage.
innerThe inner drum rang out a mournful tune.
sidedThe drummer kept a steady beat on the sided drum
ceremonialThe pounding of the ceremonial drum resonated through the ancient temple.
flatThe flat drum echoed the beat.
alarmingThe alarming drum echoed through the air.
frontI played the front drum in the band.
threeThe three drum echoed through the forest.
coveredThe covered drum echoed through the vast expanse.
stirringThe stirring drum echoed through the battlefield, its rhythm fueling the soldiers' spirits.
largestThe largest drum in the world is the Taiko, which is a Japanese drum.
slitThe rhythmic beat of the slit drum echoed through the village.
topThe top drum is the loudest.
optokineticThe optokinetic drum is a device used to study the visual system's response to motion.
enormousThe enormous drum echoed through the mountains, its beat resonating in the air.
drivenThe powerful rhythm of the driven drum pounded in our ears.
heatedThe heated drum produced a powerful sound.
outerThe outer drum is usually made of steel or aluminum.
giantThe giant drum resonated through the auditorium.
tinyThe tiny drum beat a lively rhythm.
mudThe rhythmic beats of the mud drum echoed through the village.
brokenThe broken drum could not be used to make music.

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