Adjectives for Drunk

Adjectives For Drunk

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing drunk, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing someone as 'drunk' can paint a vivid picture, but the adjectives used alongside this noun add essential nuances that can transform a simple condition into a rich narrative. Saying someone is 'dead drunk' evokes a sense of utter intoxication, whereas 'a little drunk' might suggest a playful or manageable state. The term 'blind drunk' conveys a loss of control or awareness, highlighting the dangerous side of consumption. 'Old drunk' brings an element of time and perhaps sadness or wisdom to the condition, while 'crazy drunk' and 'big drunk' can imply wild, memorable nights out. Each adjective meticulously shades the story, offering a glimpse into the scene and the individual's state. Continue reading for the full spectrum of adjectives that capture the complex experiences of being drunk.
deadHe was dead drunk and could barely stand.
littleI am a little drunk so I'm not sure what I'm saying.
blindHe was blind drunk when he got arrested.
oldThe old drunk stumbled out of the bar.
crazyThe crazy drunk stumbled into the bar.
realI'm so real drunk right now.
sloppyThe sloppy drunk stumbled and tripped as he tried to walk.
downHe was so down drunk that he couldn't stand up.
dryJohn is a dry drunk meaning he no longer drinks alcohol but still exhibits the same negative behaviors he did when he was drinking.
happyThe happy drunk stumbled home after a night of revelry.
hopelessThe hopeless drunk stumbled down the street, his clothes stained with vomit.
dayI can't believe I'm day drunk already.
badThe bad drunk stumbled out the bar and into the street.
maudlinThe maudlin drunk wailed about his lost love.
leastThe least drunk man in the tavern stumbled to his feet.
plainThe old drunk was plain drunk
liquidThe liquid drunk quickly left her with a hangover.
violentThe violent drunk was arrested after attacking a bystander.
occasionalThe occasional drunk stumbled down the street.
reformedThe reformed drunk shared his story of recovery with the group.
eyedThe eyed drunk tried to order a triple whiskey at the bar.
roaringThe man was roaring drunk and causing a scene.
cheapThat cheap drunk was at it again last night.
habitualThe habitual drunk passed out in the alley.
facedThe accused can be faced drunk in court after failing to perform community service.
chronicHe was a chronic drunk and had lost all his friends.
bloodyHe was arrested for disorderly conduct after being found bloody drunk
belligerentThe belligerent drunk was causing a scene in the bar.
staggeringThe staggering drunk stumbled around the bar, bumping into tables and chairs.
notoriousThe notorious drunk was the last person anyone wanted to see come into the bar.
stoneThe man was stone drunk and couldn't stand.
irishThe irish drunk stumbled out of the bar.
gloriousThe glorious drunk stumbled down the street, his laughter echoing through the night.
terribleThe terrible drunk stumbled through the streets.
wildThe wild drunk stumbled through the streets, causing chaos wherever he went.
awfulThe awful drunk stumbled and slurred his words.
soberHe was a sober drunk but he still managed to have a good time.
halfThe half drunk man stumbled down the street.
sickThe man was so sick drunk that he couldn't stand up.
noisyThe noisy drunk kept everyone in the restaurant awake.
harmlessThe harmless drunk was escorted out of the bar.
quietThe quiet drunk stumbled through the bar.
homelessI saw a homeless drunk begging for money on the street.
helplessThe helpless drunk stumbled through the streets, unable to find his way home.
rottenThe man was thrown out of the bar for getting rotten drunk
biggestThe biggest drunk was the one who thought he could fly and ended up with a broken leg.
loudThe loud drunk was bothering everyone in the bar.
semiShe was semi drunk and was unable to walk without stumbling.
nightI had one too many glasses of wine last night and ended up being night drunk
soddenThe sodden drunk stumbled through the streets, his clothes soaked with liquor.
dirtyThe dirty drunk stumbled out of the bar and into the street.
fatThe fat drunk stumbled and fell into a ditch.
amiableThe amiable drunk was the life of the party.

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